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  1. Thanks Gents for your contributions We purchased the Lowrance Elite 7 inch and got a great deal. Cheers
  2. Hi Fishraiders I have a 14ft offshore tinnie. When the boat was purchased new some 8 years ago, we purchased a cheap garmin fishfinder that has done ok until now and we are looking at upgrading. We normally fish offshore in waters up to a maximum of 40m deep and mainly in the 10 to 20m range. The fishfinder is mounted to a adjustable arm that can be folded away under the gunwale when not in use. So the sounder may cop a bit of weather. Have been looking at the Lowrance Hook2-5 SplitShot Combo. Any suggestions on this unit or what works well for you if you have a similar scenario to us. Cheers
  3. Hi Fishraiders A group of us are organising a fishing trip to Turkey Beach (south of Gladstone) in May 2019. If there is anyone that can provide some inside knowledge of the that would be greatly appreciated. Understand it is a great area for Mudcrabs Cheers
  4. Thanks Wizza - Do you know approx. depth being 5 kms out
  5. Hi All We have a week fishing trip planned for the Pacific Palms area in a few weeks time. We will be offshore fishing and planning to launch of the beach at Elizabeth's weather permitting. I was after some help on: 1. Best locations to catch live bait (yellowtail and slimeys) 2. Any spots in close. We love to fish floating baits for snapper etc. I was also wondering if Smith Lakes is any good for crabs as well as we were planning on taking some traps if the weather is not to good offshore. Or would it be better to try in Wallis Lake ?? Cheers Nick
  6. Hi All Staying at Bonny Hills for a few nights and wanted to know of some good places to try off the beach or rocks. Like to chase bream, snapper, whiting or Jew. Cheers Nick
  7. Hi All that have replied I sent the photo to fisheries and got a reply today suggesting it is a Onespot Puller - Chromis hypsilepis The spot wasn't distinctive near the tail though on the photo Cheers Nick
  8. Hi All Caught this fish while catching live bait over the weekend - never seen one before - caught in the port Stephens area - any ideas on what it is - it was approx 15cm long Cheers Nick
  9. Hi All New to this website however been fishing the Port Stephens area for 30 years. We are heading to Broughton island for a few days shortly and have fished around the area previously. Just wondering if anyone could let me know of best areas around the island to catch live bait such as yellow tail or slimeys please. Cheers Nick