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  1. raging

    Starting the Boat Journey

    Bow rider - quintrex freedom sport 490
  2. raging

    Starting the Boat Journey

    What’s the Australian spec day for towing? Which outback model do you have? i have older outback, with the bigger motor to capacity is 1800kgs. I tow a 5m Quintrex that’s 1200kgs
  3. raging

    My diy removable live bait tank

    Thanks I’ll trial it out this weekend - see how she goes.
  4. raging

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Use tuna oil instead of etec oil in the motor - you’ll attract more of something.
  5. raging

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    @jeffb5.8 has had issues.
  6. raging

    My diy removable live bait tank

    I’ll send you a link. It shipped cheaply from China for $6. Didn’t come with instructions so took a while to work it out
  7. raging

    My diy removable live bait tank

    I’ve read mixed reports. As everything else was over kill why not add one 😀 I added one using a plastic from a $2 clothes peg head holder from Bunnings. It’s removable. Yeah totally, the esky was already in the garage when I started, but a hinged lid would be way better.
  8. raging

    My diy removable live bait tank

    It’s both. Will sit on my transom (have a wide transom) when stationary, drifting, down rigging etc bringing in sea water. But also can recirculate & aerate.
  9. raging

    My diy removable live bait tank

    More pics. Self priming pump that can pull water up 2 metres. When I’m stationary or trolling it will pick up sea water. When underway I’ll put the pick up into the tank to aerate the water. The small black pipe at the bend is a Venturi pipe that sucks air in to aerate the water. This took a while to get the angle of bottom of the tube and depth of tube right to get good air flow. last things to do a seperater as I catch yakkas and squid. I’ve ordered a $1 filter to go on the pickup, waiting for it to ship from China.
  10. Thought I’d post some pics. wanted a better live bait tank but didn’t want a permanently installed one. The goal was cheap, low battery draw & use bits from the garage. Pic one is the water proof controller box. Connects to the ctek comfort connect that’s already hanging off the battery. Has a two position water proof switch (rubber cover missing on the switch in the pic), one for always on, other is for the infinite programmable relay, so currently set to 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off. The dial is for the pulse width modulation controller so I can adjust speed and power draw. 4 amps at full, 2 amps at half speed.
  11. Enjoy - make sure you anchor sets well, can get plenty of water flowing there (sow & pigs)
  12. I’ll get the clothes and you can fish with me. 😛
  13. Obviously I’ve been wearing the wrong fishing gear. Anyone know where I can get the fishing clothes below in a men’s extra large?
  14. raging

    Nulon marine 2 stroke

    Is it relatively cheap?
  15. raging

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    I’m sure there is a bung licking joke there somewhere.