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  1. frankS

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Mitch it is creations such as yours which I hope this thread will generate interest in, I'm sure there are many different styles of fishing trolleys, and I hope to see a few here. Frank
  2. frankS

    Breaking rods?

    It states 6-10 kg so probably not what you are looking for. Frank
  3. frankS

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Waza. The guy I made the buggy for " Snatcher " is a Newcastle United fan so I thought it was fitting to decorate his buggy with the team he loves. The remote control model will be able to follow you as you walk around the shoreline casting your lures etc so the buggy can always be close by. Frank
  4. frankS

    Super easy fishing caddy

    Mitch and Donna hope you don't mind but I have started a similar thread in Tackle Talk to try and encourage other members to show their trolleys. Frank
  5. frankS

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Just recently a member started a thread showing his land based fishing trolley, a very neat and good idea. It prompted me to start this thread and I urge other members to show their trolley . Here is one I built for a friend of mine who visits Australia each year and is land based. It carries all you would need for a days fishing, not suitable for the rocks but for flat and beach fishing it does the job. Battery operated forward and reverse variable speed , front compartment holds tackle boxes etc and the centre can hold storage box with small esky etc on top of tackle boxes, fit 8-20 amp hour battery and it will last a couple of days if camping out. Frank
  6. frankS

    Super easy fishing caddy

    Very neat and tidy carryall. well done. A few years ago I built a trolley for a guy who comes to visit AU each year and is a very keen fisho, also a member here, We have become very good friends. It is electric and has forward and reverse and can carry all that is needed as fast or as slow as you want to walk, variable speed. Next project is a similar but remote control buggy. Frank
  7. frankS

    Newbie with a tinny project

    Andy. The trailer is looking fabulous, hope you're gonna paint the jockey wheel and winch!!! just kidding. The grey thing is actually for a kayak or rubber ducky, you glue it on, just take the mount off it and use it as a spare somewhere, one idea I had was to glue/contact it onto the top of the motor, place the white light in it and use it for a anchor light, you could take the light off when not in use. Frank
  8. frankS

    Photography Course

    Now that is a great shot, and a good idea as well. Although it's strange how the meacat isn't casting a shadow. Frank
  9. frankS

    Marina fuel price

    I had a boat moored in Bermagui harbour for many years and other than transporting fuel via jerry cans etc I had no choice but to fill up from the pumps within the harbour, prices were a little more than in servo's but the beauty was that you knew what the price was going to be as it stayed similar all the time where the servo's could be 15 cents a litre different from one day to the next. And when you are putting as much as 260 ltrs in the price difference can be huge. If you want to fuel the boat you just have to grim and bear the cost. Frank
  10. frankS

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Mitch. Looks like the kids are happy to be in the boat. Sent parcel today and PM explaining a few things. PS the screen will be better on a non rainy day. Frank
  11. frankS

    Navigation lights

    How's this for a idea glue base onto top of outboard and have white light on bracket, light works with 2x aaa batteries so no wires to worry about, and you can remove light and put different components on same bracket. Just remember to carry spare batteries. Edit : Sorry 4x AAA batteries.
  12. frankS

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    John. They all look great, remember driving past the " angle of the north " a few times, brings back fond memories. Frank
  13. frankS

    Reccomendations for a 2nd hand motor.

    I have recently been quoted $7,800 for brand new ETec 40hp fitted and $8,200 for Mercury 4 stroke 40hp fitted so that will give you an idea of how much the 2nd hand ones are cheaper than new. I guess Yammy and Suzuki would be roughly the same, Honda are dearer. Frank
  14. frankS

    Reccomendations for a 2nd hand motor.

    That's right, when you want to buy a second hand motor the dealer will tell you they hold their price very well, when you want to sell a motor the dealer will tell you there isn't much call for 2nd hand motors and they loose their value very quickly. Frank
  15. frankS

    Navigation lights

    I doubt if anyone would enforce the rule if somebody obstructed the all round vision with the body, most people would move around a bit so the light wouldn't be obstructed in any one direction for very long. As long as it's higher than the highest part of the boat as it normally sits on the water.