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  1. I am right handed cast with my right hand ( normally ) and wind with my right hand with spin gear , I feel awkward winding left handed, it's just what I am used to. With baitcaster reels I can cast left handed almost as good as with my right hand but it still feels awkward if I wind left handed. I have a beautiful left hand wind baitcaster worth over $400 and I think I have used it about 3 times as I use right hand wind mostly. As have been said. Use whatever feels comfortable. Funny I hardly ever seen anyone wind left handed till REX became popular on TV then all of a sudden everyone has been winding left handed all their lives, Influence ?. Frank
  2. frankS

    Fish Heads

    Your Uncle probable wants the jewels from the Jew heads. Frank
  3. frankS

    Fish Heads

    I think depending where you done it you would get a favorable response . If you done it in George st you would get frowned upon but if you done it in a popular crabbing area by the water you wouldn't have enough heads/frames to go around, and there is still a lot of good meat/flesh in heads and between the frames people boil and use other methods of getting the most from their catch. Frank
  4. Zoran. You done well mate , gummies are a great catch and top tucker but you must bleed them straight after capture and cared for till you get them to the cutting board. Frank
  5. Wonderful. You never cease to amaze me. I would love to one day have you accompany me in my boat for a session to show me around a few spots in the port, but I realize you may not want to reveal your spots or your style of fishing to a total stranger. Well done once again and thanks for sharing. Frank
  6. You could get 2x 35 amp hour batteries for the price of a 60 ah full size battery and they would weigh less. use one till it's flat approx. 3 hours use then switch to 2nd battery for another 3 hours. and nobody is going to run an electric motor more than 6 hours a day. Easily stored handled and charged. Frank
  7. frankS

    Tinny fit out

    I was at one stage thinking of mounting a bow mount lecky on the transom, but decided against it. It would be handy on the back to use electric motor to pull off from the bank and also would be very handy to drive boat onto trailer, and would manouver just as well on the transom as the bow but the room it took up on the back was too much so I mounted it on the bow like everyone else. Kingie I have an old minn kota transom mount 36 lb thrust I could lend you along with a battery to see if they would be suitable for your boat, certainly would push it along OK. Frank
  8. Should still be plenty of water for yaks 3" gulp black grubs should set you right for plastics and stick around any bend or rockface yo-yo the plastic up and down in a vertical line around timber or cast and slow retrieve to the bank and around snags. Good luck and let us know how you go. Frank
  9. Have painted a couple using auto Lacquer then clear over the top coat, glass just use undercoat then top coat but alloy if you go to bare metal it needs an etch primer to dig into the alloy to get a grip then undercoat then top coat. Whatever you use please use appropriate breathing equipment. I can't breath now thanks to years of spray painting. PS Best place to buy from is " A C E paint supplies " PM me if you want contact details. Frank
  10. frankS

    battery box

    Neil. The grey plugs on the outside of box are the Anderson plugs, just a means of a quick connection for wiring. Don't forget the rod holders😄. Also do you want me to make up a keeper tank have some bilge pumps here doing nothing, I could make 60-70 ltr keeper tank. Frank
  11. Yarra bay down the end of the container wall, there is a small bommie that need to be avoided and a outlet. sand meets weed and it's where I get my livies most of the time. Frank
  12. frankS

    battery box

    Hi all. Making a battery box for BigNeil for his electric motor, thought I would make it a universal box to hold some accessories and make it easy to have certain things at easy reach. Frank
  13. Looks like you have some fun days ahead of you. I think it looks more like a jet ski than a boat, so would probably need a PWC licence for it. Frank
  14. Rick. The Classic is on this week end but I can't find any reference to any other comp in the next few weeks, as long as we can get a cabin it will be OK. Where did you get your information ?. Frank
  15. I won't be going anywhere this week end except in front of my tele watching the Bathurst races. Once a year tele takes preference over everything else including Fishing. Will still be playing with some gear during the many add breaks. Frank