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  1. sweet thanks guys ill def be trying the sweet corn and worms to follow, we live in a area that is all clay so I might need to buy the worms see how we go, now I need to find time to wet a line
  2. thanks guys I know bread n corn catches them is one better than the other? and what about soft plastics
  3. What about season winter or summer
  4. sweet thanks all no boats way to small lol
  5. hey hey how is everyone? I am new to carp fishing just a few questions. I will be fishing in a fairly small dam which I know there is carp, do the following questions have any significance sun rise, morning, lunch time, late afternoon, night high or low barometer
  6. fair enough these carp are caught in a smallish dam and something that would like to take my son to in the afternoons after school have a bit fun catching them and releasing you know what I mean
  7. F me I was thinking what is this guy smoking when your talking about carpet hahahaha sorry my F up lol
  8. Gday all just want to know is it still illegal to catch and release carp in NSW
  9. I was swimming in about August 1983 pooped out to the world in June 1984, living life as an 80/90's kid could life get any better!
  10. awesome catch mate not trying to be to nosey but what type of lure is that I know its is a hard bodied crab but what brand and is it something you just cast and move even few seconds??
  11. Rick I have not caught any, I thought you are allow to catch them via fishing rod and reel but not take them while spearfishing
  12. hey mate I use a 9ft starlo stik with an spheros 8000 reel yet to get a king off the stones but I have got heaps of salmon n tailor using 60g metal lures
  13. Gday all what is the min age to get your licence??
  14. I hope this dose not get deleted but here it goes, if your on PS4 you can add me if you like. FullTimeBaldKint