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  1. frankS

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    👍 I'll be there !! rain hail or shine. Guys don't let an awkward weather forecast dampen your spirits, no matter what the weather it will still be a great meet and greet. Frank
  2. frankS

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Neil. I know you can't through circumstances. But it would be good IF you could drive up to Sydney stay with me Thursday night then accompany me up to Port Stevens, have spare bed in the unit I have booked !! and jump on somebody's boat for Saturday fish. Frank
  3. frankS

    Coalcliff Dam

    I may be speaking out of turn here but I think the place is off limits to fishing and boat activity, I could be wrong. Back in my youth I used to sneak into the waters of Cateract dam and fish for Crayfish, they were monsters and I would sell them at the pub. Many patrons would want to put in a pre order so they didn't miss out on the next batch. Things you do when you are young and perhaps a little stupid or inconsiderate. My guess is the crays would also be in Coalcliff Dam. But you didn't hear that from me. Frank
  4. frankS

    Snapper off the rocks

    There is one place on the central coast above all the rest for me for Snapper, and that is the appropriately named place " Snapper Point " south of Catherine hill bay , pretty easy to get to and generally safe to fish, there is some undercut caves and flat ledges and a small beach. Good luck and let us all know how you go. Frank
  5. frankS

    After market electric reel motor

    About 20 years ago I converted 2x reels into electric by using wiper motors from cars, they looked pretty ugly but worked fine. Both were stolen along with about $8000 worth of game and sports gear. No photos as I have renewed computers a couple of times since and not saved photos. Frank
  6. frankS

    Port Stephens Sunday "ARVO" Snapper

    Geoff. Thanks for the great read mate. I thought about chucking fishing in once, ONCE!!! but soon came to my senses have had those periods where nothing seems to be going right and you feel " what's the point " but there is always a point and that is it's fun!!. I must admit that I am slowing down drastically in my old age where everything is becoming a great effort and sometimes I would rather just sit on the shore and watch the boats go by than to actually fish. It was good the day eventuated and turned out to be a winner and I hope you keep what was learnt in your head so when we get together for the catch up we will have some sort of chance of success, as I have not a clue on any area up that way and it would be just water to me. No pressure mate just letting you know I don't know the area. Cheers Frank
  7. frankS

    Snapper fishing at night

    Well back in the day. Bob Dyer would anchor up over a reef and just sit there with a slow burley slick, sometimes for hours after dark and not put a bait in the water, Till he saw colour, red colour and then he would start fishing for Snapper. He was very successful and would do it time after time. So I guess if you are prepared to spend the time on water after dark success can be had. Frank
  8. frankS


    Geoff. I think you are talking about the caliper bolt ?. If so they are a specialist type bolt and Bunnings won't have them, you will need to take a sample to a specialist bolt shop OR somewhere like Carasel trailers or similar. Worst comes to worst send me a photo of the broken bolt and I would probably have a replacement here I could send you. Tensile bolts have a number stamped on the flat part of the upper bolt. In case you have lost it my email is Frank
  9. frankS


    Geoff. I think they are an import kit for trailers made in the U S A . don't state Holden or Ford just brand names of trailers which I have never heard of. Best bet is to store them somewhere and forget about them and buy a set to suit whatever your axle is. I know it's a waste but spending pennies to save pounds usually don't work out in the long run. Frank
  10. frankS

    Anglers Omnibus

    I have the 18th edition sitting on my fishing book shelf, had a few other editions, probably packed away down in one of the sheds. They were great reading in their day. Frank
  11. frankS

    Great news re Jyndy trout trip

    Dieter. If you went to a poultry shop ( are they still about ) somewhere that sell wheat Sunflower rabbit pellets etc you can buy all sorts of different pellets for about $3-4 a kilo. I buy it bulk about 300k's at a time for a different reason. Drop in whenever you get the chance, would be good to meet up and have a chat and see some photos. I love fishing around jindy. Do you LEAD line ?. Frank
  12. frankS

    Shakespeare Eagle Centrepin Reel Help

    This is the best I can come up with and it's nowhere good enough to manufacture a precision part from. Sorry. Frank
  13. frankS

    Shakespeare Eagle Centrepin Reel Help

    Like you I am having trouble finding a decent view of the workings, Might be best if you contact a reel repair guy. Frank
  14. frankS

    Great news re Jyndy trout trip

    Sounds like a great trip planned. Hope you get among a few and capture one of those breeding stock fish, they would be used to feeding on pellets so might pay to try and burley them up. Let us know how you go . Frank
  15. frankS

    Shakespeare Eagle Centrepin Reel Help

    Which model is it ? I may be able to find an exploded view and make the part required, but impossible to do without the exact model. Frank