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  1. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    Btw I just found a really good price on 2 gauge wire, so bought some of that - should be sufficient I think. Will have a go at planning out where things go this weekend - certain I'll have more questions!
  2. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    I've just checked - it's 22mm2 (squared) , which looks like it equates to 3B&S?
  3. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    Thabks for the reply! The VSR I bought is rated for 140a. I've also attached the wiring diagram that's associated with the VSR - looks a bit different to your diagram...
  4. Hi all, I have a Tohatsu m40d2 (a two stroke 40ho outboard). I've bought a second battery as a backup and looking to hook it up to a vsr and a switch so that it can be maintained by the 11amp alternator in the outboard and at the turn of a switch, provide alternative power to start the engine in case the primary battery dies. Ive bought a vsr already and about to buy a switch (four positions: primary, secondary, both or off). I'm not sure of the wiring between engine, primary battery, secondary battery, vsr and switch and I also don't know which wire gauge I need for which connections (or of they overlap - eg. Charging over the same cable as starting the engine). Can anyone share some experience based in the above requirements? I couldn't find the amp draw of the engine so not sure about the wire requirements. Distance would be all very close to the engine, so would not expect more than 1.5m between connecting points... Thanking in advance!
  5. anthman

    Berley - pellets/bread vs only pilchard

    Yup, that's what I meant - and whether there is anything else in there. I go the aldi "sardine and tuna" flavour - cheap as!
  6. anthman

    Berley - pellets/bread vs only pilchard

    Almost every time WITH pilchard and other stuff ? Or just straight catfood?
  7. anthman

    Berley - pellets/bread vs only pilchard

    Thanks all! This has been such a useful series of responses (very timely aswell being the night before) - I shall bring pilchard and leave the pellets and tuna oil behind. Might bring a tin of catfood as backup 🤣
  8. Hi all, I've been berleying for the last few months with chicken pellets, soaked in tuna oil and occasionally mixed with old bait scraps (yabbies, fish frames) and sometimes cat food. I've been using a metal berleying cage that I lower based on current (fast current = deeper placement, slow current = shallower placement). I every now and again give it shake to release a berleying "cloud". Pretty consistently, bait fish will often swarm around (which might be useful for attracting kingies but maybe not right now in the cooler weather). This has caused many yakka to take our unweighted baits - even when cast out 10-15m into the berleying trail (where of course they are, aswell). Very annoying. My primary target is snapper - what's the best way and content to berley? I'm thinking of still using the metal berley pot with fish scraps and some pilchard and slimy bits. No pellets (to avoid the yakka) and maybe throw out a few tiny (i.e. 1cm squared) pilchard and slimy cubes at the beginning... I'm fishing in 10-12m, over rocky terrain (will also try sow and pigs again).
  9. anthman

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    You can till go (relatively) cheap with "proper" gear. 7' graphite 2-4kg rod - often on sale for most brands - $39 as I quoted above 2500 sized sienna - $39 is the going standard price 150m of 8LB 4x carrier braid - can be cheap as $12-15 on eBay for a "good" China braid Nothing wrong with mono leader of pinching the pennies (otherwise less than $20 for a spool of 8-10lb FC rock from dinga). The above would be close to a $100 for a graphite setup that has a lot of space to grow into. I'd suggest something along the above lines for the next setup (before dropping anything more expensive than that ).
  10. anthman

    New china reels

    Update on Storm reel added.
  11. anthman

    New china reels

    Sorry mate, haven't gotten into the OH game yet! A quick browse of the OH reels in the China market (not the Japanese market, which I would expect to be very different) does not show anything promising - lots of plain generic reels, around the 80USD mark, low order numbers - doesn't leave me with much confidence!
  12. anthman

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    There is a deal ATM from the big camping and fishing store for a savage gear predator 7'5 5-8kg graphite rod in two pieces. Very light for what it is, bit overkill for general estuary but has a flexible tip so can still get light SPs out there AND you can use it for some heavier casting in the future if you want. And it's $39. Otherwise they also have 2-4kg 6'10 graphite rod that would fit the bill, also $39. Or maybe just get both >< . Paired with a sienna 2500 reel (~$38) and then all that's left is to get some braid/leader/jigheads/lures.
  13. thanks mate - will ad Shark Island to the list! gonna try sow and pigs this weekend first and see how it goes!
  14. dont think so - not equipped for open water, so would have to be inshore.
  15. thanks all! Does anyone have any suggestions for good spots anchor in the harbour (or middle harbour, where i launch from)? i enjoy fishing with my father where we can find a spot, anchor up, get the berley going and soak some baits for good eating fish!