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  1. My sincere condolences to Stewy and yourself and family. It's hard to find the right words in times like this but my thoughts are with you both. Frank
  2. You may want to tell your sister to place the lanyard strap around her wrist , if the fish struggles and escapes with the lip grip still in it's mouth it doesn't have much chance of survival , and you have lost your lip grip. Other than that, well done on another fine report. Frank
  3. Easy to make it bolt on. In my photos all the V's are bolt on and fully adjustable. I have been modifying and building boat trailers for some 50 odd years, this is just one I happened to have photos of , modified from a rusty old wobble roller set up that had big glass boat on. Now it has my 5.3 Savage Lancer sitting on it. Frank
  4. I notice there is space between the roller and the keel which means the skids are bearing the weight, which is a NO NO , the keel rollers should have the weight and the skids are there to stop the boat from wobbling . Frank
  5. Many game fisho's claim a capture if they touch the leader OR the fish, I don't agree with this. In many cases the fish is still green and still have plenty of life in it. However IF you get a fish to the side of the boat and grab and hold the fish for some seconds then in my opinion the fish is captured. Just to get the fish within sight or a net is NOT a capture in my opinion. Frank
  6. Something like this would make it easier. There is a lot of metal there that could be run into. Just a guide to get the boat in the center then some simple skids to keep it there. Once you get used to how deep you set the trailer you will find it easy. Note I have alloy rollers with Stainless Steel axles, like @Campr above I would recommend them highly. Frank
  7. Baz. What !! No stubbie holder ?. That's not a bad group of stuff, you done better than the rest of us. Frank
  8. frankS


    In the first clip, that's all right he's a plumber and will be able to buy a new van with a couple of days wages, if he charges anything like the guy I had recently. Frank
  9. Not up to scratch with this but it could mean it's a 75 cc motor. NoelM may be able to set it straight. Frank
  10. Keep us informed when you get the prize. Frank
  11. I don't want to criticize the professional built ones out there but you are right, the boat trailer has to be set up exactly right with the boat coming up onto the post and catch within an inch or better for it to work. With mine it is much more forgiving as you have about 5 inches of cross bar for the hook to catch in and if the boat is reasonably straight it will catch. The only problem with mine is IF the boat refuses to slide that couple of inches back when you release the tension on the winch you need to manually push the boat back, but not many boats stick that well to a trailer when on the slope of a boat ramp. Frank
  12. frankS

    color bond

    Rick. sharkfin ? is that the color or the style of fence ?. The guy doing the job is nearly as old as I am, he's a bit slow but plods along all day and I think he is doing a reasonable job, I'm not too fussy if there is some very minor faults here and there as long as the fence looks good and stays upright. It sure is better than the old paling fence it has replaced which was never built properly in the first place. I done fencing in my younger days, paling, cyclone, but didn't do any color bond. Frank
  13. frankS

    color bond

    Virtually the same thing happened to a mate of mine. Got several rolls of imitation grass delivered and within 1 hour there was a guy trying to load a roll into his ute, luckily my mate sprung him and the guy said " I thought they were dumped " . Frank
  14. frankS

    color bond

    Noel. The guy that is doing the job seems to know what he is doing. Old fence removed and new color bond about 1/3 of the job done. We are using brackets to bolt to the concrete floor instead of sinking posts . We will concrete over them to tidy them up a bit. Frank
  15. Donna. My first trip no doubt will be either Botany bay OR port hacking. I am chomping at the bit to get down to Bermagui with the Savage Scorpion but this may have to wait a while. Frank
  16. Back in 1997 was the first one of these I made and fitted. I am not saying I was the first to think of the idea of a boat catch but back then I didn't know of anyone making such a thing . The professional ones are probably far superior to my slap happy style of catch , but I am yet to see one that is as easy as mine to operate And way way cheaper . Frank
  17. Hi all I have been asked for some photos of my boat catch by a member here and thought others that may not have seen the way I do it may also like to see it. In my opinion it is the simplest way to launch a boat one up, even simpler with a driver in the car, launch and retrieve can be done within 1 minute with a bit of practice and timing ( 2up ) . When you arrive at the ramp the catch would be in the hold position and winch cable done up tight. First thing is to release the safety chain. Then with the boat sloping down the ramp ready to launch you release tension and remove winch rope and allow boat to slide back so the catch now sits in position and holds boat steady. You then take the spring from the swinging part of the clip , climb in boat start engine , and put in forward gear and nudge boat forward till you hear the swing part of the catch click, this means the catch has fallen down ( gravity ) and you simply back the boat off the trailer. OK that's launching, now for putting the boat back on the trailer. All you do is lift swing part of catch up , attach spring , and drive boat on till you hear distinct click , the boat will stay put, you switch motor off tilt up and climb out of boat , winch the boat up the next couple of inches and attach safety chain and boat is ready to tow. As you drive boat on, the hook part of the catch engages the swing part and slides down till it reaches the bottom of the hook then springs up to lock in position, you then back off the throttle and the boat will slide back 2 inches and catch and hold firm as in photo 2 . This photo has winch hook on. Disregard this. as is photo above. Some boats may need a bit of a shove IF it does not slide freely to engage catch. All you need to remember is spring ON for putting boat on and spring OFF for boat off.
  18. Morgan. I am having a bit of trouble adding photos to my emails to send. Maybe best IF I send them via PM here, keep your eye on your PM 's . Frank Second thoughts, I will start another post with photos and description of my boat catch . I will place it in the boating section. Frank
  19. frankS

    New motor

    Why not just replace the motor that is giving trouble and keep the one that you say is OK. Good 2nd hand Tohatsu 40hp should only be around 3-4 grand. Frank
  20. frankS

    New motor

    Adrian. Simple Plumbing job. Seems the guy wants to be a millionaire in 12 months. Frank
  21. frankS

    New motor

    Even if you replaced the Tohatsu's with 40hp mercks etc you would be up for around $16000 fitted. The price of outboard motors is ridiculous you can buy a cheap little car for not much more than a 90hp motor . Pricing on most things these days are getting way out of control. I just got a quote for plumbing to replace 2.5 metres of pipe and a junction with easy access to the problem area. $19,997,10 . I would like to know where they got the 10 cents from. The guy was here for 20 minutes and it cost me $1286 for the quote. EXTORSION, they see an old aged pensioner and decide they want to rip them off. Frank
  22. frankS

    color bond

    Hi Guys. I'm in the process of having a new side fence built. 48 metres of 6' color bond fence and that does not enclude the first 5 metres of fence out front to the side. Gotta make a mess before you make it better. Day 1 pulled the old paling fence down, and shouldn't take long to build the new fence. Luckily I am not doing much labor just sort of supervising. Frank
  23. There is a hell of a lot of boat traffic in the area with picnickers etc. It's a lovely spot to spend some time and catching fish will be a huge bonus. Good Luck. Frank
  24. Neil. Good to see you out and about and wetting a line, fish are always a bonus and it's the leisure time taken up with something you love doing what counts. The photos are great as always and I enjoy reading what you say. Won't be long and the Savage will be registered and ready to go. Can't register it till the restrictions are finished. Frank
  25. I am surprised that they are trying to blame roller set up as the cause, and if this is their strong point in their defense I don't think you would have any trouble winning a case with any sort of tribunal hearing. Get it inspected by a welding fabricator, and pay them their time for inspection and get them to write something on paper and inform them that they may have to appear in some sort of hearing. Worst case a metallurgist would soon bear fact to the poor quality of the weld. Frank
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