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  1. I think rather than say e.g. snapper rocks, avoca rocks..... etc etc lets put a blanket over most if not all of the rock fishing spots were people can be takin and say hey you want to fish wear a life jacket. I can see it from a safety side of things but due to a few bad eggs has I would not say wreaked it but made it for what it is now for us
  2. man loin island will be dirty brown water as well we need a few very big king tides to wash it all away, I would think at least 1 month
  3. Morning donna are we still doing COTM??

  4. I agree with you that we are a nanny state but as much as I really don't want to fish with a life jacket off the stones I have to now cause stupid people take stupid risks, 90% of the fishing I do is rock fishing I have seen on some very rough days and I say narr not worth it while others will take stupid risks and gamble their life
  5. thanks all the dam that is close to me there is only carp and turtles that I know of (which I really don't want to catch any turtles)
  6. hey all after all the rain that we will be getting over the next few days what is the freshwater fishing going to be like? dose the rain bring them on? weather it is in a dam or a river?
  7. sweet thanks guys ill def be trying the sweet corn and worms to follow, we live in a area that is all clay so I might need to buy the worms see how we go, now I need to find time to wet a line
  8. thanks guys I know bread n corn catches them is one better than the other? and what about soft plastics
  9. sweet thanks all no boats way to small lol
  10. hey hey how is everyone? I am new to carp fishing just a few questions. I will be fishing in a fairly small dam which I know there is carp, do the following questions have any significance sun rise, morning, lunch time, late afternoon, night high or low barometer
  11. fair enough these carp are caught in a smallish dam and something that would like to take my son to in the afternoons after school have a bit fun catching them and releasing you know what I mean
  12. F me I was thinking what is this guy smoking when your talking about carpet hahahaha sorry my F up lol
  13. Gday all just want to know is it still illegal to catch and release carp in NSW
  14. I was swimming in about August 1983 pooped out to the world in June 1984, living life as an 80/90's kid could life get any better!