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  1. Great fish there Rick.. Envious
  2. Few muddied around noosa atm..
  3. Yea I read it somewhere. I was about to sashimi one and found it online. But the internet is filled with a lot of rubbish to so they are probably fine.
  4. It looks great. Be careful eating mahi raw. They contain alot of toxins etc
  5. Great catch and nice boat. What model crusher is it?
  6. We are just south of Brisbane at viccy point. The. Boat is for sale at the moment if your interested. We sashimi the yellow fin and steak the rest
  7. Great catch from the hawkesbury. Are the pros still dragging nets through there?
  8. Been living in qld from Sydney for a year now and have been fishing and travelling across the South passage bar frequently. We are learning to fish it well and having regular results. There is so much variety here and the fishing isn't as pressured. From our last couple trips we have caught multiple snapper in 12 metres of water and while trolling home picked up a juicy yellowfin. Went fishing again Saturday and kept 12 mahi mahi and let several go all on live bait and soft plastics. They are great fun on light gear on a soft plastic. Hoping for my first Wahoo soon will keep you all posted.
  9. Scratchies was 5cm bigger than mine. Was thinking today is it just a coincidence or is was the weather perfect for big snapper. I also struggled with smaller fish on the day. Only caught one 35cm Bluespot flatty all day
  10. Great catch there. Caught my monster yesterday and the heart in mouth fight is amazing. When they appear from the depth its amazing to.
  11. Nice catch. Water looks clean and blue. What do you do with that wrasse btw?
  12. Not as big as scratchies fish but close. Fished off moreton island yesterday with the wife and dog. Did a few drifts for a small pearlie. The wife started feeling crook so i manned all four rods on my own. I had 2 heavey paternoster rigs out, a floatline rig and a 2ounce jighead with a 7inch gulp in white on it. Was constantly feeding line out on floatline and plastic rig and while checking the bait on the paternoster rig my 7inch gulp gets smashed. My previous record for snapper was 60 so i knew this fish was a fair bit larger. I fought it on 30lb braid and 30lb leader for around 10 min (felt like 2 hours) until it appeared from the depths. For the first time ever i actually loosened the drag as it got boatside and my wife came out from the cabin and netted it. Super stoked and was smiling from ear to ear. It went 5.5 kg. My photo is now on the wall at the grandview hotel.
  13. Killed it on the tailor. Im about to be a dad to so cant wait for the excitement and challenges and the reward of a good fathers day
  14. The change has been great. We both got transfers with work so were lucky in that regard. Noosa is tight for work so south east queensland is a happy medium. We sold up in sydney and live a street back from the water here now for half the price in a bigger house amd saltwater pool. Definetly havent regretted it. Crabbing has been fantatstic to.
  15. Long time with no post. The wife and i finalised our move from western sydney last year to victoria point queensland. Lovely seachange and havent looked back.. Went out friday to square patch off moreton island for some arm stretching action. Landed five big amber jack, the head of a 1m+ kingfish and several trag, snapper and a pearlie. Lost more than the kingie to sharks unfortunately. Got to pay some tax every now and then. Will post more often now as we have settled in now.