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  1. Love the report! Great to see what fishing on the other side is like! Well done .
  2. I agree with you mate. Drop the bag limit. In my opinion it’s not necessary to keep more than we really need. I’d rather see more Kings in the ocean, I love releasing them to go fight another day. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating them fresh! But we’re all better off if there are more of them out there. That’s my two cents.
  3. Hey guys, havent much luck fishing my usually spots on the northern beaches, in fact I’d say I’ve none at all. Nevertheless I had the day off so I thought I’d get cracking and see if today might be the day, partially because fishingreminder.com told me today was supposed to be good, but mainly becaus I’m sick of my girlfriend laughing that I never bring anything home for a feed. anyway, within about five minutes of burlying up I think I see a flash of something green, so I chuck an unweighted pillie down on my 2-3 kilo bream rod and watch it slowly sink about a foot below the surface... and bang! I was on to a nice Watson’s leaping bonito!! It was a super fun fight on such light gear! He gave three or four epic runs each time I got him close to the jetty, before I finally got him up. And then it was on. For about 20 minutes this huge school of Bonnie’s just went nuts for every pillie I chucked it. I pulled up 8, and kept 6 for dinner. They ranged between 40 and 50 centimetres, and all of them gave ridiculously good accounts of themselves. some kings eventually turned up and I tried unweighted Bonnie fillets and flicking metals at them, but apparently learned from the bonitos mistakes and they kept clear. just a really fun day ending my two year bonito drought it style! thanks for reading, cody
  4. thanks Ron! much appreciated mate!
  5. Just wondering, when the colder months roll round, where do all the fish go? I'm land based and fish in Sydney, but it seems they're already starting to shut down in middle harbour. Is it that they head elsewhere for warmer water or just don't feed as much? Cheers guys
  6. That's the biggest one I've seen in quite some time! Nice work mate!!!
  7. Fellow raiders, today was a good day. I haven't fished much the last few months but after surfing in ridiculously warm Sydney water this week I decided today was the day to end my hiatus. Armed with nothing more than 2kg of the finest servo pilies money can buy, I headed down to middle harbour. I burley up a bit and with a minute I had my first legal bream. Didn't have the brag mat or my phone, so I apologise for not having any photos to share. I continued on and pulled out another few, occasionally letting them hang out just under the surface to see if anything bigger would follow them up. Im certainly glad I did. A few kings came up to suss my bream out, one of which was definitely legal. i flicked a metal and a stick bait around for a while but couldn't get anything interested, so I went back to what was working and using another pilie head, pulled up a solid 40cm snapper. I couldn't believe the size of it. On my 3-5 kilo rod it gave a nice fight. An hour went by and not much was doing, so I burleyd up again and almost instantly my rod buckled over. I tightened the drag a little and knew for sure I had a pelagic. I haven't seen bonito in middle harbour for awhile, but it felt like that's what it was. After a nice little fight I saw him, and a mate he had tagging along. Landed him safely without the net, one of which I seriously have to get, and kept him for dinner. the weather was all over the place, with intermittent wind and rain, but I was having a good time so I figured I'd use the rest of the bait and see what I could get. i chucked some of the last pilchard out, hoping quietly I'd get a nice flatty to go along with the bonito for dinner. I felt a really small tap on the line, and so I gently raised the rod tip, and sure enough, there was this massive weight on the end of it. it was like she hadn't quite worked out she was hooked, and then when the penny finally she dropped, I got all sorts of head shakes and a few massive runs. i was definitely undergunned, I had 6 pound leader, not sure of the braid, possibly 10 pound, and a tiny hook. i slowly got it up to the jetty, and Lo and behold, the biggest f&$@ing flatty I've ever caught. ive caught a few big ones, but this thing was ridiculous. It had to have been close to 90cm. I was trying to work out how I was going to land it with no net, when I eventually decided to grab the leader and hope she was well enough hooked to pull her out onto the jetty. as soon as I grabbed the leader, she did a few massive head shakes, and bit straight through the leader and swam off. my heart was pounding. I just couldn't believe how big it was. Can anyone tell me how old a flattie that size might be? anyway, it was a ripper day and the sort of productive session that keeps you coming back when it's not so good. good luck to all you guys and girls
  8. codymanly


    Haven't seen any in Sydney yet mate but someone reported a good catch at Avoca quite recently
  9. Thanks for the report, mate - and also, sublime use of the word quorum !
  10. Great report mate. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I was really hoping your report would be more along the lines of, 'kings and bonito everywhere!!' Haha still quiet out there then. Nice work with the squid, I haven't even much luck with them lately!
  12. Harbour very quiet at the moment mate. Pretty much shuts down for winter.
  13. Thanks Neil! Hope you're going good mate!! Any luck lately ?
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