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  1. we have caught heaps of salmon, tailor, bream and flathead and also the odd shark
  2. hey man will you be launching from woy woy?? if so there is a fair few oyster leases you can try if you get out early enough you have to watch out for the salmon and tailor busting up on the surface.
  3. I have a pair of these and so does my wife we got ours from a shop many Moons ago but in boot form they are awesome have not failed yet knock on wood
  4. Good size fish nice catch!!!
  5. F ME that's a long drive for a rock sesh lol how did you go
  6. sweet as man if you don't mind me asking were are you goin??
  7. yeah man I land based, one of my mates has a kayak we go in Yarramundi got a few bass there.
  8. sweet as narr not fished toonie creek as yet but been told there is good size carp
  9. Thanks man yeah I have tried the go super slow method still big fat zero I am talking like at least 10 outings than I put on a shallow diver with in 20 casts bang lol I am on
  10. Gday all, need a bit of help, been fishing for bass for only a little bit now been using poppers, spinnerbaits, cicada's and shallow divers lures the thing is I fish at night in a dam were bass are and I can only catch them on the shallow divers that's it. I know people have a lot of success with spinner baits I work them in different depths and different speeds still nothing. any help would be awesome.
  11. Berleyguts, sorry to hear that mate but if you don't mind me asking is that through your work super or do you have a personal super account?
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