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  1. Yes, travelling solo atm, looking for someone who can reverse a trailer, tie a fg knot, fillet fish.... Kalbarri is a great area with a spooky bar crossing at times. Pic was taken in 2014. About a 5.5m aluminium boat is just to the right and partially in behind the large breaking waves, boat is just visible, I was surprised to see him come out the other side.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. The lack of lure colour is interesting, it can only be the lure action that incites the strike, being timber these lures have no internal rattle. Jon D, yes, many a Barra are caught in the fresh water, near the camp grounds and further upstream.
  3. Great haul, you must be running out of cooking ideas, so I put up an easy recipe in The Kitchen. 👨‍🍳 BM
  4. This is a great easy recipe, I’ve used it with snapper, cod and barra, any firm white fish would work.
  5. Hi Guys n Gals, Im just back from another trip to KAB, they’re getting to be a winter habit. Here is a brief report, and a few pics. KAB is a destination on the MacArthur river about 50 ks from Borroloola, it is expertly run by the KAB Fishing Club. Its not a bay and no ash trees are to be seen🤔 It’s a 3500 k trip, I get there on the 5th day, towing a camper and tinnie on top of the Ute. Air temps are from 15’ overnight to 25’-35’daytime, bliss. The immense river and mangrove creek system of reportedly over 450ks is fed by the MacArthur and Carrington Rivers, and in the Arafura sea you have the Pellow Islands. I believe the system is unique in Australia. I fished with 20lb braid and 60lb leader, on a baitcaster out of a 370 quintrex traveller with a 15 HP yammy. Previous years I’ve stuck with Classic F 18 lures, but this year I tried and stayed with a couple of Snap Dog lures. Of course you have the live and dead bait fishing and plastics too. Live mullet and prawns the go to live baits. Crab are plentiful. This year believe it or not, I used 3.5 l of 2 stroke engine oil, at 100:1, you do the math 😳. The water temps varied from 19- 25’, as is normal for winter up there, it makes the fishing a challenge, but the place is more than just about fishing. The green lure in the picture was just as effective after most of its paint was gone. The two estuary cod are both 600mm in length, and for many are a preferred table fish, myself included. The fingermark (golden snapper)are 430mm, a good size for the creeks as they then migrate to deeper reefs. Some of the different species caught during my stay were, Barra, cod, fingermark, jack, grunter, flathead, pikey bream, queen fish, catfish, golden trevally. Hope you enjoy the pics and report. Cheers, BM
  6. If you travel the Arnhem Hwy after Jabiru, keep in mind Shady Camp for land base Barra.
  7. Weather dosn’t look too flash for JB, this weekend.
  8. I have done several long trips and many short ones. You are fisher people, therefore take a boat, boat loader, fold up trailer and all the sundries. I tow my bed and the tinnie is on top of the Hilux, being a Ute it has a side loader. The tub of the Hilux is dedicated to boat gear and tackle, including motor. It’s full. Fold up trailer is on rear of camper. It takes time to learn to fish a new area, so the boat will be off for some time when it is off, but it will be on more than it’s off, still with me. Site seeing will take up more time than boating, but, no way could I travel without a boat, and the fresh food that it produces and the like minded people you will meet because of the places you will go to because you have the boat. But keep in mind there is great land based and jetty fishing available all over Oz. Bottom line, don’t wait, do it. ☺️
  9. Middle lagoon, third bay “on the right” land based at change of tide.
  10. Great fish. My hobbie has a spare rudder pin under the rear hatch.
  11. Maybe they should allow a bag limit of one at 550 to 650. A lot of sashimi in a fish that size.
  12. Green Hornet, stunning place to live, as you obviously know. I’m out there again tomoz. Tight lines over the weekend everyone.
  13. Cheers Toilor 3000, never short on a crew but always enjoy a day solo, even with the chaos. Lots can be done here with a kayak, if your budget permits it. 🤔
  14. Targeted species....Kingfish. Solo launched at Murrays boat ramp at 6.30 am, went 300m south and got some squid for live bait. Motored over to the northern tip of Bowen island and set out two small skirts and trolled past the bommies, instant double hook up of two rats, the school of about 20 followed their mates to the boat. Double hookups are always a bit chaotic solo. I had caught them here a week prior so didn’t need to persist. Motored over to the middle grounds looking for bait schools, found zilch, went further to longnose point and drifted one of the squid on a lightly weighted two hook rig for zilch. Went across to point perp and drifted again for zilch, no bait or birds around. With no bait sounding up I thought it best to put some food on the table and went the short distance to the flathead grounds and bagged out quickly, using squid wings from prior catches. Most in the 400mm range As a last attempt at the kingies on the way back to the ramp I trolled the last live squid across the bommies at the tip of Bowen island....zilch. All in all an enjoyable day out for a net 3kg feed of flathead fillets and wings, boat back on the trailer at 1pm.