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  1. mauricio

    Keeper net

    You can get a fish chiller bag and put your fish in it after you have put it down and bled it.
  2. What a shame the kids did not get to fish. I normally fish there before sunrise. I have only come across a couple of people. I would say any southerly winds over 8 knots will make unpleasant to fish at Balmoral. I hope the kids get to wet a line during the school holidays. I normally take my boy to Bobbin Head, they have all the facilities you need for a 5 year old and the fish and chips shop is not too bad.
  3. I don't know how deep it is but I have been getting yakkas and gars there consistently over the past a few weeks. I don't target any particular species there. I've seen people get flatties regularly as well as trevally.
  4. North curly, with the right conditions. You can get everything there!
  5. mauricio

    Jervis kings

    Hi there, I am not and expert but 60 lb leader might be too light for a decent king off the stones. How long is your rod? I would have at least the length of the rod as your leader. FG knot is a good knot specially if you have mastered tying it. I would also recommend a gaff, if you haven't already planned to take one. I have never fished JB but I have fished a few places further south and also Sydney's northern beaches quite often in the summer months. I have a live bait set up and a Stick-bait/Popper set up. It might be over kill to some but I use 100-140 lb flouro Leader. I normally tie a PR knot as I have a bobbin and it lasts all day while throwing big lures. Good luck and I am looking forward to reading your report.
  6. Hello Raiders, Here is a very unfortunate name. If you have any others please share.
  7. mauricio

    Boxing versus UFC

    Floyd is a defensive mastermind, the world's most talented boxers can't hit him. McGregor's strategy better be to try and KO Floyd early. Connor will never out-box Floyd. It Might be entertaining fight but they are just fighting for $$$$$.
  8. hahahaha, Apologies. It was sent to me on Facebook and I didn't bother checking the date all I saw was 30/01. LOL From now on I'll make sure I check and double check before posting. JD I guess you know then answer to your questions. LOL I didn't go
  9. is anyone going to this event?
  10. quality time, creating great memories thats what fishing is all about.
  11. very nice. It feels so good when your research and time invested pays off
  12. good feed, and thanks for sharing the recipe. I look forward to trying it in the near future
  13. Narooma, has great fishing options and its beautiful.