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  1. marks1984

    Preferred brand of jigheads?

    christos, I use TT Heads cant fault them awesome bit of gear but saying this I have not had any other problems with any other jig heads
  2. marks1984

    shark swollowed whole

    hope u guys enjoy this one
  3. marks1984

    Aussie Bass

    thanks but what about in a closed water way e.g. a dam
  4. marks1984

    Aussie Bass

    Hey all, Random questions do bass turn off during winter?? also dose it make a difference if a closed waterway (dam) or a open water way for the fish to bite
  5. marks1984

    Survey HAVE YOUR SAY from Maritime Safety manager

  6. marks1984

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    What berley do you recomend
  7. marks1984

    Fishing after all this rain

    if it was me I would go out if it was safe to tho
  8. marks1984

    Brisbane water 2nd June

    nice snapper
  9. marks1984

    NEW: Fishraider Tees available now!

    would you guys do beanies
  10. Awesome catch man
  11. marks1984

    Fishing partner tonight - Central Coast

    hey man where abouts are you at?
  12. marks1984


    Thanks mate next time i go ill keep this in mind
  13. marks1984

    Newcastle help

    Gday all heading to Newcastle mid march will be fishing only for a few hours can anyone recommend any spots taking a light spin combo
  14. marks1984

    Murray cod

    Mate all good not being hijacked sometimes some shit needs to be said if someone takes offense or deletes the comment cause of all of the PC crap. Back in the day we fought for your freedom now people are having a sook over things like telling someone that they have done something incorrectly as now they need to say next time maybe do it this way cause they don't want to offend people. Sorry that's my rant about how soft this world is
  15. marks1984

    Murray cod

    Thanks all the way I see it any help is great, also any politician cant be trusted