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  1. frankS

    Starting the Boat Journey

    Don't forget a braked trailer must be inspected each year for rego, not a big deal you say but when it comes around it's always a hassle to get the trailer to the inspection station, and a extra 35 bucks a year. A boat your size doesn't require brakes unless you overload it. But if you feel safer with braked trailer, that's your call. I have a 4.3 Brooker here we could load it up with some weight and throw it on the back of your car and you could drive it for a while to get used to it. It would probably weigh around 600kg's . Frank PS you don't need an appointment just drop in.
  2. frankS

    Starting the Boat Journey

    Probably the first thing to consider is the spec towing weights usually refer to a braked trailer, the trailer for the boat size you are looking at will not have brakes. 2nd tow weights are far over exaggerated and towing anywhere near the max tow weights would be pretty hairy in most cases to be comfortable with, alright if everything goes smooth and nothing gets in your way, driving doesn't usually go like that. The boat trailer combo fully loaded with fuel, anchor chain etc and esky and fishing gear would probably be well under 1000 kg so pretty well anything that would normally be said to be suited as a tow vehicle would do the job. Come around to my place and have a chat and I will talk it through with you. Frank
  3. frankS

    Outsie fishing

    David and Karen. A very big welcome to the site, I hope you both have a long and enjoyable time here and I'm sure the guys will help you to enjoy your new toy. Now, the boat will be fine for going outside on a reasonable day. Now don't get upset but it's not the boat but the skipper that usually gets in difficulty out in the salt. Most boats can handle quiet rough conditions in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, you have admitted you don't know. My advise would be to get some experience at handling the boat in protected waters before even thinking about going outside, and then get someone with experience with boats to go out with you and teach you how to handle a boat. It's not like driving a car and a wrong move at the wrong time can bring you unstuck even in quiet mild conditions. Hope to have many more discussions with you as the time goes on and you gain more experience and confidence. Frank
  4. frankS

    Nelligen NSW tailor ground

    The Nelligan pub opposite the big4 serves the best meals in the district, you may have to head down towards Batemans for best chance at Tailor, good jew fishing summer nights at Nelligan and the creek that flows through the big 4 is great at high time for Bream. Frank
  5. frankS

    Worst fishing lures ever

    Back in the day when I was a smoker I discarded my filter in the water while fishing for trout, next thing the filter disappeared , I put my next used filter on a hook and caught several nice trout using used filters. Frank
  6. Long finned perch ( pinkie ) are one of the best tasting fish you can cook, was always my favorite fishing the peak. Frank
  7. frankS

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    Luke. I have to disagree with you about high pressure through the flush ears. I just use enough pressure to keep the water pump full of water. It is my belief that high pressure doesn't do much for the circulation as the impella would prevent water getting into the pump any quicker than the impella is turning, it is the pump that circulates water not pressure. I could be wrong but this has been my belief for over 50 years of flushing motors. Frank
  8. frankS

    Salted bait?

    I should have added bait stays pliable and doesn't actually freeze even after months in freezer, ready to use at any time. Frank
  9. frankS

    Salted bait?

    I don't salt pilchards, my preferred bait to salt is Slimy Mackerel . I have a stainless steel tray about a metre long x 1/2 metre wide and 30mm deep. I put a layer of rock/butchers salt down then lay the fillets on the salt put another layer of salt on top, put it in a place the cats can't get at it and leave it for 24 hours or more. then lightly brush off access salt and put into take away food containers and freeze. I can take one container each session and the baits are tough but with no slime or smell and the fish don't seem to mind them not being fresh, what isn't used can go back home and used next time, last months or even longer. If I need to I will buy the slimey's from fish markets. Frank
  10. frankS

    Seagulls in the dark

    Seagulls often have problems with fish predators nipping at their feet (quiet often see a one legged seagull ) so they prefer the quieter bays etc to rest up in, If the gulls are not diving there are no fish in area. Frank
  11. frankS

    Pink Ling

    Well there you go !! A fish I have never caught and know nothing about. Tell us more, did you eat it ? was it tasty ? and did it perform well on what gear ?. Sure there are many on here that would be familiar with the species but bet there are as many that would like to learn more about them. Frank
  12. frankS

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Thanks Luke for organising the meet and thanks for all that showed up and shared their knowledge. It was great to meet a few members and exchange some stories. I enjoyed the meal and the company and hope there will be many more of these get togethers in the near future. The traffic was a bit heavy coming home and it was well after dark when I finally got home. Frank
  13. frankS

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Peter. It is a very big risk to leave a car and trailer at any ramp for a few days, the local would be thieves and vandals often visit ramps and if they see the same vehicle in the same spot they consider it a target. A possible solution is I meet you at the ramp at a arranged time and take your pride and joy back to my house for the juration of your stay and look after it and drive it back for you at another arranged time. The only thing is I would need someone else to come with me to drive my vehicle up and back. You might not like the idea of a stranger driving your car but the alternate might be a lot worse. Think it over and if you don't come up with a better idea I would be willing to help you out this way. I wouldn't use your vehicle for any reason other than getting it from the ramp and back again, I am responsible and haven't had a accident and only 1 fine in over 50 years of driving. Frank
  14. frankS

    Fishing - aged care facility

    A friend worked in a nursing home and I would often lend out fishing rods and gear so she could take them fishing, they loved it and always returned the gear as lent, no damage. I would often make things for their entertainment, she left that job and I actually miss lending and helping out. Frank
  15. frankS

    Meet up to talk fishing

    I'll be there on the 8th, I am the old guy with the grey beard. I remember one meet when guys turned up but didn't recognise anyone so missed out on meeting people. Maybe tell the manager which table is the Raider meet at so he/she can direct members to the right table. Frank