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  1. ricardo passos

    Croaker with 50 LB

    A monster in my kayak...
  2. ricardo passos

    Big croaker with metal jig

    One more big croaker ...
  3. ricardo passos

    Big croaker

    A very good croaker...
  4. ricardo passos

    SeaBass fishing

    One more journey
  5. ricardo passos

    StubBorn Seabas

    Dont want to come home,,,, ehehe
  6. ricardo passos

    Setup 3 hooks in the same line

    An easy setup
  7. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish setup

    Its in Portuguese but the image said it all...
  8. All the moments...
  9. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish Kayak fishing

    One more video catching this tasty creatures...
  10. Its in Portuguese, but i think its understandable...
  11. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish TOP 5 Attacks

    Yap...but the ones i know sont work very well....
  12. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish fishing (relaxing)

    A great relaxing morning catching lunch...
  13. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish fishing

    Another day with the ET creatures...lol
  14. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish TOP 5 Attacks

    Tks mates...i am also surprised when the cuttlefish attack the jig with the weed on...they strange creatures...i there is to much to know about them,...
  15. ricardo passos

    Cuttlefish TOP 5 Attacks

    My best images...