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  1. gyropilot

    The Entrance Social

    Last years Entrance Social was very good.... so was the Forster Social.... excellent !! Waiting for the next one ! Cheers Geoff
  2. gyropilot

    Bertram 25

    Interesting problem......I like the idea of a high pressure cleaner, especially as you can't remove the tank. Can you get a nozzle from a gurnie type cleaner in to it ? Or make a extention piece to fit a high pressure cleaner that can get into there ?? Geoff
  3. gyropilot

    Build Your Own Trailer

    Davo You should have a great time at the course....And get your trailer finished as well.... I have MIG, Stick and Oxy, and MIG is great ! (Fast, easy & good welds) I have built a trailer and if you take your time, plan well it should be great.. I'm up the top end of the coast, so if you have any Q's...just ask.. Geoff
  4. gyropilot

    Bertram 25

    Hi We used to get rid of water by adding anhydrous ethanol (Methylated spirits) which mix with both water and petrol. I don't know about your tank, but up to 100 litres each we used to add a hand full of ball bearings and shake....clean as...I don't know if your tank is removable....... If your tank is heavy ask a few mates to help... Great job on the restoration ! Cheers Geoff
  5. gyropilot

    Official Report From Forster

    Fantastic effort by Donna, Stewy and Roberta for the Forster Blackie Social....we had a great time...and Pete, your weed was superb...This social was the first time I have targeted blackies and actually caught them !!! Brilliant weekend....thanks guys....can't wait for next year !! Geoff & Sandy
  6. gyropilot

    Forster Blackfish Social Update

    Hi Everyone... What a fantastic weekend we had at Forster...Many thanks to Roberta and the Swordies for organizing such a great event and the could'nt ask for better...Mallacoota Pete's weed was Very Good and appreciated by us and the blackies !! Special thanks to John and Ray for a great day out yesterday in the boat....fantastic time chasing blackies..... It was also good to catch up with other Raiders (and new Raiders)..These socials just get better and better !!!! Cheers Geoff
  7. gyropilot

    Sounder Reviews

    Roberta: How long ago did you buy that Cuda, and how much was it....looks a small neat waterproof unit...I don't want to pay the earth for features I don't need.. Thanks Geoff
  8. Fantastic Bream.....congratulations on catching Bigguth !! Geoff
  9. Thanks Claudia & Sean, My blackfish combo just arrived...fantastic...can't wait to decimate those Forster Blackies !! Roberta...maybe you do need one of these combos ?? Cheers Geoff
  10. gyropilot

    Men Stole Identity To Buy $350,000 Boat

    Seeing what the courts are doing of late, they will probably get a $200 fine and told to do 50 hours of community service !!! If the judge is really hard, they may get a $200 good behaviour bond.. Yeah right... Cheers Geoff
  11. gyropilot

    The Entrance 28-29th April

    Hi Mick, They were a great flattie and bream...congratulations on winning with that flattie ! Cheers Geoff
  12. gyropilot

    Blackfish Social In Forster

    Hi Roberta... After that fantastic Entrance Social, how could anyone say no to another event ? I have emailed the park for accomodation (if there is any left) and if so then count myself and Mrs gyropilot IN....sounds great !!! That was the 2nd and 3rd June wasn't it ?? (First weekend)... Cheers Geoff
  13. gyropilot

    Which Sp Is Working For You

    For the past few days (5) I have been trying various SP's and a few HB's in Lake Macquarie and Tuggerah Lake.(Land based). HB's didn't do well, not even SX40's, grubs no good but squidgie shad 3" were chewed, bitten, swallowed, spat, but I just couldn't land a legal sized bream or flathead on one ! Ugh. Then again no one near got anything on bait either...fussy fish ?? Lots of bait fish and undersize but nothing legal...ugh. Cheers Geoff
  14. gyropilot

    Novice Boater Needs Advice

    Hi Just remember that it is better to be SAFE in smoother water wondering what the fishing is like outside, rather than BE outside wondering how you are going to get back in alive! Play it safe, you can also take an experienced person with you, if you need a confidence booster... Geoff
  15. gyropilot

    Fishraider Beanies And Surf Hats

    Hi Guys, I think its about time I got a new beanie. Can I collect it at the Entrance Social ? Thanks... Geoff