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  1. raging

    Cable size for led stern light

    If it’s just for the led anchor light you can use pretty much anything as the draw will be so low. 18AWG will be fine.
  2. raging

    Reefs near sydney for a first timer

    Don’t forget the off shore safety gear/requirements.
  3. raging

    Kastking baitcasters

    Time to retire the 25 year old shimano chronarch. It’s served me well, but now beyond repair. 25 years isn’t bad Looking for feedback on the kastking baitcasters - the brochure reads well & priced cheap. Has anyone tried one?
  4. raging

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Don’t use ethanol. It absorbes water. Just use non-ethanol at the octane rating your motor is tuned for.
  5. raging

    What Alloy does Quintrex /Telwater use?

    1.4 million hours... not bad
  6. raging

    What Alloy does Quintrex /Telwater use?

    I wouldn’t discount a good 2nd hand boat. Not sure what issues you’ve had in the past - but how old/many hours was on the 2nd hand ones you bought? Stick to low age/hours and get a mechanic to do a *pre inspection and you’ll save some coin. I hunted around for 6 months before I bought mine - had 13 hours on it and paid 60% new cost. I haven’t had a single issue yet (now 250 hours in). I know people who have had more drama with buying new. I get buying new, but with homework, looking in the right places (sub 30 hour renegades pop up every month) and with some patience you can save a bit of money if it’s tight. Also - if you haven’t done so, spend some time in a tinny before you comment, big difference compared to glass, make sure youll be happy. * I didn’t get a pre inspection done with mine. When I was looking, The marine mechanic was booked out for 3 weeks so I said I’ll wait for that, or drop another 1k and I’ll get today. Had a service done 3 weeks later, mechanic said this is the newest second hand boat he’s seen.
  7. raging

    Fishing ban at Clifton gardens

    It’s just no fishing in the swimming enclosure
  8. raging

    Lock out

    Has anyone here given feedback on the Tunks Park lockout?
  9. raging

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

    Did you try this wizard http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/key/family
  10. raging

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

  11. raging

    Battery Flat Again! Any Ideas?

    Either test with 12v straight to the plug or test your cars socket with a test light/multi meter to work out which.
  12. raging

    Battery Flat Again! Any Ideas?

    Your green and brown are the wrong way around.
  13. raging

    Buying used boat but still under warranty

    Find a mobile marine mechanic - they’ll do a pre purchase inspection for a few quid.
  14. raging

    Battery Flat Again! Any Ideas?

    Might be new battery time if you’ve drained it flat a few times. Does the model of your ctek have the regeneration mode? If so, give that a go.
  15. raging

    Battery Flat Again! Any Ideas?

    It will charge faster if you watch it ?