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  1. Farvos

    Maiden Voyage

    I liked the build quality of the bar crusher and the narrow hull in alli gives a good ride through chop. My last boat was a formosa tomahawk 550 cc. Great boat but very big and heavy. Used to pound through swell rather than cut it. The cabin in the bar crusher is very usable and the value for money is quite good. All personal taste and choice i guess.
  2. Farvos

    Maiden Voyage

    Beautiful boat mate. Was close to getting one but opted for the bar crusher. Very menancing in black
  3. Farvos

    any tuna news?

    Does anyone know how they are getting them? Cubing? Stick baits? Trolling?
  4. Farvos

    any tuna news?

    Awesome. Thanks alot. Am thinking of trying off shell harbour in two weeks weather pending for yft. Anyone heard anything?
  5. Farvos

    any tuna news?

    Any chance of the marks through a pm would be appreciated
  6. Farvos

    any tuna news?

    Where is the bait station out of curiosity??
  7. Farvos

    Winter Hawkesbury – 15th July

    Got a pike yesterday. Filleted it and turned it into two flathead. Sorted!!!!
  8. Farvos

    Bellambi Friday

    Thanks. Plastics wise pretty much anything with chicken in it. And white. The darker colours not as good and all jerk shads. I find the lighter the leader the better the hook up rate
  9. Farvos

    Bellambi Friday

    Thanks. Lost alot odlf tackle to couta though. 3 packs of soft plastics to.
  10. Farvos

    Annual crazy kayak trip

    That sounds like an amazing time. I long for a trip like that. They are few and far between
  11. Farvos


    A stretcher and some bandages. You will need them when you fall down some of the 8 foot crevesses. You are better off fishing dolls point or the sailing club at st george on the sand flats for some flatties and tailor.
  12. Farvos

    Bellambi Friday

    Fished belambi today in the shallows with soft plastics. Biggest snapper went 55cm on a 10lb 2500 reel. Alot of sargeant baker and couta around at the moment to. Snapper seem to really be on the bite at the moment. Take only what you need to I guess. Enjoy the weekends fishing.
  13. Farvos

    Sydney Sunday.

    Great catch there. Snapper for days
  14. Farvos

    Broughton Island

    Lucky you. At least you got to be somewhere most of us are dreaming of. Good catch
  15. Farvos

    Swordies Cooks Tours on fire again REPORT TO COME

    Nice catch. Can you eat the fish from that system?