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  1. Good work Rick Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together. Cheers Loomesy
  2. Please count me in. Sounds like a brilliant plan. I will also have room for 1 extra raider on my boat if anyone needs a ride. Pm me if interested. Cheers Loomesy
  3. Loomesy

    Mud crab sizes

    No need to get upset bessell1955, but when you push the point several times about crab measurements being too small when you are doing it wrong, then you are going to get harsh replys. The correct way to measure crabs is available online and also in all tackle stores. Cheers Loomesy
  4. Loomesy

    Mud crab sizes

    How do you measure crabs bessell1955????? Cheers Loomesy
  5. Loomesy

    Mud crab sizes

    How are you measuring the crab? Cheers Loomesy
  6. Using the round pots Cheers Loomesy
  7. Hi Garfield 28 Found a good patch of Flattys bout 500m west of the reef. Could not mark any bait or fish over the reef so didn't bother as to many rock cod. Cheers Loomesy
  8. Can't comment on the Hawkesbury but myself and a mate got 11 on the weekend at Port Stephens returning two undersized and one large female. Season looks good. Used chicken legs and mullet for bait. Cheers Loomesy.
  9. Loomesy

    Pure Gold

    That's what my hive is Neil a flo hive. Still needs the same maintenance as a standard hive and not as productive as a regular but much easier to harvest. Cheers Loomesy
  10. Loomesy

    Pure Gold

    Hi Raiders Pinched a bit of honey from my bee hive today. Got almost 3.5 kg from two frames. Nothing beats fresh honey. Cheers Loomesy
  11. I'm heading there in the morning if you want to tag along. Cheers Loomesy
  12. It's about 5 kilometres from the mouth. Lots of undersized snapper and red rock cod Cheers Loomesy
  13. Hi Jani I spend a lot of time in Finland for work and will be baclk in late December or early January. How far are you from Tampere Cheers Loomesy
  14. Thank you Waza for the detailed use and history of this rod. I will definitely source a centre pin reel and give it a go. Thank you again. The information is much appreciated. True FR spirit Cheers Loomesy
  15. Hi all Have been having a bit of a tidy up and came across one of dads old rods. It's a Jarvis Walker black queen deluxe solid fibre glass with cork grips about 8ft long. It's still in really good condition and I was wondering what these rods were used to target. This rod would be easily 40 years old and if anyone has information on what fish they were used to target would be great. Cheers Loomesy