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    Jewfish lures

    Hi all, Long time user, first time poster. Would like to preface this post by saying that I scrolled back and saw a couple of small posts about this, but nothing quite comprehensive (comprehensive, not conclusive!). I wanted to engage you all in a conversation about lures for the mighty Jewfish. I wanted the conversation to revolve around types of lures, colours of lures, and times for lures. 1. What type have people used to catch Jewfish? I have not caught a Jewfish yet, but I have been told that there are some lures that work better than others. I have attempted to use a few different variety: - the type which is the long and thin variety (kind of like jerk shads) - the type which is more fish-shaped (like Powerbait mullet) - soft vibes (Transam, Fish Candy etc) I have not yet used metals - does anyone have any opinions on using metals for Jewfish? How big? What kind of profile? Any colours, or just bright metal? 2. What colours of lures have people used? I've only ever used the whiter/lighter colours when it comes to the shads and fish-shaped ones. I've heard that things like pink/red eyes and dots on the side etc help, but what about any other colours or features? And when it comes to the soft vibes, I've only used fluoro green, pink, and the more natural soft of browny/green colours. 3. Lastly, how are people with luring for these magnificent beasts at night? We know Jewfish are meant to be somewhat nocturnal (again, doesn't mean you can't catch them during the day, that'd be a silly statement!). Would you have to use a lure with a glow feature? A small glowstick or light perhaps? Any change in colours? Keen to hear some conversations guys, and as always, tight lines!