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  1. Topwater in shallow water, top water in deep water I think it comes down to the lure and technique, if it's predominantly on the surface of the water, then it's topwater, regardless of depth.
  2. As you would a piece of fresh squid - running sinker rig set at the depth the kingies are moving through - mid water for me. Put in rod holder and wait. Size 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook to avoid gut hooks (needs big yabbies). Dead also works, but needs to be firm!
  3. Could work but I think there might better ways of increasing your chances at your first king (I presume you mean it's your first ever or perhaps first for the season?). Some other ways include: * Sluggos and minnow sps * Slow pitch jigs * Surface walkers when they are busting the surface * Catch and use fresh squid baits * Fresh/Live nippers (my personal favourite from last year) Good luck mate!
  4. Cool, sounds like a 3piece/2jointed swimbait!
  5. Hi all, a quick one for those who might be heading out tomorrow. Went to check out the heads today - did not get past them because at around 9:30am we came across a fairly sizable field of baitfish getting smashed (has been a long time since I've come across a good bustup! Bring on more!). The kind of bustup where the splashing was audible over the engine running (and excited shouting). We tried a variety of lures (soft plastics, and metals), but what did the damage consistently in the end was a surface Walker about 10cm to match the "hatch" of chaotic splashing, you could say. We ended up landing 3 fat salmon, lost about 5 due to various reasons. The baitfish eventually moved out and around north head, hugging close to the rocks. Goodluck to anyone heading out tomorrow, hopefully this helps a fellow raider! (Any other raiders out there this morning? I was in the small black and white stabi)
  6. I use left hand wind and work rod with right hand because I feel I have more strength, reaction and control with my right hand (I'm right handed) and that left hand is just for winding. On my heavy setups on overhead reels - I don't mind right hand wind as I'm using both hands to lift the rod anyway. On my overhead jigging reels, from Asia, the left hand wind makes sense and feels natural to me for the slow/fast jigging action .
  7. Related concept - I find more whiting (and fish in general) are caught on a decent length of leader (~50cm) attached to a running sinker rig when compared to a short leader that is short due to laziness (<20cm). For clarity , I'm referring to the leader that goes from swivel to hook.
  8. whats the lure of choice in case you encounter the stripeys again?
  9. Fair point - would include cutting bit of the rail and welding a platform for the quickrelease bracket to be screwed/bolted into. good idea - i think id have to ask around to see if the machine shops are willing to weld on and paint using a pre-fabricated platform provided by me (i would think the risks around fit, making it work etc... might come into play)..
  10. Mate if you're going to do that, you are starting to add up to the $1600 mark. I.e. $500 for kayak + $150 for kayak trolling motor + $150-200 for a 12v battery (not even looking at lifepo4 or similar lightweight batteries) + $50 for wiring, accessories, case/mount etc.. to install and fit I've had both cheap China rotomoulded kayaks that you can see everywhere on gumtree for around the $300 mark and my Hobie outback (bought second hand). The difference is HUGE - not saying yiu must get a Hobie, but as people above are suggesting, get a decent second hand. The tracking will be reliable (the cheap kayak was incredibly frustrating in this regard , not what you want whilst on the water). The only use case I can see for the cheap China kayaks was paddling out in calm bays , dropping anchor and soaking baits/fishing whilst stationary. If there is anyway you can save for a pedal kayak, I'd do it - the hands-free freedom makes for an entirely different and superior fishing experience.
  11. Consider a second hand Hobie outback - I reckon you could get a good condition one for about $1600.
  12. Well written and structured report, pleasure to read
  13. Agreed! I'm keen to get referred to any Sydney based shops that have done good work in the past...
  14. Try the rock groynes along the sans souci beach - check on Google maps satellite view to find them.
  15. I also find using split ring pliers (pliers that are used to open split rings - one point comes to a flat spike at a right angle - used for getting in between the curls of a split ring to open it) and use the flat spike to wedge open the splitshot