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  1. This is a great idea, I would like to join the sessions. Would be interesting to hear a "reports" section and also master-class on topics (beginners to advanced) - would love to put a face / voice to famous FishRaiders!
  2. You're right depends on how many fish you plan to catch as well - my method doesn't do well when the fish are stacked, a problem I dont often have πŸ˜ͺ
  3. Spike, bleed, into esky which has iceblocks. Easier to manage, clean and carry.
  4. hey guys, with the rough winds and swells we've been having, would middle harbour fishing be negatively impacted? What are your thoughts and experiences?
  5. Thanks. I remember years back I was on a charter, in the same area intact, other customers caught a few nannygai and were advised they could keep them, i didn't get a good look so was unsure of min size. I'll keep some next time! Not sure of a recipe for such a small fish though!
  6. Hello all went out yesterday, sprinkle of rain now and again, great conditions out past the heads otherwise (next to no wind and very calm swell - lived up to the forecast of 3.6knts (7.6kn avg) and 0.9m swell w/ 9sec period). Was rocketing out there 😈 Did a few drifts at a spot near coogee (thanks @GoingFishing) and managed a few snapper, couple of pigfish, a nice flattie - catch of the day was one of the snapper coming in at 50cm (pb so far). Also, we got a couple of nannygai but threw back cause we were unsure of the legal size in Sydney (didn't come up on DPI) - they seemed pretty small, maybe ~15-20cm. Any ideas? These look to be also called bright redfish if my googling skills are reliable!
  7. Great post, @LandBasedKeith, let me know if you ever do Sunday sessions!
  8. Not to be confused with "I once saw a 3 metre flatty" 🀣 Will keep an eye out. end up doing that sometimes! Have gotten some strange looks in the past!
  9. I was thinking wouldnt it ve great if we had a special fishraider sticker on the side of the boat and that way you can spot a member straight away, what do you reckon? Though, I can already spot @DerekD's hobie from a mile away! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks anthman. I will start a list here of those that want a sticker @anthman RED given to jeffb5.8 @Berleyguts given to jeffb5.8 - pick up from Scratchie Baz @GoingFishing @big Neil @jeffb5.8 BLUE given @motiondave RED given to jeffb5.8 @61 crusher blue @zmk1962 RED given to jeffb5.8 @Scratchie a selection of red, blue and white given to jeffb5.8 (for you, Baz, tobycb) @Joeyd blue @kingie chaser blue and red @tobycb BLUE given to jeffb5.8 pick up from Scratchie @Busy-livin red @PicklesBlue @the skipper red @dirvin21blue @saad
  10. You might even get away with a two rod setup: rods suggested with a live bait out there and a lighter rod to work whilst you wait. A @DerekD favourite is the shimano raider 5-8kg snapper rod with a suitable reel (4k size).
  11. thanks penguin. I tried over the weekend, anchored about 30m from Balmoral jetty. Came across lots good size yakkas at the bottom, had two floats (0.5m to 1m depth) - no garfish, unfortunately. Had bread burley as well as chicken pellets soaked in tuna oil in a berley pot, steady stream of berley visible. I didn't thrown any bread on the surface as did not want to attract seagulls. Also made a dough mixture which was very effective on the yakkas, but as mentioned, could not find any gars.
  12. What type of lures? Based on the rod suggestions above and reel you have, it sounds like a popping rod is probably the extent of your luring. The other popular kingie lure is the slapstix - i dont think think you need a super flexy rod but a bit of softness would help the action of the lure- i think the rods above might be too stiff but I can't say for sure as I don't have them. @DerekD , as an owner of that rod, do you reckon it can impart the right action for a slapstix? And of course metal jigs are your other lure option, depending on the type you can prob get away with the above rods.
  13. Can't help you with how the seas are in those areas, as I havent been out in them. Re: HP - as you might know, there is a recommended HP and a max HP rating for most boats which could be different depending on the design of the boat (heavy, deep v VS a shallow hull) so would be better to hit the max power rating for the hull you land on. Looking at the distance of Montague Island to the nearest shoreline (7-8km) fully exposed, i know I would want as much power at my fingertips and that 5m, to me, feels like one of those "pick your days" kind of boats. 5.6m+ feels about the right kind of starting size. Also, why not pop out of the heads a little bit to see conditions on a good day? (On a bigger boat) that way you can see how a similar sized boat handles on certain conditions.
  14. Thanks yowie and all, will give it a go this weekend and see.