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  1. Jesso

    Flathead, light jew rod

    Hi mate im no expert but im currently using a g.loomis nrx jwr 852s 8 - 12lb paired with a shimano 2500 rarenium, 8lb braid and 10lb leader. And i have landed a few jew on that outfit i have beefed the leader up to 20lb as im targeting jew in the cooler months. But i cant fault the rod hey its super sensitive but i dont need to tell you that as you have two nrxs. For me i think its perfect for flattie and jew mate. Jesso
  2. Jesso

    Scent for Plastics?

    Hi mate i use pro cure mullet if the going gets tough but generally just a confidence thing i think,like changing a lure if ones not working keeps you focused and awaiting a bite. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Jesso

    Chasing jew

    find the mullet or schools of tailor mate never far away, during the run of the tide try eddies or any changes in current lines, theyll sit in the slack water.
  4. Jesso

    Cowan creek 23rd march

    Cheers fellas Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. Jesso

    Cowan creek 23rd march

    Mate i can see why people chase em now, defiantley one of the best fighters pound for poundJesso Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. Jesso

    Cowan creek 23rd march

    Thanks fellas
  7. Jesso

    Cowan creek 23rd march

    Hi raiders Me and a mate decided to get out on wednesday after work to throw some plastics in hope for a jew or a few flatties. We sounded out a rock wall right near a creek mouth and decided to put some time into it. First drift i hooked up to a nice flattie that went 53cm and we came back around and started the drift again, i threw a cast up into the shallows of the rocks and bounced it back down into the deep water and seen that pluck on my line i struck and the rod loaded up, this thing was fighting hard and was giving me a hard time, i got some colour on it and saw yellow fins and silver and called it to be a small soapie, then got a better look at this thing and it was a bream, the biggest bream ive ever seen! It took my mate 3 or 4 go's to get it into the net this thing didnt give up.. Anyway the bruiser went 42cm and est 1.6kgs and it crashed tackled my heavily weighted 4inch paddle tail meant for a jew. I dont mind bycatch when its this good Jesso Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  8. Jesso

    Soft plastic fisherman

    Hey guys looking for someone who would be keen to get out as much as possible and chase some fish on plastics. I go by myself a lot and it is hard to stay motivated especially after a stinking hot day at work, but i'm not catching fish sitting at home.... Anyway looking for any fisho's out keen to put the effort in too learn how to target mulloway and get them figured out. I mainly fish middle harbour, georges river and the cooks. You dont need to know anything just the basics of plastics and someone whos willing to put the hours in with me to crack these fish. Cheers Jesso
  9. Jesso

    Braid and leader for kings?

    Mate where i fish off the rocks i use 40lb power pro braid, and 60lb Flurocarbon leader i use an fg knot to connect the two. Rod is a 9ft daiwa demon blood with a 8000 saragossa. If im getting follows but fish arent taking the bait ill drop to a lighter leader. but generally go alright on em Jesso
  10. Jesso

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi everyone My name is jesse. I'm 25 and a sheet metal worker by trade. Im from the western suburbs of sydney, penrith to be exact. I try to get out for a fish at least twice a week. Mainly chase kings from the stones on weekends, and get out during the week flicking plastics for jew and flathead. Hoping to meet a few keen anglers to get stuck into a few fish with! Jesso
  11. Jesso

    King Fish Locations

    Hey mate i usually spin sea gar and big stick baits along headlands on the northen beaches from blue fish point to palmy. As said above kings are active pelagics and i dont think they really hold anywhere. We have spun early morning and everyone starts hooking up to rats when a school moves through then shuts down then must pass again and start getting hits. Its like a switch you know when they come through just always have something in the water. Try and get to a ledge at first light and spin as soon as you have enough light to safely fish.
  12. Jesso

    First Decent Jew of the Season

    Well done on the jew mate cracker fish to start the season. Good job on the release aswell hoping to get into some my self soon. -Jesso