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  1. Not trying to compete but thought you may like to see this one. Bermagui during the fires that wiped out part of Cobargo, my second home. Frank
  2. The 7th client hasn't turned up yet. Frank
  3. Neil. Hope you get the boat in sooner rather than later, in the meantime glad to see the photos of your land based exploits. Great photo's as always. Frank
  4. The older American made Penns are as tough as they come, several world record fish of various species have been taken on a Penn Spinfisher reels. I have 8 of them from 3500 to 900 a few of them over 30 years old and still as good as the day they came out of the factory. Maybe a few scratches but working wise they are still strong, I would put them up against any other reel made. Of coarse the newer penns made elseware other then the states are pretty well run of the mill reels. Frank
  5. Jono. 2 weeks that's a good break, lets hope by the time you are ready to do it the restrictions will be gone. Sounds like you are going to avoid going offshore ?. Here's what I would do IF I had 2 weeks to travel with a mate and was fit enough. Firstly I would head straight up to Geraldton Qld and go to Lake Awoonga , spend 2-3 days there fishing for Barramundi then I would start heading south, stop off at Lake Monduran for a couple of days barra and Bass fishing, some monster Bass that will pull your arms out of their sockets. Permits needed locally available and reasonably priced. That would basically take care of the first week, then I would work my way down the coast stopping at the places you have mentioned. And especially fishing the upper reaches of some of the bigger rivers targeting Mangrove Jack. Good luck with your plans. Frank
  6. I used to love photography, had my own darkroom and spent many hours playing around with effects etc. Had 3 trips overseas Spent 3 months and 2 x 6 weeks touring England, Scotland, and Wales took over 2000 35mm slide shots of Castles, Abbeys , and scenery and I guess a couple of dozen shots was sunny enough to see color in the shots the rest were sorta washed out through lack of sunshine. Every digital photo I took from 1996 until 2016 I had stored in my old fishing site and when it closed down I lost the lot. I still have a lot of 35mm camera equipment, couple of Nikon cameras and others , still have enlarger but sadly these will never see daylight again. These days the only photos I take are the project shots, so really nothing to show . Frank
  7. 1 John Dory 2 longfin Pearch 3 Blue Grenadeir 4 Gummy Shark 5 Flathead 6 King George Whiting Frank
  8. Best plate size Snapper in my opinion. Well done . Frank
  9. Mike. That modified spinnerbait accounted for this little beauty. Burrinjuck Dam about 5 years ago. Spent 5 hours on the water for zero results first day, so that night I got to modify a few lures, this was the one that came up trumps. Frank
  10. Mike. Pretty simple to make, just a bit of wire and a pair of long nose plyers . I make them with either out turned OR intern catch, doesn't really matter but the intern has less chance of snagging up on slack line. You need to pay attention so there is tension on the snap as in both pieces must be pressed together with some tension otherwise the lure can force itself out of the snap. You can make different sizes depending on what wire you use. I use 1.8 T I G wire for the larger ones and 0.8 M I G wire for the smaller ones Just sit down with wire and plyers and bend twist and cut for a while and you will soon have years supply of snaps. A modified Spinner bait. Have some fun. OH I do suggest you get yourself a good pair of O ring plyers as fitting O rings without them is a pain in the butt. Hope this inspires you. Frank PS I have all this stuff lying around the place that I have had for 30 years or more and intend to make some salt water flies and add some fur to spinnerbaits etc, have plastics fur leathers skin etc . Shame I have so much on my plate at the moment OR I could make some good tackle.
  11. Mike. I make my snaps from 1.8 mm 316 Stainless Steel T I G filler rod . and some from 0.6 rod but these are tiny and only suitable for Bass etc . Very easy to make once you get the shape right. Also make some larger once for fresh water from er70 steel 2.4 filler rod , these are for Murray Cod . Make my own Spinner baits as well, Will take photo tomorrow if you are interested. Frank
  12. Zoran. Like you I have never smoked anything. You have given me inspiration to give it a go. You make it look so easy even I could do something like that. That meal looks scrumptious . What wood did you use ?. Frank
  13. Got the chain welded up. That's about all I can do till I get my new axle. Now for some work on the Scorpion, when this wind settles down a bit. My gazebo is falling apart with this wind so I will have to do some repair welding on that, got it holding together with vice grips at the moment. Frank
  14. Lights all fitted and working. Made small wire plug holder just to keep plug off the ground when not in use. Next small job is welding the safety chain onto the trailer. Each small job completed is another step closer to getting this thing finished. Have to wait till I can go shopping for a axle which is in Smithfield but with restrictions I can't drive to pick it up. Frank
  15. Dave. I should have the Scorpion all ready to go by September so I will take you out on the harbor and get you hooked up to some Kingies. Can't guarantee they will be keepers . Frank
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