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  1. Hi. I've had a similar intermittent problem, but where the motor would come up and not go down. I finally found it was the spring-loaded plastic sensor that was stuck. The motor "thought" it was fully down so simply wouldn't go down. Might be worth a look? Good luck.
  2. I reckon salps too. There were heaps a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Obviously the day has come and gone, but it's never too late to learn. I joined a Surf Club a few years ago, and while I'm really happy I've never had to use it, it's good to have the knowledge.
  4. Hi All, I've camped at the Basin (Pittwater) before but never taken my boat. I'm guessing just to put out a front anchor and then tie back to the beach. But I'd appreciate any tips. I assume it's pretty safe to leave stuff in the boat while sleeping in the tent. Has anyone had any problems there? Cheers.
  5. Since the outbreak of white spot disease in prawns, the DPI have requested not to use supermarket prawns as bait. There's more details at: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/pests-diseases/animal-health/aquaculture/white-spot-disease/important-information-for-recreation-fishers-use-of-prawns-as-bait
  6. Hi. There are many opinions but the official position is : "No fish or crustaceans caught west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge should be eaten. You should release your catch." See http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-skills/fishing-in-sydney-harbour The upside is that there's more to catch, even if you have to let them go.
  7. Thanks Guys. I'll add "big tides, no moon, end of May, no fish" to the logbook and keep trying! Maybe I'll try the smaller tides next week. Cheers.
  8. We fished on Friday night for Hairtail but only got one touch. Tried Waratah Bay from about 7:30pm to 9:30pm and then tried Jerusulum Bay and around the end of Coal and Candle till around midnight. Using all the usual - pilchards on gang hooks. Reasonable amount of burley. No luck at all. I thought that the big 1.9m tide peaking at 9pm on Friday with no moon would have been good, but not. Unless it was a case of just being in the wrong spot. Does anyone have an opinion on big tides for Hairtail? Also, water clarity? I could still see small green glowsticks clearly in 10m wat
  9. Yep. A few meals. Nope. I figured I'd used up all of my luck quota for the day!
  10. So Sunday morning came. I'd organised to go fishing but wasn't feeling too motivated or enthusiastic. The winds would be too strong, it was already too late in the morning, the tides wouldn't be right. The usual list of reasons. But decided about 8am to head up to Akuna Bay then motor up to Brooklyn. Beautiful morning and the enthusiasm is on the way up. Picked up a packet of frozen prawns, thinking won't catch anything on these but got to try something. Arrived at the railway bridge about 9:30 at the peak of the runout, so thought why not drift through with some light lines. Might
  11. Unfortunately no fish yesterday morning, but greeted by a beautiful sunrise off North Head.
  12. I went and got a couple of buckets of seawater to wash it down after I used it. I've since spoken to National Parks and they were vandalized, but are scheduled to be replaced soon. So no-thanks to the idiot who did it, and a big thank you to National Parks for fixing them up again.
  13. Does anyone know whether the tap handles on the fish cleaning table at Roseville boat ramp were cut off by vandals, or has there been a decision to not have water there anymore? They look like they've been cut with a hacksaw.
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