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  1. Awesome work mate!!! Quality Fish! Hopefully getting away this weekend to do the same thing. Cheers, Paul.
  2. I wouldn't bother! A heap of good creeks around that way have all been ruined. Much better fishing creeks closer to the Hawkesbury. Cheers, Paul.
  3. Cheers Wellzy, You know they must be big if they look that size next to me haha!
  4. We noticed a few people launching as we were packing up. There seemed to be more people in the car park in the arvo. We couldn't even catch any pinkies. It felt like all the smaller fish had gone, but then again, we were only using squid as bait. Cheers, Paul.
  5. Nice one!!! Definitely can't complain with that!
  6. Thanks Neil. I was a little envious too, if Kat had pulled the bigger one up, she may have accidentally fallen in. ?
  7. I wish the boat was a little bigger as the Mrs still isn't sure about my captain skills Haha. Hopefully I can get down there next weekend and put your info to use!
  8. They put up a great fight! Hopefully I can do them justice! I got the panko ready!
  9. It sure was! Just wish I lived a little closer.
  10. Happy Easter too mate! They sure were fun. Glad it's coming into season for the big girls!
  11. Good work mate! I couldn't find a flatty today. Lots of activity though. Cheers, Paul.
  12. Bad luck mate, hope it picks up! cheers, Paul.
  13. Gday Raiders, Just got back home from an early session, it lasted a while. Woke up later then we planned, left home by around 5. Launched at yowie bay and chased a few squid. A heap of bait around, and a heap of hoodlums. Threw a squid head in and I was on. Caught a few squid, and headed into a bay for a drift for donuts. Sounder was showing a heap of activity but no good. Moved onto the second location for Kings and they showed up. Kat caught what I believe to be an juvenile amberjack. Not long after she was on to a bigger rat. We stayed for the tide, fishing s
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