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  1. raging

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    They misread the brochure. Thought drive on trailer was a drive in trailer 😁
  2. raging

    2 cylinders not firing up

    Check on something like marine engine if they share the same part number, if so, you’re golden
  3. raging

    Should I be worried with this?

    I agree with @rickmarlin62 looks like a seperate mold.
  4. raging

    2 cylinders not firing up

    I’d start here http://www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-parts.php?year=1980&hp=100 find your model and then look at ignition. You can probably derive it from that.
  5. raging

    The Bureau of Mythology

    @savit fishraider may charge for gfs just because it’s harder to source then BOM but there are apps out there. steve starling thinks gfs is more accurate, not sure if he has any affiliation with fish ranger though. its hard to say which is more accurate more often. I look at both then just go fishing anyway - it’s more if I stay inside or head outside.
  6. raging

    The Bureau of Mythology

    Yep - southerly was later then bom predicted. Was glass this morning but north head was quite windy around 11 - 12 when I was heading home. The us weather wind model was spot on today.
  7. raging

    big complicance day in nsw sat 19/01/18

    Already been checked twice today. Standard check though - life jacket & extinguisher
  8. My guess it’s just Garmin trying to get more coin out of the navionics acquisition.
  9. That explains it. Navionics on phone has better maps then my Garmin. That said, with the price increase I may just put up with the Garmin and not renew
  10. Interesting. What contour intervals are you getting on your Garmin? Are you using g2 maps or the ones that are built in? Does your navionics have an active subscription? I’ve found the opposite true, navionics on phone with a subscription is better then the Garmin built in charts. I’ve read lots of complaints around the Garmin charts I.e doesn’t cover Lake Macquarie.
  11. That hasn’t been my experience in the past. Last time my subscription ran out the maps downgraded significantly.
  12. raging

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    Nice one. if your dropping the pump just over the edge somewhat, look at using some water proof connectors and heat shrink on the wiring joins. The outlet mesh is pretty small - just keep an eye on it, I found with mine that squid ink & slime can block it up. good work.
  13. raging

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    So what was the outcome?
  14. raging

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    Depends on how much bait you want to keep mines an old 36l esky with about 25 litres of working water. That’s enough room for 15 squid or 20 yakkas which does me. Haven’t had anything die yet, but when full I have pump always on. 60 is heavy, it’s another person on board. Make sure you have a way to empty it.
  15. raging

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    It will be fine. But if you want to see the theory, the pump will have the amp draw likely 2amp for a 500gph pump, then look at your battery spec for its amp hour capacity. Use clips or anderson plug or sae plug.