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  1. Love the report! Great to see what fishing on the other side is like! Well done .
  2. I agree with you mate. Drop the bag limit. In my opinion it’s not necessary to keep more than we really need. I’d rather see more Kings in the ocean, I love releasing them to go fight another day. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating them fresh! But we’re all better off if there are more of them out there. That’s my two cents.
  3. Hey guys, havent much luck fishing my usually spots on the northern beaches, in fact I’d say I’ve none at all. Nevertheless I had the day off so I thought I’d get cracking and see if today might be the day, partially because fishingreminder.com told me today was supposed to be good, but mainly becaus I’m sick of my girlfriend laughing that I never bring anything home for a feed. anyway, within about five minutes of burlying up I think I see a flash of something green, so I chuck an unweighted pillie down on my 2-3 kilo bream rod and watch it slowly sink about a foot bel
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