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  1. We can only guess here as we don't know what exactly you OR the previous owner has done. What sort of oil have you got in the reservoir, did you add oil to the fuel as well ? . Should use tct3 oil. Sounds to me like there is simply too much oil in the system. Get some start you bastard or similar and squirt it into the carbs and kick it over and see what happens then. but don't run it for long if it starts. Frank
  2. frankS

    new toy

    I briefly had a trojan back in about 86 . Took a bloke fishing in it and he fell in love with it and made me an offer I couldn't resist and he took it back to Queensland with him , I then bought the Savage lancer which I still have access to although it hasn't seen water for many years now. ( has 2005 90hp Etec with 86 hours on the clock ). Frank
  3. Dave. Thanks for sharing with us. Good thing you didn't hurt yourself with the fall. You need to adjust the date on the camera and you need to tighten up that winch post. Frank
  4. frankS

    new toy

    Noel. These boats were made with aircraft precision , being made by a aircraft company they were built to withstand the worst of conditions. Many readers won't believe what I am about to type here. The way they used to test these boats besides normal water testing in pretty rough conditions is they used Yarra bay in Botany bay for added water pressure tests. They suspended the boat harnessed under a helicopter which hovered approx 60 to 80 feet above the water , Water police stopped all boat traffic in Yarra bay and they released the boat and let it drop and crash into the water. It
  5. frankS

    new toy

    Thanks guys for all your kind comments. I have been out of action for a couple of days. I should not have this boat, fair dinkum ! it belongs in a museum , it is absolutely gun barrel straight and there is not a dent or scratch on it anywhere. It almost looks like it has never been in the water. Every time I look at it I just can't believe how straight it is. Give it a couple of weeks with my mate and it will have blood and guts from bow to stern and will look nothing like it does at the present. I made and fitted a couple of grab rails and fitted some el cheapo rod holders and
  6. frankS

    new toy

    Picked up a new ( old ) toy yesterday, 13 foot Dehaveland and registered trailer. No motor as this boat is only going to be used for fishing Bermagui harbour and maybe part of the river. I have a 9.9 Mercury I can throw on it IF later on I want to go the registered boat way, but for now I will just throw a transom mounted electric on it's rear and that should give me enough momentum to get where I want to go in it. Mainly my mate who lives down there will be using it, but it will be handy little craft for the times I venture down that way. Certainly nothing fancy but that's what
  7. Dave. Great read and fantastic photos. What a way to spend 8hours, every minute of it enjoyed !!. Thanks for sharing with us. Frank
  8. Good read Donna and thanks for sharing with us. It's nice to see you both out and about and catching up with friends etc. Nice to see you were able to spend some value time with Stew's mother. Nice Whiting for your first. Frank
  9. Neil. That's the beauty of the occasional very low water situation, If you are fortunate enough to see the river at it's lowest you then know what's under the water when water levels return to normal. Hope you have a good memory of what snag lives where. Frank
  10. Pretty hard to beat Broome WA . Then if you still haven't got it completely out of your system head for South Aust Snapper, NO not Whyalla go down to Arno Bay and tell the main charter operator Nimrod from Fishnet said hello. Frank
  11. A short note on the camping site. " Our designated camping areas will be closed for overnight camping but available for visitors to enjoy during the day." So it looks like no overnight camping. Frank
  12. Very interested in a trip to Windamere last time I intended to go there the water levels was at 4 percent so cancelled the trip. Current water level is 29 percent which is plenty of water to make fishing viable . I will let you know a little closer to the date, but at this point put me down to a starter, I can bring my own boat. Frank
  13. This is a rough layout of my property. Follow the arrows and it shows the path I need to take to get my boat out to the road from it's shed. The driveway between the house and fence is only about 8 feet wide so no hope of using car to back down as there is no swing. Then I have an acute right angle to get between the house and the front garage, then another right angle to get to go down the back yard, then slight bend over 15 metres of grass and into the boat shed. Doing this before I got the electric jockey wheel was a 2-3 person job, now I can mostly manage by myself. Takes me arou
  14. does it grip on grass? Sometimes I have to get the better half to lean on back of boat to keep up momentum, but only on the rare occasion, wet grass or bumps or if I hesitate and stop the momentum. But I have 15 metres of grass to ride over and sometimes it's pretty thick. and tyres not always up to correct pressure which makes it much more difficult to move. Frank
  15. That boat would go very close to 800kg depending what was loaded in it and accessories, just an extra battery will add weight and it's not hard to get something like that up to around 1000kg's . What suburb do you live in ?. I am pretty clued up when it comes to tricky situations. Maybe I could come and have a look at your situation ( bring my elect jockey wheel) and have a look and maybe we could sort something out to suit your situation. I have a double sharp dog leg at my place to get my boat in and out. as well as curves. The cheap electric does the job well. Frank
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