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  1. Hi all. Not a lot to report but a few lines on my adventures with Big Neil. Headed down to Neil's place for the Cod opening, he had previously warned me that the water levels in the river was pretty low and my expectations wasn't great, anyhow we gave it a shot, launched the boat and headed down stream dodging sunken logs and on some occasions not dodging them, picked a nice looking spot that has produced before for Neil and soaked a couple of baits. Wasn't long before Neil had a very small Murray Cod in the boat which was quickly released, not long after I had my first Murrumbidgee river caught Murray Cod, a small around 40cm specimen which after a very quick video was also released. ( I have caught many Cod before but my first from this river). We moved on and Neil picked up a couple more from various spots. Unfortunately we kept hitting submerged objects and it wasn't worth risking damage to Neil's boat or motor so we called it a day and went back to Neil's. Day 2 Neil took me to another part of the river to try some land based activity, Beautiful location but I just couldn't manage a bite, but anyhoe here I am posing with my Fishraider shirt A couple of days with a great mate and then I drove down to Adelaide for a few days to visit relo's . I want to thank Neil for his hospitality and company and hope to get down there again when there is some water in the system. Neil Knows the system very well and is a good guide and very good company so I would recommend any Fishraider to take up Neil's invite to go down that way, but wait till there is some water in the river. Frank
  2. frankS

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    Also the fishing at the Peak and places similar were starting to decline, you should have seen it in the late 60's and 70's . That's when fishing at the peak was AT it's PEAK. Frank
  3. frankS

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    By the time the 80's came about I was well on my way to becoming middle aged, cricky I can remember the 50's we were lucky to have a TV set in the house and not everyone was connected to the phone. I bet you simply got up from your bike wreck dusted yourself off and continued on your way, these days a big deal would be made of it cause you weren't wearing a helmet elbow and knee pads etc. Frank
  4. frankS

    CAPTAIN ROSS HUNTER Funeral Details

    I will be down at Big Neils place or Adelaide. My thoughts will be with him. Frank
  5. frankS

    Sorry, No Photo

    This is probably closer to your description, Same family. Frank
  6. frankS

    Sorry, No Photo

    Hi, when you say it had diamonds on the side are you talking about scale pattern ? or colour pattern ? . Could it have been a juvenile Silver drummer ?. Frank
  7. frankS


    We're going Marlin fishin ! on Broadbill today. Ross will be sadly missed by thousands of fisho's all over Australia, not much of a singer but a tremendous bloke, he loved his fishing and his guitar. My commiserations to family and friends. I will now play and listen to his CD once again with fond memories of a great bloke. Frank
  8. Any update to this topic ?. Frank
  9. frankS

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    Mate I would really suggest you get someone to teach you the basics, weather it be me or someone else with experience as trying to learn by yourself might inbed some bad habits into your use of the gear and bad habits are hard to get rid of. They are a delight to use once mastered and not all that difficult if shown the correct way to start with. I can use them right OR left handed which in certain conditions can be handy, also many different styles of casting from basic overhead to Robin hood method. Hope you get to learn how to and you will enjoy the new art. Frank
  10. frankS

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    Hi Nick. Don't know where you live but going by your user name my guess would be in the Horsley park region and if so that's not a million miles from Berala. Baitcaster outfits take some time to perfect and I would like to offer you a loan of an outfit for a few weeks so you could get to know if you want to spend dollars and get one for yourself. I could also teach you how to use the outfit and show you a few tricks how to become a decent caster with the outfit, I have several baitcaster outfits here and you could learn the basics in a few minutes, the rest is PRACTICE till you become used to it. I am home most times as am a pensioner. Frank
  11. frankS


    I can't take credit for that fish, all I done was take a photo, my biggest to date is 103cm or 4 can't really remember but I know it was just over the metre mark. Thanks for all the comments guys. Frank
  12. frankS

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    BTW the resignation the braid puts out also sends a humming type sound through the water which can be measured with instruments and different line thickness sends out different decibels of sound, these sounds are apparently very sensitive to fish , and I assume all lines whatever they are made of would send out some form of vibration sound. PS I use the FG knot and find I can cast all day long without needing to replace the knot, just use my own home made quick release clips for changing lures etc. Frank
  13. frankS

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    Unfortunately this topic has somehow got a bit OFF topic to the original question. Let me try and explain the reason behind your question. Many years ago when braid was first introduced into the fishing tackle world, the experts found that braid resinates/vibrates ( don't know which word properly explains it ) . When viewed from under water a braided line will send out a type of looking through smoky glass effect on the down side of the current or drift troll whatever, this the experts say would put the fish off the bite, so they came up with what we now know as fluro carbon line OR leader, fancy name for monofilament with some extras added. Anyway this in turn is the reason ( in the first place ) that fisho's first started using leaders, and developed fancy knots to suit it, weather they be thinner OR thicker than the original line/braid. Over the years both mono and braid have been refined to a point where it has become fashionable to have the ultimate set up on your rod/reel set up and fisho's unfortunately in my opinion have lost the plot some what. Back in my day well over a 1/2 century when I was in my prime I used straight mono ( usually Maxima green ) straight to the hook with sliding sinker that went all the way to the hook, OR a paternoster with snapper lead and 2/3 dropper loops , I caught fish and plenty of them without all the fancy gear that is used today. I have become modern in a lot of ways and do use braid on many of my reels for different applications but still basically an old fashioned fisherman with old views. And a lot of old gear. Hope you read and understand this answer to your question. Frank
  14. Personally I would be going VIA Trunkey Creek , Mulgunnia Creek, and the Abercrombie caves are spectacular. I used to know the head guide at the caves and stayed at his place while in the area, he took me to caves that are off limits to the public and after hours ,what spectacular sights. Don't know if there is any water in the creeks these days but the caves are worth the trip on their own. Also Duckmaloi River is worth a shot if there is water in the creeks. Frank
  15. frankS

    GLENBAWN 2018

    That's a lovely bass Donna, I never had a lot of success at Glenbawn always prefer StClair . Frank