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  1. Hey johnny, I can't help you on Sundays as I am not interested in trying to launce and retrieve a boat on the week ends. I am an old retired fisho with health problems and I do have a boat ( 3 actually ) but I don't use them these days simply because I have problems finding someone to join me and help me with the boat. I'm sure there are guys out there in a similar situation that could use a hand with the boat. As kingie suggested spend some time on here and get to know a few members and someone will take you fishing in their boat. There are often members here wanting company to do some land based fishing so just be patient and something will happen. Frank
  2. I just drop the block on concrete and it splits them up. OR use the band saw but that doesn't divide the bait separately and you end up with half baits etc. Frank
  3. Yes very annoying when members reply only to be ignored by the original poster. Still there is a lot of useful information within the thread for other members to learn from. I have several cheapie type headlights that do the job for me, and I hate lights at night also. Frank
  4. Adjust the small fin under the cavitation plate. Other than this set up a couple of occy straps in different positions to keep the boat straight. Frank
  5. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    OK Here is my version of the " WAZA WOBBLER " Stainless and alloy, stainless are approx. 25 grams and alloy a lot lighter I would guess at about 8 grams so 25 gram size but 8 grams weight. this is undressed weight so split rings and hooks would make them that much heavier. Please excuse the poor engraving, very hard to engrave Stainless steel. I will have a go at acid etching which should look a whole lot better. Frank PS Camera distortion make them look different sizes, just camera angle.
  6. frankS

    Bull shark

    Looks like it has been hooked at least once before with that huge lump of what looks like a 16/0 or larger Stainless hook hanging out the side of it's face. You done extra well to land that thing on the gear you describe. Did you try to remove that hook ?. Frank
  7. Your trailer rollers are fine where they are, as long as majority of the boats weight is on the keel rollers, the wobble rollers are only a cradle to stop the boat from wobbling. And a guide when loading the boat. The tie down straps should only be as tight as is needed so the boat won't bounce off any of the rollers, two straps at the rear of the boat is far better than one strap across the rear of the boat. A shocked engine support could be made to suit your trailer. Frank
  8. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    As soon as I can learn how to engrave a bit better I will engrave a couple with " Waza Wobblers " and drop them off to Waza for his collection. Forgot I had these scales. Frank
  9. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    My Stainless steel version weighs slightly heavier than the Walker wobbler. think as close as I can guess about 25 grams. the Walker is 20 grams without hardware. Frank
  10. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    No I don't know how they weigh compared with the Jarvis Walker ones, don't have any of the new cheap versions to compare to, and I don't have any scales capable of weighing these light weight items. Wait a minute maybe I do . I have a set of antique scales that measure grams, will see IF I can find them. Frank
  11. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    Mine is Stainless steel not just plate mild steel, will not rust or loose it's shape. I would imagine the Jarvis ones would be pretty poor quality but IF they catch fish for the price you wouldn't mind loosing a few now and then. I am not trying to compete with shop bought gear just something I enjoy doing and keeps my hands and mind occupied. PS I should get better at engraving with a little practice. Frank
  12. He also made a very good minnow type trout lure which I can't find among my older collections. Frank
  13. Yes copies are available. Top one is original Knolls bottom 3 are copies. Can't remember where I got the copies but the original was given to me by John knoll when he was just starting his production, later on he formed partnership which went sour and lures were made overseas. The original's had twin towing points. They still work wonders on different species. Frank
  14. frankS

    Walker Wobbler

    Well there you go , Here's me thinking they are a thing of the past and no longer available . $5 for 2 not worth my while playing around with them. Anyhow here's how the Stainless steel one turned out. Top one Stainless middle original bottom alloy. Frank