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  1. Thanks man yeah I have tried the go super slow method still big fat zero I am talking like at least 10 outings than I put on a shallow diver with in 20 casts bang lol I am on
  2. Gday all, need a bit of help, been fishing for bass for only a little bit now been using poppers, spinnerbaits, cicada's and shallow divers lures the thing is I fish at night in a dam were bass are and I can only catch them on the shallow divers that's it. I know people have a lot of success with spinner baits I work them in different depths and different speeds still nothing. any help would be awesome.
  3. Berleyguts, sorry to hear that mate but if you don't mind me asking is that through your work super or do you have a personal super account?
  4. marks1984


    sweet as all thanks for the comments
  5. marks1984


    sweet thanks guys I have never used this knot looks like ill be learning on how to tie it
  6. marks1984


    morning all, I hope this does not become a massive debate but which is a better knot for passing through the rod guides the FG Knot or an Albright Knot? thanks in advance
  7. sorry it was more of a joke trying to brighten the mood.
  8. why cant we isolate out on a boat fishing for 2 weeks
  9. what is the cox river like fishing wise?? do you need a boat or by foot??
  10. I would say yes if you don't have circle hooks and chasing kings while trawling that could work
  11. yeah man I still use them I have a 6500B baitrunner on my Wilson live fiber 13 ft 6" beach combo best bloody thing invented.
  12. so is it a good time to fish when they are doin it?? or not??
  13. has anyone seen groups of carp swimming in circles with their mouth exposed out of the water?? and does anyone know why they do this