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  1. yeah thank mate i am going to give it a crack as well
  2. Hey all, Just seeing if anyone has used the cranka crabs for bass? any feed back would be great!!
  3. Heaps of awesome rock ledges if you take the safety gear heaps of options
  4. Thanks jordy man i am definitely going to give it a try. Yeah i fish either the nepean or yarramundi bass and carp good fighting fish
  5. Sweet thanks mate ill get the misses to do it for me lol i have no idea how to do any of that lol
  6. Good evening all, Has anyone fished cataract river at wilton at all? If so any luck? Or a waste of time.
  7. Thanks donna do you know if they will put it on the service NSW app or only on the medicare and or MYGOV app
  8. good sized bream
  9. i have a Symetre 3000 reel love it cant fault it 100000000% would buy another one
  10. Hey man go to west head or you can find them schooling off palmy
  11. Sweet thanks for that 🤘🤘
  12. Besides having a metal wings and a spinner blade at the rear trebles what are the main differnces between a iemco Soft Shell Cicada lure and a micro pompadour
  13. Thanks mate I have used a cicada a few times with no luck
  14. Thanks mate I have to look up a black micro pompadour is thanks
  15. thanks Frank ill be land based walking around at different spots
  16. sweet Frank thanks for that is that because alot of splashing and vibration on the surface?
  17. Afternoon all, hope we all had a great Australia day yesterday!!! I have been fishing a dam recently chasing Bass, mainly late afternoon and at night, now when it comes to night fishing should I be using a dark coloured lure or a clear colour? should I take inconsideration if there is cloud cover or a clear night? Thanks in advance
  18. they both look good you would think a set up like that would be better than the bait in a bucket. how often do you change the water
  19. i know this is on a slight tangant but has anyone just a small salmon as a live bait off avoca for the kings??
  20. hey man i have a wilson live fibre 13ft 6" rod with a 6500B baitrunner as my beach combo cant fault it awesome bit of gear
  21. we have caught heaps of salmon, tailor, bream and flathead and also the odd shark
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