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  1. Wow, that is an epic session, great work!
  2. Congrats on the big kingfish, a memorable catch indeed!
  3. Wow, what a weekend, great job!
  4. It was a very pleasant and rewarding day out, thanks again @ebenos!
  5. They come when you least expect, better luck next time!
  6. Thanks! Haha, the secret is in stretching your arms out! Get out while you can, now is generally the time kings gather in these reefs. Thanks! I used a 210g slow jig.
  7. Nice fat winter kings, looks like they are here to stay!
  8. Wow, good size. How deep was the spot?
  9. Nice catch! Flatties and jewfish can't resist a well presented vibe.
  10. Sydney: Inshore reefs are currently barracouta city right now, I advise not to use your most prized jigs... The kingfish were few and far between, had to work really hard to find them today. This 85cm kingfish was caught from 120 meters deep using slow jigs. It took the jig after a few fast jerks followed by a long fall and did not struggle much in the first half of fight, but woke up half way up and took a heart-pounding run straight back down. Took a while to finally get it on the boat.