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  1. Any of the reels suggested will be awesome for bream/flattie fishing and around the ~$120 mark. Save the left over for your next fishing purchase - e.g. you might seek out a kingfish setup as lots of people do!
  2. Sounds like a very fun day! What depth were you in when you found luck? In close or out wide?
  3. well, i keep you guys posted as i go - have got a new slow pitch jig set up on the way and jigs galore. hopeful for more responses!
  4. Hello Raiders, my interest in slow pitch jigging has been reinvigorated, maybe its the usual winter slow down both driving a slower bite and more time browsing youtube videos πŸ˜† Which leads me to my question - who can consistently catch fish using slow pitch jigging in Sydney inshore waters? I've had the random luck with casting slow pitch jigs (~20g in 20m) in Middle Harbour - mostly flathead now and again, baby snapper, rat kings (but only during Summer, when they'll take anything) and on two occasions, mulloway. Overall though, very low success rate. Some luck offshore in 30-40m waters but very hard to hit bottom with current/wind - though am keen to try again but this time with access to spotlock 😁 Keen to hear if people have had success (particularly vertical slow pitch jigging rather than casting out) and details in Sydney inshore waters; - what you caught - general terrain/conditions - water depth - jig weight - vertical slow pitch or casting out - boat / land - season of the year if you remember! I'm hoping for lots of success stories. I know @DerekD has lots of luck land based... I'm also keen to try larger jigs in shallow water (80g-120g) and see if that does anything... thanks all!
  5. Good catch! What you can do is tie an extension rope between you and moorings if they are busting you off with mooring line underwater (just be mindful of swing and proximity to other boats/mooring lines)
  6. With that much to invest and given the general commentary around "you'll still be able to catch fish with most reels of all price ranges" (which I support btw), why not consider this: buy what you need now and save the rest for the next class of reel/rod? (An eventual outcome as you go on your fishing journey). E.g. get a decent reel for your bream fishing - something like a 1000/2000/2500 nasci would be light and very smooth (or even an exceler LT - very smooth for a cheaper reel) then save the big bucks for bigger reels / heavier rods when the time comes (e.g. heavy king setup) - I've found you can get away with cheaper reels on the lighter end but you need to spend more, relatively, on the heavier gear just due to the stresses and conditions it needs to face.
  7. I have the freams and love it. Can be had for $160 delivered (or slightly cheaper for smaller sizes) from AliExpress, if that helps you make a decision...
  8. Haven't used them much, but I remember we had a one out hanging over the edge - rod holder, about top qtr of 20m. King came up and hooked itself.
  9. Usually 6 max for 2 people. I rinse, wipe down, inox spray then wipe all reels/rods - makes clean up a lot easier and less stuff in the way. And that's cause I carry pairs - so for me I'm actually bringing and using only 3x rods. I like that it makes me think about how I will fish and what I will use each for. I also have a couple of handlines permanently living on the boat. Don't ask how many rods I have off-boat!
  10. Don't forget the luck factor - I've had the (dis)pleasure of being the other person when squidding off the boat with Derek and he seems to always pull up the squid when I'm drawing blanks.... πŸ˜›
  11. Great fish, shame about the big one. Were you down rigging along the headland shore line?
  12. Live bait hook πŸ˜† but more close to a J hook rather than a circle hook. Key characteristic of a circle hook is that the tip points in towards the shank - critical for the hook to be able to slide until hits the edge of the fishes mouth.
  13. Legal size for kings are 65cm btw....
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