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  1. Can't remember when, or where , but I think I started fishing on the days I wagged school just to fill in the time of day till it was time to go home, the passion soon developed into an obsession and I bought a boat before I left school, I worked in a fish and chip shop to earn pocket money and the shop owner went guarantor for me to purchase a 12 foot alloy boat with 4 hp Johnson outboard from Nock and kirbys . The brother inlaw would drive me down to the ramp and pick me up at a designated time. I would start of with a small bag of prawns and usually end the day with almost as many as when I started. I soon developed the knack to find fish and the slaughter began. By the time I got a licence I upgraded to a 15 ' Savage boat with 70 hp Johnson. That was 1965 and I started venturing outside. The rest is history. Frank
  2. Think you may be on the money here. I will try the jumper leads thing tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. Something I didn't think of. Frank
  3. Kingie. I have played with the mode button but still no go. Frank
  4. All good connections. Thanks for your reply. I have another 1 charger. Frank
  5. Hi all. I have a smallish battery charger that does the job most times for charging ordinary battery's , however to charge small battery for powering my NBN back up the charger doesn't appear to work. I have 2 of these battery's that I alternate between each other when needed and have another charger that charges them. The charger doesn't light up any of the charge modes and was wondering if anyone could explain to me why this is, and if there is something I am doing wrong ?. Sorry for the out of focus pictures . Frank
  6. I remember some time ago I arrived at Waratah Bay to fish for Hairtail, I arrived late as I was fishing further up the creek for Bream and having some success. Anyhow I got into the bay and all the usual spots were taken up by anchored boats, I pulled up on the opposite side of the bay to what I normally fish and pulled out a decent sized bream from my keeper tank, hooked it through the mouth and cunningly lowered it over the side of the boat. Waited a few moments and then proceeded to make out like I had just hooked the fish, made an awful racket to insure the other boats would notice my capture and played the Bream back to the boat and netted it. Within minutes 3 of the anchored boats up anchored and proceeded to come over to my side of the bay. I then motored over and anchored in my favorite position for the night's fishing. Frank
  7. Waza. What an epic tale, most enjoyable reading I have done in a long while. As I am a bad reader I generally get bored with long threads but your story and the way you tell it had me interested all the while I was reading it. It also reminded me of many of my youthful days adventures. Thanks for sharing with us. Frank
  8. Thank you Donna and thank you fishraider and all on board. It's the members here that help people like me and the rest of the gold members to do what we do. It's all about helping each other out in any way we can. I am proud to join a group of wonderful people and will continue to do whatever is within my ability to help anyone out that I can. Frank
  9. Put a rattle gun on a greased nut/stud and you are just asking for failure. Just wash the wheels at the end of the session. Frank
  10. Kingie. I feel for you , loosing what would have been your PB is hard to accept with grace but still the excitement of seeing the beast and having a couple of chances of netting it is far better than loosing it before you see what it is, you always wonder , was it the fish of a lifetime ?. Thanks for sharing the moment with us. Frank
  11. Well sorry guys but I have to disagree with the idea of putting grease on wheel nuts of the trailer. On the spare wheel a thin smear of Vaseline is all that is needed and the nuts should only be used for the spare. IF you put grease on a wheel nut it won't find it's proper tension and you will tend to tighten the nut up very tight which will in fact stretch the stud out of shape and could lead to failure , a wheel nut should be tensioned DRY not greased. Frank
  12. Except for the mushrooms that sounds delicious . Gummy is one of my favorite eating fish and I keep the cooking part simple as I prefer to taste the fish rather than all the added stuff. Frank
  13. Robbie was a mate of mine and a regular on my other site, he then started to write to magazines so had to leave my site due to conflict with the magazine. He is a great bloke with plenty of knowledge. Your outfit should handle Cod to a certain size. Frank
  14. Geoff. As Scratchie said the bar is not just a couple of wave breaks, it goes on and on for about 200 metres or more with washing machine waves which are very hard to pick. You need to study the path for a while from shore and then from boat before you GO . Coming back in is the dangerous time. It can be scary . At times it will be mild enough for a beginner to safely negotiate but those times are rare. The creek crossing has a right angle twist to it and is like a beach launch where you have to cross a couple of steep waves, not what you need on your first trip there. Once you get out the fishing is great, but there are safer places. I could tell you a few stories of my adventures there some great and some not so great. I love the place but I have had 50 years of crossing bars. If you had a few days to study the area and get used to it you would be fine once you done it a few times. You have to start somewhere so try a few easier bar crossings before you try to tackle one of the worst. Frank
  15. Neil. Has the water level risen any or is it restricted to how much the release through the catchment gates ?. Great photos. Wow I could get a few bowls from that tree Susan is holding up !!. Frank