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  1. bart

    Jetski ban georges river

    C'mon Fishraiders get behind the push to give the Jet Ski riders a Kick up the Arse.....Unfortunately too many of these guys have no regard for others and do not share the waterways as they should.Whilst fishing the Georges regularly concern for my safety and others is of a great concern. Firm action is needed and the best way to teach them to behave is to ban the bloody lot of them.
  2. Thanks for your replies lads, however all spots are now filled. Bart
  3. Require three members interested in a charter to fish the reefs off Sydney. Preferably from Southern Sydney area. Will leave the Harbour on 27th May 6.00 am and return at 2.00pm. We have 7 confirmed and are looking for another three. Please PM Bart if interested
  4. bart

    Over 26,000 members?

    Hello Fellow Raider Members, I have been absent from the site for a quite a few years. Hasn't time flown. Looks like Fishraider has taken a new dimension .Credit to Donna and Stewie . Hoping to catch up and participate again soon. Cheers Bart
  5. bart

    One hungry Croc

    Seeing the crocs for myself a few years ago whilst in Kakadu was a sight to behold.When crossing the Alligator River a few times just seeing the big boppers lined up on the mud flats sent chills down the spine.Went fishing for Barra in a four metre tinny and just being near the buggers sent the adrenalin pumping.Magnificent creatures they are . I would do it all over again but not at night like the guys in the attached post. Cheers Bart
  6. bart

    One hungry Croc

    Attached is a picture of a boat motor attacked by a crocodile recently up north in Kakadu,This story is in todays 6/3/2012 The Australian newspaper,Sorry I could not post the article in full.Still learning. Cheers Bart .
  7. Dropped into the site of the NSW GREENS party and I was not impressed with some of what I saw re their policy regarding estuary fishing in our state of NSW. Below is their site address and I believe that all prospective anglers should read. As we have a state election on the way it may help you as an angler to decide which way you will vote. . nsw
  8. Cheers Rick.Say hello to my little brother when you arrive up there. He undoubtably will have found all the good weed and blackfish spots by now. I did not get to meet you but by the looks of it you did well and have left a lot of fishing friends behind. Tight Lines and here is to you Rick. BART:beersmile:
  9. bart

    Another Stolen Boat!

    Sorry to see that you have had your boat stolen.I have to ask was your boat sitting out on the road parked permanently whilst not being used, There is a growing trend to park boats on the street. In my area just about every street has a boat parked. Majority of houses out this way either have only a single car space or none at all. I have only a single carport, however my boat is always off the street. I do add that boats on the street are a prime target to get stolen as they are there for all to see day and night.We have had the odd boat burned to the ground lately by smart arse vandals also. Raiders beware your boats can be easy targets for the low life thieves. Cheers BART
  10. bart

    Merry Christmas Raiders

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all Fishraider members and their families. Cheers BART
  11. bart

    Our Raider Day Report

    Hi Peter, I was out and about on the bay on Saturday. The chop was starting to build and I thought Fishraiders may be in for a bit of a roll. Love your pics as usual. Cheers BART.
  12. Throw me a line !!!

    1. bart


      I am cruising for a bruising!!

  13. bart

    Weed, (Lack Of).

    Unfortunately councils are spraying and killing off a lot of the weed at many locations. With more people around these days doing their nature thing and exploring their wonderful water ways.,'I am afraid councils are receiving complaints about the grimy weed growing in their nature wonderlands. So when you go to your favourite spots to grab your weed don.t be surprised to find that the local council has responded to a resident or greenies complaint. Cheers BART P.S Re Justin P comment about divulging our favourite spots for weed. It is frustrating to watch some people turn up and wipe out the weed .If they would just take enough for their days outing it would be great.That is the main reason fellow fisho's keep their spots to themselves. Cheers again' BART
  14. bart

    Back From The Dead!

    Hi Donna, Did you see the light. I did,but it was great to see everyone as soon as I woke up.You will be making changes and you will be the better for it. All the best to you and Stewie and will see you around the traps soon better and brighter and fitter than ever. Cheers BART
  15. bart

    The Cold Weather Is On Its Way

    Less traffic on the water, Less Jet Ski's Less rubbish hanging around. More space for me. Cheers BART.