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  1. Nice fish! The rapids in the 3rd photo looked very familiar. Here is the same spot with more water. You have done very well to get a raft there.
  2. I originally thought golden as well. But they tend to have spots or strips I believe. I didnt notice if it had teeth. I also thought it might be a brassy trevally as well but according to wiki they don’t grow that big. This one was 100cm and weighed 24kg.
  3. We can’t decide what species this is? Some say GT, others say some other species of trevally. Anyone know for sure? Was caught in weipa.
  4. Both being considered opened to fishing. Would be awesome if it happens. There would be some monster fish in both.
  5. Get yourself a small black jitterbug. Early morning, late afternoons. Can't go wrong! The bass in there love them!!
  6. Plenty of bass in the upper georges around Campbelltown mate. And some of the nicest scenery you could walk through to get them as well.
  7. Haha! You're not wrong about the walk out. You certainly feel it when you get back to the top.
  8. Had a few hours flicking some surface lures this morning. I lost count how many fish I caught after 7 or 8. It was by far the best bass session I have had. Nothing huge. 30cm being the biggest but I did drop one at my feet that was quite a bit bigger. Was spewing I didn't get a chance to measure it. The water at the moment is beautiful and clear. There are bass everywhere.
  9. Well it took me 10 months but I finally caught a Murray cod. 48cm of native beauty. I caught it on a stump jumper. After watching numerous cod follow the lure to my feet and getting very frustrated one finally bit it. Cod was released so I can hopefully catch it again in a few years ??
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I only ever use lures in the ACT anyway so I'll throw a few small trout lures in the tackle bag.
  11. Hey all, Looking at doing some camping at the cotter over the Christmas break. Has anyone done any fishing in or around the cotter camp ground? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)!
  12. Hey bud, yeah I'm land based. I usually walk in around kentlyn. So a fair bit higher then glenfield. Thanks for the lure tips . I might have to give downstream a go if I can't find the bigger one. Having said that though I bumped into a guy walking out of the basin who had been fishing. He showed me a photo of a 40cm he got above the water fall at the basin. So I know it least there is one big one upstream somewhere
  13. Hi guys. First year I've tried bass fishing in the upper georges. I've lived in Campbelltown all my life and have never even thought to try till now. I've caught a few fish. Nothing huge. Biggest has been 26cm. Hopefully get a bigger one before they start heading back downstream. But Im surprised how well it fishes. Especially being only 15min from my house. Does anyone recommend and spots or lures that work particularly well in the georges? I've caught all my fish on cicada surface lures in the morning as the sun comes up..
  14. I had no idea that they would eat cheese. I prefer flicking lures. There's just something more satisfying about lure fishing. But I can give the cheese a go if I keep failing on the lures. Thanks for the replies guys