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  1. Paternoster all the way, too much fouling in the way down and up, and less snagging , as said above. Infact, I haven't lost a rig yet dragging drifting on the bottom (I use snapper sinkers). It is definitely more painful to rerig if you lose the rig (more leader lost) but generally more reliable. Also, if you tie a loop knot at the bottom end (sinker) and a dropper knot of your choice (hook - I use a "T" knot), then it's very very easy to switch sinkers and hooks. Bonus as well of you get tangled with other lines - very easy to remove hook and sinker so that you can the leader through all but the gnarliest of knots without having to retie. In heavy current, the loop knot on the sinker end allows you to progressively add/remove weights till you get it right, without having to tie and retie .
  2. Great ideas and fingers crossed an official and linkable source comes to surface on whether you can fish or not. If so, then I'm gonna launch the kayak this weekend which is a workout in itself!
  3. What fishing things are you guys planning to do during this lockdown? I'll start (and a question in there as well) as well: * Give the boat a proper clean on the inside. What the minimum period of time of "no use" before you would chuck in fuel stabiliser? (I've a fairly new boat, topped up with petrol). * Service some of the reels - maybe reorganise to have "the good stuff" all in one place and the not so good stuff to the side . * resort the tackle - consolidate similar bits of gear and throw out deteriorating/rusting tackle. Maybe I'll even attempt to inventory what I have! * Perform reel knob upgrades I've been meaning to do for a while.
  4. I've gone super cheap (china reels ~20) to mid range (Daiwa theorie / sustain FI / stradic FL). The reel that I have the most of are: Daiwa BG (when it was ~$100 ages ago) Okuma Epixor XT (about 1 year ago when it was about $47USD shipped) Shimano Nasci (when it was ~$100) These to me represent some of the best value in reels upto the 5000 size, which represents 95% of my fishing. Im slowly upgrading to nicer gear but still swear by the above reels. Benefits with the upgrade now are lighter weight and super smoothness. Rods - i don't actually spend too much on rods - my favourite rod has got to be the savage gear finezze 4-6kg 7'8 spin rod ($64), I use lots of 3-6kg 7' rods and find that most are pretty good at ~$50 mark whilst on sale. My most expensive rod is a Daiwa generation black UL 1-2kg. Very nice but doesn't get much use these days (due to style of fishing I do most of the time). Shimano raiders represent very good value for the price point (sometimes under $100). Savage gear mpp2 rods, when on sale at around $40, are good value aswell.
  5. I find turning the handle without a lure tied out VS in your hand will produce a different result. A few things I would check out: all bearings free spin, the anti-reverse clutch is working (not gummy and spring is good) and then finally that there is grease inside the main gear housing as well as the part of the body that raises the pinion up and down inside the body. After all that, if it still doesn't work, why not treat yourself to an upgrade 😎
  6. RE: metals, have an assortment from 5g upwards - I've caught more bonito on 5g /8g than all other weights .
  7. Like most fish, there is always a variety of lures that work, for the different situations. A popular choice is the 6" and 9" slapstix. My personal favourite is a 3" powerboat minnow and strangely enough, a 40mm glow shrimp from china on a 2-4kg setup for rats on 2lb fireline!
  8. I have. It gets packed out and really busy. Given how easy it is to get there (parking is super close), it's great for young ones - lots of undersize bream, occasional tailor, rare flathead. Often a strong current given adjacent to bridge. I personally hate fishing there unless there are few people there - lines get tangled, often is a mess from previous fishos not cleaning up (especially in the morning from overnight fishos who neglect the wharf). If I do fish there, it would be: lures to keep moving mid-water and deep or trying my luck at squid and blackfish (though the rocks just under the bridge nearby are better). I spend 99% of my fishing in sans Souci at the beach - there are flats nearby, pump some yabbies and cast into the drop off (right at your feet at low tide). If I don't feel like using bait, I'll use lures in the same spot (i.e. into the drop off at low tide). I've caught incredible quality bream, whiting and flathead, undersize kingfish (not often though!), occasional trevally and more often than I would like, small and medium sized stingrays (good fun till you realise what is). If you don't mind wet feet then you will get way more return on your time. Otherwise, the many rock groynes will produce as well and harder to walk around (hence less people) - there is a member on FR who cleans up on blackfish off the groynes with freshly gathered weed in the local area - checkout their post if blackfish is your thing . TL/DR: avoid the wharf, much better options very close.
  9. Thanks mate. It sucks cause the closest I can see is The Peak (about 16km from the heads) and then 12mile. Nothing in the 8-10km range to build up from.
  10. Thanks all. Kingfishbig is right, I was thinking of deep water, visible grouping on the sounder and dropping jigs on them to see what might happen (rather than speculative jigging at an empty sounder reading).
  11. Hi guys, any ideas for the closest reef to Sydney headlands to have a go at jigging for kings? Longreef (area) seems to be the closest but I was thinking a place with some depth (longreef is ~30m from memory). Not quite ready to travel to 12mile
  12. Thanks all. Im not going to proceed - got enough reels that will do the job (with my use of circle hooks).
  13. Good to know there is an application from the beach. What about via boat?
  14. Yah, that makes sense. So what's the use case these days for baitrunners? Live bait?