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  1. Rick I have not caught any, I thought you are allow to catch them via fishing rod and reel but not take them while spearfishing
  2. hey mate I use a 9ft starlo stik with an spheros 8000 reel yet to get a king off the stones but I have got heaps of salmon n tailor using 60g metal lures
  3. Gday all what is the min age to get your licence??
  4. I hope this dose not get deleted but here it goes, if your on PS4 you can add me if you like. FullTimeBaldKint
  5. not really man all I was told was on the south side of the beach I know that there is a massive rock ledge but I could not tell you were about as I don't know all I was told on the south side
  6. blackies mainly but salmon n tailor been coming in
  7. mate last I fished Avoca Rocks was a few years ago grrrrrr actually come to think about it I can remember the last time I had my line moist grrrr we picked up only a few bonnies on 40g chromies last I heard bateau bay south side has been firing
  9. christos, I use TT Heads cant fault them awesome bit of gear but saying this I have not had any other problems with any other jig heads
  10. hope u guys enjoy this one
  11. thanks but what about in a closed water way e.g. a dam
  12. Hey all, Random questions do bass turn off during winter?? also dose it make a difference if a closed waterway (dam) or a open water way for the fish to bite
  13. What berley do you recomend