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  1. The ramp at back creek would have been a better alternative , there is a sharp turn to the left just before the sand but after that it's very mild. One time I was in my Savage Lancer 5.3 and decided to use the back creek ramp as the main ramp was pumping hard. Well I crossed the breakers approaching the beach and made the sharp left turn, unfortunately I miss timed it and the next wave picked me up and lodged me firmly onto a sand bank. My mate with me was 5 ft 2 inches tall and he said he would jump out and push the boat off the sand bar, unfortunately he jumped out the wrong side o
  2. The motor may be able to be welded with success , I am just pointing out that most things including alloy start to rust from the inside out and salt corrosion in allow is just another form of rust so what lies beyond that small hole could be the size of a 20 cent piece, you need to get to clean alloy before it can be welded successfully . You may be better to J B weld or Aquabond to do a temporary job , and buy alternate later down the track. Outboard prices are outrageous. Frank
  3. Size of a match head that you can see on the outside but probably much larger on the inside. Once you start prepping it for welding , who knows how much you are going to wear away before you get back to weldable material. Would need more info and photos before giving proper advise. Frank
  4. Fishing the 4 mile reef you are in 60 metres plus of water depth so you will need a decent amount of lead at the best of times, It runs from east of Camel rock to Bermi entrance so a long drift, a decent sea anchor will slow the drift and a couple of 20 ltr buckets dragged close to the boat will aid you in keeping the drift in the direction that you want, if you are drifting too much to port pull in port bucket and vise versa for starboard. Bit of extra work involved but you will find it pays dividends. My preferred method is to anchor once you have found the fish. Frank
  5. Noel. I remember his Swiftcraft seagull with ( would you believe ) a Chrysler outboard. Ron loved the Chryslers but I think Johnson jumped on him and sponsored him for many years. He also had a great Quintrex Fishraider 4.5 cent console as well as a few other boats through the years. Frank
  6. Polite way of saying VINTAGE . Frank
  7. Noel. You seem to know the boats very well. Think my old mate Ron Calcutt had a seaman and wasn't real happy with it at all, gave it a bad review and the model was soon dropped. Brings back some wonderful memory's of my youth and early manhood. Ron showed me the buoy anchoring system and I have used it ever since. Frank
  8. Noel. No unfortunately it doesn't have the side decks ( I may build some into it ) . Haven't measured it yet but the rego papers put it as a 4.2m so a tape measure will be employed shortly. Frank
  9. Wow This old tub might be even older than I though. Found the original comp plate and it states that is was built in Kirrawee and from memory I think Quintrex finished doing business from Kirrawee in about 1967-8 or there abouts, I remember I was about 19-20 years old when they moved to Qld. memory could be wrong, but would be somewhere around them dates. The flared hull design was around 1967 so this would be an early flared bow model. Frank
  10. frankS

    Boat ID

    With creased transom and the rounded off bottom it does look like an early Quinnie, would like to see more photos. Maybe as old as late 60's, possibly an old Sportsman. Frank
  11. Think the first thing I should do is make a trailer for it. Aluminium of course , have enough material to do one and it would be a good project to post on here for anyone that might be interested to see how I go about building my trailers. Should be able to get a start on it over the week end. Will start a new thread with photos so stay tuned. PS getting it off that trailer will be a piece of cake. Frank
  12. I have heaps of options and corners to turn with this project. 1 - could just sell it as is and sure I could make a profit, 2 -sell my Brooker and use money to do this one up, 3- I have a 30hp Yamaha I could throw on it and start from there. 4- just sell everything and bum a boat ride from other people now and again. Frank
  13. Dave. Drop around anytime. Frank
  14. Photos should work now. Noel. Ebdon steel Revesby are great people to deal with, maybe you want closer contact. Frank
  15. Just bought a old Quintrex 4.3 alloy boat, impulsive buying! Sh*t is gonna hit the fan when the better half comes home later this afternoon and sees it parked across the road, we are supposed to be decluttering the place. Anyhow it's a good solid little boat, not sure what I will do with it as yet, it didn't come with the trailer pictured ( trouble loading that photo ) but did come with unregistered 6x4 box trailer. Thing is it has a Fishraider sticker on the windscreen, so I guess it used to belong to a Fishraider member. Does anyone recognize it ? . Frank
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