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  1. That is fantastic. I have only ever cought 2 jacks, up in a little creek north of Coffs Harbor , they were both around 30cm and they put up a great fight. You have a story that you can tell to your grandkids with great pride. Frank
  2. The flooring is very solid and should last quiet a few years. I didn't take any photos when I was building the floor but the under structure is much like a previous boat I built up. I first lay out alloy tubing and angle and pop rivet it all together. I then fit it to boat and make sure it fits, then weld all the alloy together. So it ends up as a super structure. Then I glass the plywood with fiberglass resin and fit, then lay carpet. this boat had a 7' x6' casting deck at front and also a large cast deck at rear. Frank
  3. Zoran. PM sent with address. and Phone # Frank
  4. Zoran. Be careful using hose clamps, even so called Stainless Steel ones are sometime have mild steel screws in them, when you go to buy them take a small magnet with you, keeping in mind some forms of Stainless still attract to magnet. I would be using cable ties instead. Frank Sorry didn't read through your article before jumping in with a comment, I see the project has already been done.
  5. Zoran. The glass mat is very thick so you can split it in half so it's easier to resin over and penitrate, as is it takes special tools to get the resin to soak through. I have probably about 8 metres (maybe more ) so that would give you 16 metres of workable glass mat. You can have as much or as little as you think you will need. Will PM address if you want to come and pick it up. I have been tested negative and will wear mask. Home most of days. Frank
  6. Fab1. I have during my lifetime sold many, many boats, cars and thousands of other items, used to make a living from buying and selling. I mainly put this on here so other members can have a look and maybe one might happen to make an offer. Not real sure IF I am really going to sell it just yet, and that is why I didn't put it in the sell and swap section here. Mainly want members opinions of what they think it could be worth. I will expect lowball offers IF I do decide to sell, I am used to that and know how to handle the situation. And don't get insulted by low offers.
  7. Neil. This boat will not suit everyone the things I have modified and built into it was done to suit me and my style of fishing, the only thing I haven't done that I intended to do is convert it to side console, so it's just the every day forward controls. And of coarse Paint it. Won't suit everyone but I hope it will suit someone, it pretty well has everything in/on it that a fisherman could ask for just the placement etc might not be to everyone's liking. Val is strong as an OX and I am as well as can be expected. Frank
  8. Sounder is Lowrance elete 5 colour , electric motor is Motorguide with the foot control ( no remote ) and sorry GPS is not Lowrance it's a Navman Tracker 5505 with inbuilt antenna. so you can transfer it from boat to boat and don't have to worry about antennas. I had 3 boats when I bought this unit. Frank
  9. Zoran. What is your project ?. why not just get a sheet of 8mm ply and glass it over /. I have mat here but no glass, you would have to buy the resin but you can have the glass sheet if you want to go down this street. Frank
  10. Hi guys, just thinking of putting my Brooker 14' alloy boat up for sale and want opinions on how much you think it's worth. I don't want to ask too much for it nor do I want to give it away. It is an old boat and needs a paint job as my health doesn't allow me to do it these days. I was thinking around the $4000 mark / What are your thoughts ?. It is registered till December and Trailer registered ( can't remember when its due ) but a couple of months at least. ( I have that many trailers I will have to check ). has 34lb electric motor , lawrance sounder & GPS und
  11. I have 4 jackets that comply with the new regulations and several that don't. I wonder if it will be an offense to have the old style on board along with the newer ones to comply ?. Flares are not to be onboard IF out of date, but it would not do any harm to have extra jackets on board as long as you have the new type per person. Frank
  12. By the time you hire a hoist , lift the motor off take hoist back ,fix transom, re-hire hoist you could almost buy a cheap 2nd hand hoist. Much easier ( if you have a garage ) just use one of the beams and tie a rope to it and use truckies hitch to lift engine off, you only need to lift about 4 inches. The hardest part for you will be removing cables and steering from motor. just make some sort of rack to store motor while you are fixing transom. Even laying motor on floor won't hurt it ( prop closest to floor and G clamp on ground. Place block of wood under prop. Frank
  13. Is there 2 wires coming from the tilt motor OR 3 wires, I have a spare hydraulic body for a 2 wire unit here if you want it but not the motor. Frank PS Take cowling off and check out the welsh plugs for a number.
  14. In my opinion both those boats are about 2-3 thousand dollars over priced. You could do far better than them for that sort of dollars. I recently sold this one for $2000 and it had a full reconditioned motor with 19 hours work on it. Frank
  15. Great writeup , reminds me of many occasions where similar things have happened. The weirdest of my tales is, I was fishing with 2 mates in my Savage Lancer 5.3 at the brothers reef Bermagui. I had a rule in my boat that no rod was to be left sitting with the but on the floor and rod leaning against the gunwale, plenty of rod holders fitted, well on this occasion this rule was ignored by one of my mates. The rod was towards the front of the boat, You guessed it a sizable fish took the bait, the rod jerked and over the side it went. I happened to be standing at the port side rear
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