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  1. frankS

    Anyone from Forster

    Noel. I regard you as a mate so please don't take this the wrong way. For anyone to take up your request could lead to displeasure. About 2 years ago a friend asked me to check out a boat for a mate of his, which I was happy to do, the boat was great with no apparent faults and I thought it was a great buy. I relayed my thoughts to my mate and his mate came down from Brisbane and purchased the boat. 3 months later I was informed that the motor had been cooked on the boat and the mates mate was expecting ME to make good the repairs ( turned out a plastic bag foiled the water intake and was driven till the motor cooked ) but the owner was holding me responsible because in his mind , I gave him a bum steer on buying the boat. Anyhow over a month or 2 with back and forth conversations led to me and my mate not talking to each other, so I lost a so called mate over something that was completely out of my control. Not a true mate cause a true mate would have stuck by me, but I am saying BE CAREFUL !!. It won't stop me from doing anything I can to help someone out, it's just one experience I want to share with others to warn them what can happen. Frank
  2. frankS

    Easy way to hitch trailer

    Poor bugger, the chock bricks are there on the fence he just forget to use them. Great little clip and will get a few people thinking. Frank
  3. frankS

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    A friend sent this to me. Caught in Lake Macquarie 15/8/19 Frank
  4. frankS

    Fuel additives...anybody use them?

    Neil. Keep an eye on your letter box mate. Frank
  5. frankS


    Chris. I don't fish beach these days as my health does not allow me to cast and I would battle to just walk onto a beach these days. Back when I could I fished North Entrance beach OR down south Bermagui area. Frank
  6. frankS


    Chris. After his been here a week he has a better tan than most auzzies !!. Frank
  7. frankS


    Chris. The handle folds down and it fits in a normal sized cars boot. I have a station wagon so fits easily. What I do is place it in car empty then when I get to the destination I load it up and it takes about 100lb of weight, fishing gear usually weigh's less than 30 lb. John " Snatcher " could lift it onto a bus for transport wherever he goes. It's made of Aluminium so empty it is pretty light, the motor and wheels are the heaviest part of it. Would be easy to adapt sleds to fit over wheels IF you wanted to use man power to drag it but why drag when you can just steer ?. Frank
  8. Mate you done exceptionally well getting that fish to your hands. Watching the video my heart started pumping and my wrist was getting twitchy and towards the end I was near out of breath. You made me feel almost like I was there. Thanks for sharing and all the best for next time. Frank
  9. frankS


    Rich. I originally made that buggie for a friend who lives in the North East England and is a member here John" Snatcher " and he is a massive fan of Newcastle so I thought it might be a nice touch for him . He comes here usually each year in summer and does a lot of shore based fishing so I made it for him to make things easier. Frank
  10. frankS


    Here's my version of a tackle buggie, holds slide in/out tackle shelves plenty of room for esky and bucket etc has rod holders and sand spike holders 12 volt forward and reverse go forward if you want the buggie in front of you or reverse for buggie following you could get larger balloon tyres for soft sand. 12 volt 20 amp hour battery lasts all day. Was going to make remote control versions but nobody showed any interest so didn't bother.
  11. frankS

    A few snaps

    Great photos as always. I have to ask a question to you and any member that wishes to comment. Pelicans are designed to carry heaps of excess fish in their beaks, gods design, Now my question, How long has it been since ( if ever ) you have seen a Pelican with fish stored in it's beak ? I for one after 72 years of frequenting water shore lines have never seen it. I know the answer to this ! Who else does ?. Frank
  12. frankS

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    very good mate of mine works as orderly at Concorde Hospital (36 years ) and he often tells me of fish boils he sees out the windows of the Hospital. He works afternoon shift so I would guess he sees the schools in the afternoon. He recons it would be well worth the effort to go have a try. Frank
  13. frankS

    Old days

    I have 1\2 dozen large rounds of Camphor Laurel and a lathe !! Maybe I should run up a few spools, HaHa . Frank
  14. Zoran. Sorry to hear that your loved ones are suffering, there are some very good E N T specialists in Sydney and treatment should see the problem gone. Nice to know you enjoy your guitars, I have a Fender acoustic here I haven't played for years it's a model F-35 in fair to good condition. looking to sell it, do you know anyone that may be interested ?. With the straps you have put under the Xmembers. Hope no salt gets caught between the two metals, I'm sure you will wash them down after each trip but don't let the salt dry before washing or it could lead to problems down the track. Frank
  15. Zoren. Excellent work mate, have been wondering where you were. Your work bench looks a bit like mine. Frank