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  1. Niffa

    New Jigging Combo

    I ended up getting a NS amped Slow Pitch. Feels great in the hand. Should be good for my slow jigs. Loads nicely but has a lot of power down low.
  2. Hey guys, I have found myself jigging a fair bit recently, and on the last trip managed to break my pe 1-3 gomoku on a sizeable reef fish (at the grip). I am looking for your guy's opinion on what you would recommend for around $400, hopefully spinning and a PE 4. I was looking at maybe the new Freams LT 5000 and a Major Craft Crostage PE 4 or should I spend more on the reel like a Biomaster 5000 and Gomoku PE2-4?
  3. If you can find a special on a Samurai Ledge I'd recommend that. Another solid rod is the Majorcraft Crostage 'shorejigging' rods. As for reels I'd go a Stradic if you could stretch the budget but the new Sedonas are a sick reel. Super smooth. I use it as my heavier reel as I don't fish heavy often.
  4. I ended up with a 13 certate 2004... spent a little bit extra, though it should last for a long while. I balanced better than a stradic fk 1000 and luvias 2004 which seemed odd considering it weighs 225g. Awesome little reel.
  5. I actually got it at a really good price. It is a Megabass Shoreluck SLL-68ULS Limited, beautiful rod. Well above its rating though. Handled a solid ep in structure as its first fish.
  6. Thanks for all the replies again, the only reason I requested recommendations on a lightweight reel is because it is going on an ultralight (1-3lb) rod with torzite guides and a skeleton seat. It is super unbalanced if the reel is any heavier than 180g.
  7. I don't personally have these reels but I have used both. I'd have to say the certate felt better. A bit smoother under load. Maybe due to the metal body. Handled big jew no probs.
  8. I haven't Played with this model but I have used the popping rod and It feels pretty awesome. If it is anything close it should be worth a go!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I can get a luvias from jp for around 300. I have the Caldia Z, freams and stradic FK. They make the rod super butt heavy. The Stradic Ci4+ may be a shout for $219 though.
  10. Niffa

    Jew Rod

    The Samurai Kestrels are nice pieces of kit if you can afford them. If they're a bit pricey (which they can be at $500) I'd look into the Arrowz Offshore rods, the 25lb rod would suit your described scenario perfectly.
  11. Hey guys, I am looking into getting a new reel on my new 1-3lb Ultralight Bream rod. I was thinking Luvias 1003 or the new Stradic FB (please don't make this another S vs D thread) but am unsure. My budget is around $300 (+/- $50). I am open to overseas option and would prefer the reel to be suitable light (approx. 170g). Hope this narrows it down. Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
  12. Niffa

    $500 Rod?

    I ended up going with a Megabass Racing Condition Oz
  13. Niffa

    $500 Rod?

    I am thinking of going a lox, was looking at the the Ambassador 610L, would this be ok for like sammys? I can use the heavier stuff on my alphas and T3 air. Also what is the opinion on the megabass racing conditions world rods
  14. Niffa

    $500 Rod?

    I'll be using anything from a 1/24th oz weighted plastic all the way up to a 9gm bassday bustle I am looking at the TD Commander Armouraider, it is perfectly specked and light. Just wondering whrere is the joint for a 1.5pce?
  15. Niffa

    $500 Rod?

    I don't need to spend this, the Sol won't come till November, things get discounted all the time. Some of the TD commanders are just under 400 now