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  1. sorro

    e tec or suzuki

    Hi Huey the dealer who sold and set up the engine was a MAJOR dealer in the southern suburbs..WOT Revs are 5800,it definatly runs at about 50 - 1 oil usage, and is extremely fumy at idle and trolling .I would be more then happy to bring the boat to you if you could solve the problems, as I am obviously less then happy with it.I will take note of the fuel usage by the gauge at different revs next time I get to take the boat out and see what you think. Regards Kevin
  2. sorro

    e tec or suzuki

    Hi there I have a 130hp E-Tec and to say I am very disappointed with it would be an under statement! I replaced a 120 HP carburetted Force and fuel economy is very similar to the old motor and the use of the liquid gold XD 100 oil is at about 50 - 1(same as the old Force) and the motor is disappointing with the amount of exhaust fumes, making people who would not normally get sick feel ill. I was so disappointed with the fuel and oil usage that I complained to the dealer( a very well known long established dealer) after only 2 trips and they sent down a Tech to test it all out on the compute
  3. Hi there A couple of seasons ago while on a charter with Reef Magic of Sydney , I actually caught and landed a small Mako on a skirted trolling lure,everyone on board including the crew was amazed that it did not cut us off.
  4. It sounds like you have a bad connection in the terminals connection at the battery..if it is still clicking and you dont have a multimeter, you can try and start it a few times while it clicks and put your hand on the terminal to see if either is getting hot..Hot one will be the faulty one . Otherwise it would be a very easy test by an Auto Electrician to actually tell you what is wrong and is much cheaper then buying new batteries that you dont need. Kevin
  5. Hi kitto The other small boat was us ...should have guessed you were a raider lol It was only luck that we came out on Saturday as the plan was to just take the boat for a run in the Bay after some repairs.Had a look out side and decided we may as well run out to the fad and have a look..as we were there anyway and found it dead as you did.Decided to head up north to some traps we had marked earlier and see what was going on,as we got closer could see 2 boats and birds and thought here we go this looks better, Caught a few jellybean yellowfin and and saw you wave us over and gener
  6. Hi We went out on Thursday around Garie and down south and ran into the dreaded jackets also . The first small spikey I brought up looked like he had been filleted on the way up,when I threw what was left of him back in ther were literaly hundreds of 15 cm jackets attacking the remains under the boat. We tried moving around to different spots between 30 and 60 metres and was met with the familiar instant attacks of jackets as soon as the baits hit the bottom.There were a couple of other boats around and they also seemed to be moving around alot as well and finally left. We did manage t
  7. I recently also bought a dual axle Sales trailer for a 5.6 metre glass boat ..great price, localy built and the guys swapped my boat over and set it all up so it tows , launches and retrieves perfectly. Regards Kevin
  8. I will have a try at putting up a few pics of the great day out on Saturday the 24th Steve hooked up to the fin that took the cube after 30 seconds of starting The ever present Damo stands by ready with the gaff while talking with Mike on the flybridge The end result a happy Steve with his Yellowfin I cannot possibly recommend highly enough the great crew of Reef Magic Hope you enjoy Kevin
  9. A very big thanks to Mike and Damo for the day out,these 2 gentlemen worked extremly hard and did it with a smile and a chat all day. Reef Magic the boat is nothing short of oustanding to fish out of and when it was time to go home it just powered thru the swells with an amazing smooth ride. We will put up a more detailed post with some pics later. Many thanks Kevin and the guys
  10. Hi Dutchy Auto Electrician I am lol It really is fairly straight forward to sort out (most of the time ) try putting the white wires into the 3 pin (centre) plug into the car and turn on the tail lights ,then put the other colours one at a time into pin 7 and see what lights up on the trailer .I would be reasonably confident that the colours would be as i described previously if done by anyone that had any sort of an idea so maybe try that first. If you are still in trouble let me know Kevin
  11. Hi It is unusual to have 4 core cable ...are you sure there is not another colour that has been cut off at the plug end ? does not really matter if those are the colours that are being used already Standard colour codes are red stop light...brown tail light....yellow left indicator ..green right indicator and white is earth,if there is no yellow you could try using the colours as above but use the green as the indicators in the plug spots 1 and 4 for each side depending on which cable runs down each side. Hope this is of some help Kev
  12. sorro


    Hi Stewy As Chris has already happily pointed out between us we have had a few years around cichlids lol If you are after a few more frontosa let us know and i am sure something can be arranged,I dont currently keep any fronts but may be able to help you with other fish for the tank . The auction on the first Saturday in October will be the place to get good fish at a reasonable price and Chris and myself will be auctioneers on the day. Everyone that would like to attend is welcome on the day ,and you can come at any time and stay as long as you want. Regards Kevin
  13. Thanks Huey For answering Hariklias question about my ex motor ,as you already said it was a very basic motor and good value at the time I purchased it. Apart from faulty stators, in the past it had never failed me . I am glad to hear that it had been looked after as that is what I always tried to do .Remembering it is along way back from the shelf ,to be towed or swim if it was to fail . Thanks again for your help Kevin
  14. Hi all I just wanted to say thankyou to Craig and his team from Huett Marine at Cowan. About a month ago Chris55 and myself were happily fishing off Port Kembla and actually catching fish when the motor decided to have problems starting and running and only got worse as the day went on. Got back to the ramp and pulled the boat out of the water and took it home , some investigation later showed low compression in 2 cylinders and the head was removed and showed 2 damaged bores. A few calls later and things were starting to look not so good,cost wise. A call to Craig at Huett Mari
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