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  1. Thanks for the response miillx. I actually own a 2500 certate 16' as well. I've always felt safe when I've hooked fish (I bought it specifically for mulloway as well ) It's an awesome reel.. perfect so far. I have a local shop that I've gone to for years, so i'm fine on that front..I just don't know if buying the older model (Battlers came out in 2014 or 2015 I think) has any disadvantages. I don't know how important mag sealed bearings are but the certate has them. Anyway..see how it goes..either way i'm sure they both kick ass!
  2. I wan't opinions from anyone that has used one or both of these reels particularly the TD Battler. The Battler series of reels looks like its being dropped from the daiwa light tackle line-up so it's price has dropped from $650-700 to as low as $479. I was looking for a 3000 sized you think the Battler is worth it? or do the newer model reels have better technology? The certate 16 has mag sealed bearings and the battler doesnt. What are peoples thoughts? i kind of just ignored the Daiwa Sol III because its made in china and the Sol 2 was shit quality. Even though its specs are great. cheers guys
  3. Thanka for your reply mate, gives me some confidence in my choice! Do you know if its a Calcutta 200B?
  4. Hi all, I've just bought a new setup which I will use mostly for micro jigging and flicking soft vibes. Rod: Storm Gomoku Kaiten Nero (PE 1-3) Blue Reel: Shimano Calcutta 200B Line: 20lb Power Pro - Depth Hunter My questions is this; Could this setup be used to target decent size Pink Snapper? Or will they do my arse in? I will be mostly droppin 20-40g jigs and vibes for targeting Jewies in NSW. I fit about 200m of braid on the reel. I had a few spin and baitcast options, some made more sense than the 200B but I always wanted a Calcutta B, so I decided to do something different. I will also use the reel for Barra when I travel up north. Has anyone used the 200B to catch snapper or pelagics? Thanks for the advice/help.