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  1. Thanks for the info mate. Is there any models or brands of yak you recommend?
  2. Hello kayakers. I would appreciate thoughts and advice from fishraider's kayakers. I would like to be kayaking in botany bay with an electric or petrol motor (if thats possible). Im 110kg, if that has any bearing on the type of kayak. Anchor options for reefy spots would be nice. Some thing I can strap down to the back of the ute if possible (are they heavy?)
  3. Thought so...first time iv ever seen one of those in a pack of prawns
  4. Hi there, found this in a 400g pack of prawns, what is it.?
  5. That's definitely what I'm after, just something a bit more complete
  6. Hi guys, im chasing a fish seasonality chart for Sydney species. Iv googled, but nothing adequate enough. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys Does anyone know how many twists in a mono bimini?
  8. Tough. Technically it's his problem, and seeing as he paid 2k less, I wouldn't feel to guilty, and you don't know if he's had his fingers in there.
  9. Hi guys 27 m syd New to the scene and can't wait to learn a thing or two from all the pro's on here.