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  1. frankS

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Jim. That looks nasty, sure would be uncomfortable climbing in and out of a boat, only good thing about it is after 6 months the wife will be well and truly sick of you hanging around the house and may even encourage you to GET OUT and go fishing!!!. It will go by quickly. Frank
  2. frankS

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    I would say the way it is in the photo is, as the camera is the front of the boat. This would alloy the rope to lay in a slightly downward position as it goes through your bow roller and into the water and the bulk of the rope would be toward the rear of the bollard. Will explain it better when you get here. Frank
  3. frankS

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    Mate I,m sure we can get around the rib on the underside of the bow some how. Sorry my phone was in the house and I was down the shed all day. I am home pretty well all the time so whenever you have a few hours let me know and I will get ready for you. Frank
  4. frankS

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Scratchie. Put my name down, would love to meet a couple of legends of the site, I will only be fishing enclosed waters IF any. I'm sure we will be having a on land get together at a club or something so that would do me. Frank
  5. frankS

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    Ollie. I have an extra heavy duty plastic bollard here that would be better than the cast alloy ones, we can make base plate for added strength ( under deck ) and bolt it on. I guarantee you would be happy with it. Come see me. Frank
  6. frankS

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    Ollie. give me a couple of days to see if I can make a suitable ( but stronger ) one for you. You know where I live and you would need to bring the boat to me. I can either weld it where your existing one is or we could make one with a base plate and you could bolt it on . Have plate under bow for strength. If welded the paint around the weld would need to be re-done. Frank
  7. frankS

    Off Sydney today

    Sam Great catch and good report. How did you go with the riggers, have you tried them out yet ?. Frank
  8. frankS

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Neil. I do love getting on the water and catching my targeted species is always a bonus. I would have liked a few more though. I didn't soak a bait or put on a soft plastic all day, just squid jigs which is very unusual for me. I was tempted to throw a hand line baited with something over the side and just drift it along with the flow of the boat , but resisted the temptation as this was just a squid session and I didn't want to get distracted by catching finned fish. Boy how quickly does time go by when you are out enjoying the scenery and the serenity of a great waterway. I do love the Hacking and it doesn't really matter if I catch or not. Just being on the water, I am at peace with the world. There was a couple of fools at the ramp that got my blood pressure up a bit but managed to stay calm and just bide my time. Frank
  9. frankS

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    At one stage I did add 3x tiny split shot to the nose of the jig to try a quicker decent, but nothing seemed to work, just 1 catch in each spot which seemed to be strange to me. Don't know what the colour is called but the TIGER orange and black seemed to attract the ones I caught, I tried several other colours but may be just coincidence but the one jig caught all 4 . Frank
  10. frankS

    XT100 ETec oil ?.

    Sorry I been calling it XT when in fact it's XD that's how long since I took any notice of it. Been using Valvolene in my old hat 2 strokes. Frank
  11. frankS

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Mate the ultimate time to target Squid is during the prawn runs, but these days I can't pick and choose my times or tides it's go fishing when a mate can come with me and as he is a workaholic he doesn't get much free time, so when he says lets go , we go. Frank
  12. frankS

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Welster. Not these days, there was a place down the south coast I used to target them out about a mile from shore but don't go out through the heads these days. Frank
  13. frankS

    XT100 ETec oil ?.

    Noel. Doesn't look like me ever getting the ETec back on the water so thought it about time I done something with this oil. Might put it on Buy and sell and see if there is any response . 1/2 price should attract someone ?. Frank
  14. frankS

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Yes mate that's what I keep telling myself. When I go to the bay I think maybe I should have gone to the Hacking and vice versa. Frank
  15. Went out to Port hacking to target Squid. Got on the water at 6am and headed for Jibbon point/beach got 1 cuttle fish there and that was it, headed up to SWA and got 1 squid once again a loner and a lot of hard work, from there went up to Gymea bay baths and got 1 more loner so worked my way back to the point for yet another loner. Got the boat back on the trailer around 2pm and nackered, a hard days night for 3 lousy squid and a cuttle fish. Anyhow still had a great time on the water . Frank