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  1. Loomesy

    Windy roach, zander and pike

    Hi Jani I spend a lot of time in Finland for work and will be baclk in late December or early January. How far are you from Tampere Cheers Loomesy
  2. Loomesy

    Black queen deluxe

    Thank you Waza for the detailed use and history of this rod. I will definitely source a centre pin reel and give it a go. Thank you again. The information is much appreciated. True FR spirit Cheers Loomesy
  3. Loomesy

    Black queen deluxe

    Hi all Have been having a bit of a tidy up and came across one of dads old rods. It's a Jarvis Walker black queen deluxe solid fibre glass with cork grips about 8ft long. It's still in really good condition and I was wondering what these rods were used to target. This rod would be easily 40 years old and if anyone has information on what fish they were used to target would be great. Cheers Loomesy
  4. Loomesy

    West Coast Fishing

    That view looks like you were at the lucky shag bar Baz. I'm also in Perth tonight on my way home to the bay tomorrow after two weeks over here for work. Leave first thing in the morning. Good luck with the charter. Cheers Loomesy
  5. Loomesy

    North Reef Newcastle

    Hi Raiders Put the boat in at 6am this morning and went straight to the wreck off stockton break wall to catch some lives. Filled the bait tank within 15 minutes with yakkas and small mullet. Headed out to north reef and realised we had wasted time catching bait in close. The school's of bait fish on the reef was unbelievable. Dropped a couple of lines to drift and also through out a small mullet as live bait as there were small kings on the buoy. Only caught rock cod on the bottom lines but surface mullet got smashed on the surface only 20 meters from the boat. Fought it for a while but pulled the hook before I could see colour. I was so devastated. Headed about 500m north of the buoy and started another drift. This time picking up flat head. Would of caught 40-50 over a couple of drifts but only two keepers. Good day on the water and excellent conditions. Cheers Loomesy
  6. Loomesy

    Newcastle harbour

    No takers mate so didn't head out. Cheers Loomesy
  7. Loomesy

    Newcastle harbour

    Hey Rick. I have a month off work so let me know what days suit you and we might be able to work out a trip. Cheers Loomesy
  8. Loomesy

    Newcastle harbour

    Thinking about heading out early from Stockton boat ramp Tuesday morning the 30th to a couple of close inshore reefs in my 5.2 stacer. If any body is interested please Pm me
  9. Loomesy

    Eagle rays

    People target marlin etc for the sport. Why should he be criticised for Wanting to target rays???? Cheers Loomesy
  10. Loomesy


    Just be careful in the back part of the Cove and the creek as it is all Sanctuary Zone and fishing or crabbing is not permitted Cheers Loomesy
  11. Loomesy


    Beautiful sunrise here at Oyu Tolgoi mine site. Gobi desert. Mongolia Cheers Loomesy
  12. Loomesy

    Port Stephens Muddys

    Cheers mate
  13. Loomesy

    Port Stephens Muddys

    Absolutely beautiful out in the boat. Just love poking around all the different bays and having a look. Great part of the country. Cheers Loomesy
  14. Loomesy

    Port Stephens Muddys

    First try after winter and all of them were full of meat. The big fella would have gone close to two kilos. Cheers Loomesy
  15. Loomesy

    Port Stephens Muddys

    Hi Raiders Went out yesterday to put the crab pots in with the family. Used some old mullet as bait and left them for a few hours to soak while we toured around the beautiful port in the boat. Caught 8 muddys with 4 being legal size and all males. Kept 3 for a feed and let the rest go to get bigger. Chilli mud crab tonight. One of them was pretty big. Cheers Loomesy