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  1. I prefer to wake up at 4:45, but have most things prepped the night before so that it's just breakfast and loading valuables then off I go. The return is pretty bad, often a queue on the water.
  2. I live near a sand flat, so low tide is the best for me - pump yabbies I now have access to, walk almost right up to the drop off and drop a bait whilst I pump for more yabbies. Retreat as the tide picks up, casting further and further to be able to hit the drop off until home time.
  3. anthman

    Reel spray

    My process, might be overkill, is after every trip out to: * Spray with hose from a distance, trying to go from the top for the most part - i.e. spray hits the drag knob. My reels have rubber drag seals. * Wipe dry with clean cloth - reel and rod, particularly eyelets * Very light "passing" spray with inox MX over the reels * Wipe with cloth , use same cloth next time.
  4. Very unfortunate - a kingie almost took my sustain fi this weekend, saved it but got busted off. Great report- seems to me like a better season than previous ones.
  5. The perils of scrolling rapidly through on my phone whilst on a boat! Need to slow down .... Thanks for pointing it out! Thanks @PaddyT for the reply!
  6. Thanks mate Haha thanks PaddyT. I tried a quick search with you as author and keyword yakka - couldn't find that particular post/response, do you mind linking me? Would put it to good use. Also, my original question is aboit yakkas at Roseville boat ramp - just curious to find out the specific spot - perhaps its just anywhere near the ramp (all I can think of are the mornings to be out of the way of other boaters). Thanks mattymattmatt - had a go yesterday and managed a few - found that the small ones died a lot quicker than the too-big-to-use yakkas in the bait t
  7. Thanks motiondave, still keen to get an idea of productive yakka spots though !
  8. Nah, nearby though via boat. Unless what I've heard is actually people catching yakka illegally from the ramp!
  9. Hi guys, gonna try the back to basics live bait technique. I've heard of yakkas being caught right at Roseville boat ramp - is this correct? @Pickles you come to mind! If so, where abouts? Knowing yakkas like structure, I certainly don't want to get in the way of launching boats at the ramp, so do I just try to get amongst the closest moorings (you pass them as you head out from the ramp)? Having tried the Balmoral island a few times to no luck, I automatically default to a kingie donut! Any tips on location appreciated! (Will be berleying hard with chicken pellets soake
  10. Not always, sometimes thicker .
  11. i prefer 8 carrier, much nicer to handle and tangles seem less painful to untangle. having said that, i do like 4 carrier for 4lb and below - some really incredible diameters in that range.
  12. thanks! what do you look for on the sounder (weed? and what depth do you targert). do you put a sinker on the jigs to get them down there quicker?
  13. What a fantastic haul! What's your technique, if you don't mind sharing? I often driven by Dover heights and pondered squidding but not sure - looks dicey getting close to rocks, controlling speed to get jigs deep enough etc...
  14. Another thing you can try is "bait elastic" - it's a stretchy line that you wind over your bait whilst rigged - keeps the bait on the hook longer. I use this for long distance yabbie casting 😆.
  15. Thanks for the article! What's your burleying technique? So you just roll white bread between your hands and crumb into to the water? Use a berley bucket and shake it up and down vigorously? Always bear wharves/structure?
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