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  1. Dave. You are going around in circles, first you insisted it needed a long shaft and now you have long shaft you are trying to make it a short shaft. I can make a jack plate to suit IF that is really what you need . A slider with adjustments is what I think you need so you can make adjustments while boat is in water being tested. Would need trial and error to get it right. Frank
  2. Jeff. Great to listen to, almost as good as talking with you in person. You sure know your area and targeted species. Frank
  3. Derek. Is there a number plate attached to the trailer ?. if so it would be easy for the council to tell that it was registered and therefor legally parked. Frank
  4. Should I wait a while before confirming and paying for accommodation ?. Frank
  5. Jon. If you consider them shots inferior I would love to see your daughters. That water you could almost ski on it. I once went from Bermi to the island in dead flat conditions like a mill pond, fished a couple of hours and went back in extremely bumpy conditions, it came from nowhere in no time flat. What they say " the calm before the storm ". Frank
  6. frankS

    Weather conditions

    Hi blade. Firstly your boat is more than capable to go outside the heads and offshore within reason. Thousand of variants to watch out for. My advise is after looking at the forecasts etc when you get to the ramp OR on water where you can see the headlands, if there is whitecaps forming you are already too late. Whitecaps generally start forming when the seabreeze is up around 15 knotts so keep this figure in mind, if the forecast is for winds above 15 knotts you are probably better to stay inside. As I said earlier your boat is more than capable, but till you gain a fair bit of experience I would suggest you keep to these variants. Now in saying that, whitecaps can form with less wind, for instance if there is a short sharp chop with wind apposing current etc. A swell is nothing to worry about only the stomach content may be effected more with a large type swell. The boat will simply ride the wave and stay on top. Any wind with a S ( south ) in it is something to keep a close watch on. Most wind directions will swirl around a fair bit during the coarse of a day , generally a w ( west ) wind will flatten the sea down close in, but this is the norm and there are variants. most other wind directions will give a fair bit of notice to you as to what they are doing . If you happen to be out there and you see dark clouds forming in the South, up anchor and head for sheltered waters. You will no doubt get plenty of experience and in a few years from now IF you were to re-read this post you may think I was being a little over cautious, but you need to take things with caution till you attain the skills for handling outside conditions. Don't let things scare you, and get out there and practice manoeuvring your boat around the waves in different directions, go against the swell/chop go side on at a angle and most important go with the swell with the wave pushing the rear of the boat, this will teach you the character of your boat and it is very important to learn how to sort of surf your boat, engine trim plays an important role and only experience will teach you this aspect of driving a boat. Hope this helps . Frank
  7. Jeff. I still have those items that will be offered for incentive and prizes, I will be ( if it's OK with you ) making a separate thread with intended prizes with photos down the track sometime before the event. Lets hope this event turns out to have lots of members participate and we can get to meet fellow members. At this stage I will be sharing accommodation with BigNeil and maybe one other, Neil has already had offer to share boat. It looks like I will just be there for the company as my doctors advise against me getting on a boat, need to see specialist next month so see what he says ?. Frank
  8. Well in my opinion the greatest thing that helps a forum is face recognition and mateships. get togethers, meet and greets. Just like the ones organised by Fishraider and Scratchie and others, the Hairtail weekends and soft plastics meet and greet etc. I still have get togethers with old forum mates from 20 years ago and a lot have become great personal friends and a couple are like brothers to me. The few from fishraider I have attended I have met many great blokes that when they post, it's not just reading something somebody said it's I know that person ! and the post means a whole lot more to me because I can put a face and personality to the post. Frank
  9. Dave. I doubt that Donna will post as it would be do for you and do for the rest of us and would become a nightmare for her. I am pretty sure I have a couple here that you could have, and I could collect replacements when I go to the P S meet and greet. P S last meet and greet at P S Jeff gave us all a flag to display on our boats as well as maps etc. Frank
  10. frankS

    Haines Hunter 520

    If it's the boat in your photo you want to buy in Vic. It would definitely require brakes fitted to the trailer for NSW rego, so there is some bargaining power for you to start with, and OR something you should bear in mind as an additional cost. Frank
  11. I am always up for a meet and greet, and maybe the doctors might let me get on a boat this time. Frank
  12. Planning on going for a trip to Cobargo in the next week or so to catch up with some good fishing buddies. Don't know if I will take the boat or just visit friends. Frank
  13. frankS

    Big neil

    Neil. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I will be there in spirit as you send Susan to a better place. Frank
  14. How is your catch holding up ? hope it's working out for you. haven't heard any feed back since I fitted it. Frank
  15. I had a hard top moored in Bermagui harbour and early morning starts were a pain in the neck for seeing out of the front window. I got a bottle of RainX anti fog and applied it and had good vision after that. make sure you clean windscreen before applying. Frank