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  1. beatsworking

    Bleeding fish

    So how do you actually 'bleed' a fish? One thing I noticed on my recent fishing regulations was that removing the head or altering the length is not permitted until 'well away from the water'. (
  2. beatsworking

    Perfect Summer Day

    great report. love the positive attitude and wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. sometimes it's not just about the fish eh?
  3. beatsworking

    Light action

    Dad sold his little tinny as he's now in his mid eighties. I used to launch it round in Forster's Bay and fish near the end of the channel when I was there. I'll contemplate bringing my 5m quinny down this year... but we'll see. It's a long haul from Sydney especially with a fully loaded car.
  4. beatsworking

    Light action

    Your daughter is nuts!! Very nice fish there. Hopefully I'll get down there next Christmas as my dad lives in Narooma. Is that where you put your boat in?
  5. beatsworking

    First time boat skipper - Hawkesbury

    ^ and Juno Point is probably one of the strongest currents in the system. Getting a bait below the surface on a run-out tide - you'll generally need a second anchor!
  6. beatsworking

    House of Flathead

    Great catch Mrs S - and kudos on the release.
  7. beatsworking

    Hawkesbury Weekend Out

    Pittwater and Hawkesbury are indeed a beautiful waterway. I don't recognise that photo though... Where is that? It looks more like NZ west coast.
  8. beatsworking

    Sharks in the Harbour

    and a hand too! Coincidentally he was on FBI radio station yesterday talking about it.
  9. beatsworking

    Misozuke Kingfish

    As another member pointed out this translates literally to "miso pickle" (See also: and is a style of curing fish in a miso/mirin/sake marinade. It is very simple and extremely delicious. I should point out that this recipe comes from a Japanese cookbook call the The Zen Kitchen by ex-masterchef winner Adam Liaw - a fantastic book (and author) containing many mouth-watering recipes for fish. I would strongly encourage members to look out for it. All the ingredients should be available from your local supermarket. You will, however, require some clean muslin cloth which I purchased from a kitchenware store. The muslin cloth makes it easier to remove the fish without any marinade actually clinging to the fish which, apparently, can burn and disrupt the flavour when cooking. Ingredients: 1 cup miso paste 2 tablespoons mirin 1 tablespoon cooking sake kingfish. (skin attached, filleted and pinboned) Olive oil for brushing. Method: Combine the miso, mirin and sake in a bowl to make the marinade. In a shallow dish layer a bit less than half of the marinade on the bottom. Place muslin cloth over the paste and then place the fish on the cloth. Layer another piece of muslin over the fish and then cover this with the remaining marinade. Cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge. Ideally, you should allow the fish to cure for 1-2 days. Cooking: Remove the fish from the marinade and scrape off any marinade mixture (do not wash it). Apparently, you can re-use the marinade but it didn't look very appetising to me. Baking or grilling is the best method - avoid direct heat. I made a bed of onions on the barbecue and simply laid the fish skin side down, brushed the fish with a little olive oil, turned off the burners under the hot plate (leaving the burners under the grill on) and closed the lid. Temperature rose to 200C and it took less than ten minutes to cook - this will, of course, depend upon the thickness of the flesh. Thicker cuts than my tail-end will likely require a little longer. A hot oven should work equally well I imagine. Serve with some steamed vegetables. Enjoy!
  10. beatsworking

    There here..........

    Sure. It's super simple: Miso Paste (1 cup) + Mirin (2 tbsp) + Sake (1 tbsp) to make a paste. Paste + muslin cloth + fish + muslin cloth + more paste. Marinate/cure in the fridge for 1-2 days. Remove fish and scrape off any paste clinging to fish and bake. My inspiration came from a recipe book by Adam Liaw given to us for Christmas. I'll definitely be trying it again.
  11. beatsworking

    There here..........

    Nice photoshopping buddy but you should have edited the chins out too. Good thing we went back for the jackets. Aside from the legal and safety factor as Murphys would have it we got our Maritime inspection. We have a policy on our boat to wear our jackets outside even though we're not legally required - this follows a catastrophic incident with another mates boat. They're no great hindrance and I'd feel much more like an idiot not wearing them should something unexpected happen. It's the unexpected that you need to insure against. Cooked up the last of the kingfish tonight. Misozuke style. Delicious!
  12. beatsworking

    From Jewies to Sharks

    Yowie's right, but your reasoning has logic as well: for instance a westerly wind does indeed blow from the west. Very nice jewies. Do you fish your slab baits mid-water?