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  1. A fantastic report on a great adventure, one of those trips we all dream about yet seldom achieve . Great photos and you both have some memories to last a while. Thanks for sharing. Frank
  2. I learnt from the best in the business, my old mate John Bethune. He was aussie champ a few times and for memory was world champion runner up, could be wrong with that one but I do know I was taught the right way. I am as rusty as can be these days as I don't even hold a rod in my hands for months on end and very rarely get to use the baitcasters these days, but still I think I could pass on some very worth while lessons for a beginner. Frank
  3. What suburb do you live in ? , IF you are close to Berala / Lidcombe you could drop into visit me and I could let you use and practice with a couple of Baitcasters. I would run you through the basics of adjusting and using the reel, it's easier if you are shown the right way in person rather than try and teach yourself. You will develop bad habits which are hard to get rid of . Half the skill in using a baitcaster is learning how to adjust it correctly. Starting with putting the line on. I could have you casting reasonably accurate with a couple of easy lessons, the rest is up to you with practice, practice and then some more practice till you are good enough to get that lure where you want it. Frank
  4. Hi and welcome to the site. For practice at the ramp If I were in your situation I would be heading for the ramp behind Flower Power at Milperra. Spend some time there and put the boat in, take it back out, drive around the car park back down to ramp put boat back in, take boat back out and repeat this practice a few times and you will find you get better at it each time you drive around the car park. Not busy there most times during week days but lots of jetskiers etc on week ends. Frank
  5. I have seen the Nor/east corner busier than that and when it's like that I troll up and down the east side of the island and stay away from the crowds, OR fish Anguish rock ( spelling ) south of the island. I realise you couldn't pick the spots being on a charter but IF you have your own boat it works. Frank
  6. frankS

    Boat Cover

    Give Nans tarps a ring at Lidcombe 9649 2334, not the cheapest around but they do a great job. Frank
  7. frankS

    Fuel prices

    Neil. I am waiting on just one more quote to transport the stuff and I think it will be sent by freight rather than have me drive it over. Gonna cost around $1800 just in fuel for me to go over there and back, then there's at least a couple of nights accommodation , I don't mind having a kipp in the car but not for 3 nights each way. It's a bloody long drive and I ain't getting any younger. While I would like to do it, the more I think about it the harder it's getting. If by chance I do do the trip I will surely drop in and see you, will have a mate with me each way so won't be doing all the driving by myself. Frank
  8. frankS

    Fuel prices

    Thanks mate I think my estimate of a average at about $1.85 per litre wouldn't be far off the money. Frank
  9. frankS

    Fuel prices

    Hi all, might be doing a rush trip over to Perth with a mate to take some stuff over for another friend, will be towing a box trailer loaded with mobility vehicle and other stuff and will have the station wagon loaded, so will probably be carrying a bit of a load. I want to try and work out a rough budget to see IF it is worth while doing OR just freight the stuff over. Cheapest I can find so far just for the mobility scooter is $1600 , 2 x small dogs have to go and air price for each is $800 odd. $500 for seated passenger, so with quiet a bit of other stuff is going to work out expensive. I have calculated I would use approx. 1000 ltrs give or take a 100 or so either way. Has anybody been over lately and could tell me approx. price per ltr for unleaded petrol ? through the Nullarbor etc. I have guessed about average $1.85 per ltr. I need to work out a estimate to charge, so she can work out if it's cheaper for me to do it OR just freight it over. Update. Dogs flying over as the 4 day journey would be too stressful for them ( apparently ) . Frank
  10. Well done Peter great days fishing and any time you can make Scratchie feel envious is a great day in my books. Thanks for sharing and . 50 min drive, it almost takes me that long to get to Botany or the Hacking, I would love a great fishery like P S to be that close. Frank
  11. Good to see you got the boat in the water and fish to boot, wouldn't like to be under that tree when she goes. Frank
  12. OK shame you froze the mowie, but seems how you have, try this. Cauliflower broke up into clumps boiled in salt water till almost soft, cut the mowie into 1" cubes and steam , 3 tablespoons plain flour 1 1/2 cups of milk and a decent chunk butter ( about 3 table spoons ) . Melt butter slowly in shallow pan and add flower salt pepper ( to taste ) add the milk and stir constantly till thickened, drain cauliflower and place in buttered baking dish add mowie cubes and pour over sauce , place in pre heated oven at approx. 160 deg for a few minutes till heated through. Serve and add a few drops of vinegar or soy sauce. Next one you get add teaspoon brown sugar to mix and try. Frank
  13. Baz. You have given me a pain in the gut !! I had such a belly laugh my gut is aching. Long time since I have had a good laugh. Not much to laugh about lately. Frank
  14. Get a large one and fillet them from bum hole to tail and you end up with a couple of small fillets worth a try. Not as good as flathead but serve it up to someone who doesn't know the difference and they will enjoy it. Next!!. Frank
  15. Kingie. Good to see you blokes getting the opportunity to get out and have a bash. Mowies are OK on the tooth I would say half way between a Mauri Wrass and a Snapper, as good if not better than Tailor . Tailor in my opinion are best cooked with lots of lemon wrapped in alfoil and thrown on a hot plate BBQ , OR smoked. Many fish that are not in best favor with a lot of fisho's are actually pretty good with the right prep and cooking. Far be it for me to tell you how to cook, but I do have some secrets with certain fish that not many know about. Frank