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  1. + 1 for the motorguide, Xi3 spotlock, hand held remote, with quick release bracket $2350. Can’t fault it.
  2. Ummmm, he did say South of Sydney....not Sydney
  3. Yes, thank you, never caught one myself, but research says you are both correct. This one is simply not very sooty. 😉
  4. Caught in freshwater by others in the Wilton River NT, the Wilton feeds into the Roper River.
  5. Amazingly NSW is the only state that dosn’t measure crabs ACROSS the carapace.
  6. Yes a professional holidayer, aka, retired. 🤣 Yep Donna, I don’t stay in many CP’s, but this is a great clean park, helps in our covid world. We live in an amazing country, with an amazing fishery, went for a bottom bash yesterday outside Jervis Bay . Cheers.
  7. Hi All,I had been waiting for the covid windows to open to revisit this amazing area. They aligned, and off I set on the 2 1/2 day drive. Two night time stopovers and I’m there early afternoon on the third day.I had both border passes needed, no check point going into Victoria and a quick check at the SA entry. I stayed at arguably one of the best designed and appointed caravan parks in Oz. The bay is known for its King George whiting, blue swimmer crabs and calamari.The boat is now a 370 Quintrex Dart, still with the 15HP Yamaha, also an electric has been fitted. Like most areas, fishing is dependant on the wind, and it can be windy here, but there were ample days to fish. Mostly acceptable weather, one wet day, and a couple of 40’ days thrown in for the three weeks I was there. Launching for most boaters at this park is at a firm sandy beach about 1 k away.No need for a day by day description, but I managed to find the whiting schools and you can pull in 5 or 6 in one spot, but then sometimes just the one, and sometimes several moves are needed to find any. Find the sand patches, and a slow retrieve does it. Size isn’t huge in this bay, a good one is 380, typical is 320-350. Standard rig used, 12 lb trace, but what may be different is I use a K/L 1/0 black magic circle hook.Blue swimmers are abundant, there are several professionals working the bay, but the crabs are in near plaque proportions, with 3 drop nets you can get your 20 in 3-4 hours, all male and full. Or, as your fishing drop a net over the side. One day I watched the crab move onto the net, before pulling it up. 3 times. Calamari are plentiful, although I only caught them for bait, 1/2 a small squid will get you 10 whiting. But they make up the third part of my crab, whiting and squid pizza. Razor fish (razor clams) are in the shallows, and I had never tried them before, I had heard mixed opinions, but I enjoyed them, a bit like a scallop.Snapper are protected in SA at the moment, and of course as my luck would have it I had to catch one whilst whiting fishing, released. Proof of just how good the circle hooks are, shown in the pic.I also did a day trip to Smoky Bay jetty for the gars and some local oysters from Smoky Bay oysters. That probably sums the trip up, trip back home was again 2 1/2 days with stopovers on the The Murray and The Murrumbidgee. Happy to get some unleaded fuel at Mildura for just under a dollar a litre.Cheers.
  8. Hey Scratchie, don’t know you or your young bloke, but it seems a tad unfair for an obviously talented footballer to get an injury in such a way. I’m sure he’ll come back stronger for it BM.
  9. This crabbing boat passed me at full throttle on the Mary River at Shady Camp many years ago, I was in my own world trolling, scared the bejesus out of me. And then there was the wake. A lot of horse power for back then.
  10. Lots of travel blogs out there for good tips. My rule of thumb was to stay where I needed to stay to see what I wanted to see, some will be exxy some not so , all the jet setters are now towing caravans, so supply and demand will dictate I think your targeted specie will be in your second trip after your return to Sydney, more than likely charters, assuming your not taking a boat, and sounds like you’ve purchased your tackle already. My best tip would be for SA, for whiting, squid and blue swimmers, all available land based and from jetties, every bay seems to have a jetty, the jetties are a great communal get together, Ardrossan one of the best. Check your regs for traps and types of permissible baits, etc ooroo
  11. Billmack


    I claimed through Club Marine a couple of years ago, damage to the hull due to skipper stupidity (me). Seamless process. JonD, I understand your pain, but for insurance companies to include the types of items you lost on all insurance policies, this stuff would be falling overboard every day, and policy premiums would be exorbitant.
  12. You can purchase hooks singlely (?) designed for ganging, no eye opening required, thread the barb through the eye at about 180’ to the other hook. 😎
  13. NT Tourism have done it for the last 6 years. https://milliondollarfish.com.au/
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