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  1. anthman

    Kingies still in the harbour Dollies outside

    Wow that sounder looks amazing! Where abouts was that, if you don't mind me asking? I'm starting to venture past the heads so always keen to learn of new spots to give a go.
  2. anthman

    Long reef snapper suggestions

    Hello all, with the current forecast looking great for this weekend, I am planning my first trip out to Long Reef. @DerekD will be sharing some much appreciated guidance and will have kingfish covered, so that just leaves snapper to be determined. Can anyone who has experience (and hopefully success stories) in catching snapper at Long Reef provide some suggestions around: * Rigs to use (bait - types, sinkers, sps, paternoster etc.. ) * Locations (names of places, edge of reef/on-top of reef). * What good looks like on the sounder when sounding for snapper (usually don't fish deeper than 20m, so will be new for me - for eg.. using bottom lock to get a better view of the bottom, is one tio I've picked up for the deeper waters). * Technique -( e.g. drift along ridge line, drift over reef etc ..) * What size and quantity of snapper to expect for the area * Any other advice that might be useful Thanking in advance - any advice would be helpful in making it a successful day! Cheers!
  3. anthman

    Sydney kings

    Nice, were you hanging in close to the shoreline when the kings hit?
  4. anthman

    Beginner setup help

    Also, feel what 2kg of drag is like through the guides and on the other end - it's quite a lot of pressure. Then couple with the terminal tackle you plan to use, I'm not sure you would need much more for light beach fishing. One thing to keep in mind with a larger reel would be line retrieve speed - you'll be able to get more line back per turn (generally), useful if fast retrieval is important.
  5. anthman

    Question re freezing fresh caught bait

    I often fillet and heavily salt any slimies I have leftover - then freeze in zip lock bags.
  6. anthman

    Kingfish Bait

    Agree with the sluggos, great lure! I also always carry a surface walker in case I see surface activity in the area.
  7. anthman

    Kingfish Bait

    Most of the time have yabbies with me as a universal bait - working suprisingly well when other dead baits have not. Maybe not the best but certainly works and generally easy to acquire for the OP to get.
  8. anthman

    Beginner setup help

    For beach fishing I'd use connicos advice - 10' 4-6kg rod. The 2500 has good capacity assuming 10lb braid and the reel has 6kg drag, so more than enough. Edit: don't forget the Daiwa bg 2500 is bigger than Shimano 2500, more like a Shimano 3000 or even 3500.
  9. anthman

    Kingfish Bait

    I've found great success in using frozen yabbies, live ones of course would be better. Suspended under a float would be the go if you are land based, little splitshot sinker to keep it vertical, 4/0 circle hook. Yabbies being fairly easy to get and still work when frozen!
  10. anthman

    Information Gathering?

    The problem is that fish will move, will be there one day, gone another - the weekly reports (as well as daily fishing reports in the paper!) will give you an indicator of what's around but will ultimately be upto you to determine by getting out there. The treasure trove of posts and reports in fishraider will give you an idea of the locations that have held fish in the past and therefore are possible to hold fish in the future. Even then I've been to hotspot locations to walk away with no keepers despite glowing reports. DerekD's advice is good - target a species and to help focus your questions, responses, time, effort and money spent. There's something incredibly rewarding about having a target fish you've never caught, getting the inputs, putting in the time and effort (and money! Who doesn't like more tackle?) To produce the expected results. Then you add this to your set of skills - which will include identifying the environment of your target fish. What you'll find, like I did, is that you begin to identify whether a location feels right or not - coupled with Google maps satellite /Google Earth - and you've got a very valuable resource that you can apply your own attuned judgement to find productive spots that suit your fishing style and options! Summary: pick a species, research, prepare and put in the time and effort. Rinse and repeat!
  11. Last time I saw kingies at the boat ramp was 2017, so not sure if it's worth your while. Prob about 1.5mths ago we got into a tonne of kingies at Pickering point. I think the mornings around the spit might be your best bet and nearby moorings up stream (I would personally do a beach launch from Clontarf reserve) - we got into kings last week (50-54cm, though). Try to get to the fishing spot (I E. Moorings) at sunrise (first light would be good, but conscious it would be dark so have to be careful of boat traffic) - though the fish are still around, it's so much more productive in the first few hours from first light and of course, much quieter in terms of boat traffic. Most kings have been by dropping yabbies on a 4/0 circle hook with a very light splitshot on 14lb fluoro and 10lb braid. Good luck!
  12. anthman

    Suggest a rod!

    @DerekD has kindly suggested the Shimano backbone series. They have both 10-15 and 15-24kg. Will go 15-24 to give a higher ceiling should I move to some heavy duty application (will prob end up with both).
  13. anthman

    Suggest a rod!

    Tossing up between 5'6 10-15kg or 15-24kg
  14. anthman

    Weather App

    I use willy weather. I find it's usually accurate for Sydney Harbour. I particularly like the graph mode which allows you to customise to have swell, wind, rain and tide on the one view.
  15. With the weather cooling down, I'm looking for suggestions - should I start to leave the comfort of the harbour behind and hit up the nearshore reefs (the colours) and drop some yakkas down? Is the front of the little island at Balmoral still a great place for yakkas? Or is it time for snapper at these reefs?