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  1. raging

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    Switch off. that said, I’ve double checked with a multimeter there was no phantom draw once switched off.
  2. raging

    3.6 Subaru Outback for towing

    Don’t get the outback diesel. There are a plethora of members in the outback Facebook group with dpf issues - even those who do country miles.
  3. raging

    3.6 Subaru Outback for towing

    I feel your pain. I have an ageing outback with the 3.0. It tows 1.2t fine. i won’t be replacing the car with another outback because of the cvt. to answer your question - yes it will tow it, but I don’t know how long the cvt will last. On a side note the new 2020 with the turbo has higher towing specs then the 2019 3.6 (American specs anyway)
  4. raging

    The Mystery of the dropping Mercury Trim!

  5. raging


    I got 10 on Saturday. They seem to be holding deeper than usual at the moment.
  6. raging

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    Maybe there is a different fuse. From the intereweb ”The fuse is located on a separate circuit right under the batter positive cover or hidden around the back of battery either way it is there near the positive post somewhere ( I do believe it will not be part of the normal fuse system- in a triton”
  7. raging

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    What vehicle is it?
  8. raging

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    I don’t use connectors, but I remember seeing them, I think they are called ‘ledlink’ connectors
  9. raging

    There is always a bigger fish (or shark)

    It’s a bronze whaler, happened near clontarf.
  10. Saw this pop up on a different site, had to share. Middle harbour.
  11. raging

    2 cylinders not firing up

    Check on something like marine engine if they share the same part number, if so, you’re golden
  12. raging

    Should I be worried with this?

    I agree with @rickmarlin62 looks like a seperate mold.
  13. raging

    2 cylinders not firing up

    I’d start here http://www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-parts.php?year=1980&hp=100 find your model and then look at ignition. You can probably derive it from that.
  14. raging

    The Bureau of Mythology

    @savit fishraider may charge for gfs just because it’s harder to source then BOM but there are apps out there. steve starling thinks gfs is more accurate, not sure if he has any affiliation with fish ranger though. its hard to say which is more accurate more often. I look at both then just go fishing anyway - it’s more if I stay inside or head outside.
  15. raging

    The Bureau of Mythology

    Yep - southerly was later then bom predicted. Was glass this morning but north head was quite windy around 11 - 12 when I was heading home. The us weather wind model was spot on today.