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  1. frankS

    Customize Boat Catch Release

    Here's some photos that may explain how my catch works. When you get to the ramp and ready to launch the catch is in this position Release safety chain and winch strap and alloy boat to slide back so the caught/secure position You will notice the boat has come off the bow roller about 70mm and held in place with catch, now take off spring and let just dangle. Now get in boat start motor warm up and put in forward gear with a few revs, the boat will move forward and the catch will fall away from it's locked position and lay limp.
  2. frankS

    Prawn net replacement

    Could be a problem depending on what sort of net base you want to repair, some have pop rivets holding them together , some are crimped , and some have no logical way of separating the frame so you can thread the replacement net onto the frame. Might have to sew the net onto the frame but usually there is a way, try and load a photo of the net where it is joined. Might be easier just to buy a complete new net, but as I said usually a way to do it. Shame you are so far away from me as I have a few nets here and my prawning days are finished so you could have one of mine, but not worth posting to you, if you know someone in Sydney that is willing to pick it up from Berala and get it to you , you could have one. But for now post a photo and we will see if we can help you get that net fixed. Frank
  3. frankS

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Jewhunter. Thanks for coming to my defense mate I do appreciate your good intention ( 72 ) BTW. But before this thread gets out of hand with misunderstandings , let's start over again. stokedtrout. Welcome to the site and I hope you have a long and enjoyable time here and your questions get answered to your satisfaction. Yes I went a bit off topic with my reply to you and with hindsight I should not have replied IF I don't say what you want to hear. I was thinking along the lines of perhaps telling you some facts about Fluro and I suppose I didn't read your questions quiet right. Frank
  4. frankS

    Port Stephens- just had to wet a line!

    Well done, a good few hours well spent. Nice fish that one. Always good to see guys getting a feed. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Frank
  5. frankS

    Customize Boat Catch Release

    Will take some photos tomorrow, sorry not allowed to take orders on here. I tried to become a sponsor of the site but wasn't allowed, no A B N number, which is understandable. There are a couple of things that must be applied to, firstly you must have a anchor point, namely a hand winch ( most trailers have this ) , and your tow point on the boat needs to be altered to accommodate the catch. Frank
  6. frankS

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Well looks like I got put in my place. Strange though seems how you know all the knowledge , Why ask questions about the stuff in the first place. And the reasons the pros use it is because they are sponsored. Frank
  7. frankS

    Customize Boat Catch Release

    I make a spring loaded release catch ( stainless ) that holds the boat in position while you warm boat motor and then when ready just engage forward gear nudge forward 2 inches which releases catch and you select reverse and back off the trailer, when retrieving boat set the catch in catch mode and simply drive boat all the way up to where the catch springs up and holds boat firmly in place till you switch motor off tilt up etc then depart from boat, secure safety chain and drive car and trailer from ramp before securing boat with tie downs etc. Cost me about $20 to make. Don't look as pretty as the $ 600-800 jobs you can buy but works every bit as good. Frank
  8. frankS

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Usually a round ball ( make them ) but sometimes snapper lead or channel sinker, sometimes in really rough reef where snags are likely I will use and old bolt or even a slab of concrete if I knew the night before I was going to rough reef spots. Sometimes an old coffin style jig minus the hooks (Zinc) . Frank
  9. frankS

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Like Noel I tend to use a single hook and a sinker stopped about 2-3 feet above the hook sometimes 4-5 feet depending on my mood, I also use paternoster and I drop down with reasonable heavy sinker depending on drift etc and this rod usually sits in a rod holder, I keep hold of the running sinker rig, I also use a floating bait but conditions have to be right for this. No set rules with me and vary my rigs according on the conditions and what I feel may work on the day. Also I don't fish the very bottom, I hit bottom then wind a couple of turns on the spool, too close to bottom produces all the unwanted species, fewer bites off the bottom but better quality fish. Of coarse with Flathead I try and bounce the sinker along the sandy bottom, sometimes not easy in 60-100 metres of water. Frank
  10. frankS

    Port hacking

    Well done old mate, Me like others have said I think the Whiting would have come home with me, your choice and I commend you for your decision. But geeze it would be hard!!. Frank
  11. frankS

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Sorry but I can't see why you would want to do this ?. Why not just use a good quality Mono ?. " In my opinion " All this talk on Fluro is just a lot of hype to get money for the manufacturers. I done a fracture test on fluro verses good mono by weighting down each with the same amount of weight then straddled the line over a round tube with fine sandpaper glued to it, set both in motion with electric motor so that the lines would rub backwards and forwards over the sand paper. Guess what the Mono lasted longer than the fluro 10 out of 10 tests, so no one can convince me that fluro is more chafe resistant than a good quality Mono, When the manufacturers do a similar test they probably use inferior mono that would break without any chafing let alone rubbed up against a rock or similar. Fluro may well be harder for a fish to see, this I can not test as I don't have fish eyes and don't know how they see things, so I won't dispute that claim. Frank
  12. frankS

    Most stress free company to do boat licence

    Back in the day when I got my licence there was no water test, Think for memory I got mine at a fishing/camping show in Penrith, just filled in the questionnaire and licence issued on the spot. A few years later a mate had to go into town and sit a test with a board with waterways images and he had to navigate a toy boat around the coarse as well as answer all the questions, think then you could get 3 wrong, which makes me think that IF you get 3 wrong you don't really know what you are doing ?. Anyhow this doesn't help you decide which way to go at this present time and I'm afraid I can't help you in that way. How's the new boat, send some photos via email. Frank
  13. I have reversed the braid on a few of my reels with no apparent side affects, as for 100 yds /mtrs left I would use that for my Barra reels as I very rarely have more than about 25 metres of line/braid off the reel when fishing for Barra. The FG knot is very good for tying backing to the braid and once you wrap 100 yards or so of braid on the spool it's pretty well impossible to tell you have a join. Frank
  14. frankS

    weekend overnighter

    Very enjoyable read and some top photos, a great way to spend some quality time. Thanks for sharing with us. Frank
  15. frankS

    Beach fishing rod carrier/stand

    Often the simplest of tools are the most handy. Frank