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  1. Hi all, I was reading a fishing report today and it made reference to the "no. 7 wreck off Narrabeen". Does anyone know what the co-ordinates are (or relative position) and if that's no. 7, are there others 1-6? Cheers!
  2. We ended up using 50/50 vinegar and water sprayed, wait a minute, wipe with kitchen sponge/scourer (found the scourer quite abrasvive - it's the dark green one, not metal wool), then wiped over with inox. The paint etch is a good idea, will think of that next time.
  3. Yeah, some good input. Do you guys spray everything down after each outing? Gunnels / storage - not too bad as I could take stuff out if need be, but I'm worried about the dash, the areas near the isolation switch stuff with wires!
  4. Looks like the marking inside the red circle:
  5. Hi guys, i have an aluminium boat (Stabicraft) thats is almost 2 years old. Ive noticed what i can only describe as salt "stains" on the inside (ill upload a photo when i can) through out the inside - almost like bits of salt spray or small splashes that i likely failed to wipe of along time ago. BTW, my cleaning regime does not involves spray everything inside as i have lots of gear in the various storage areas, in case the question is asked. I instead wipe down the surface areas. Im wondering how you all deal with this - id like to spend some time to get rid of it before it gets
  6. Sounds like you put in the effort!
  7. Ramp rage is the worse. I remember it taking almost two hours from first arriving at the ramp to driving away!
  8. Depending on the size of rapala magnum, it might be too big to work like a casting lure. In addition to what DerekD suggested above, I'd add in a 3" powerbait minnow - such a versatile lure. Also there are smashbait squids. Otherwise, slow pitch jigs of the appropriate weight for the depth youre in.
  9. Good point franks, braid can be quite tough to use depending on your experience! Going off the info provided it sounds like some level investment has taken place so just took a guess that there might be some familiarity there. Having said that, you can always get some cheapish braid from eBay to play around with - not too quality stuff but acceptable for a beginner and bread and butter fish.
  10. Rebel is right, you should tell the shop what fish you are chasing and how you fish (land based + baits) and they can suggest a combo. It's not just about brands - it's also about length and weight rating. If you are fishing those spots it sounds like you are lobbing baits a distance? If so, you'd be looking at something like a 9ft, maybe 8kg+ rating and at least a 5000 sized reel (leaning towards 6000 min). From those spots, the biggest catch would be a decent jewie and maybe the random shark or two. Otherwise you'd be looking at typical bread and butter species - in which case lighter w
  11. Good company is always a plus, even if it's a kingie donut! Did you see any bust-ups whilst working the harbour and if so, where abouts? I'm keen to chase some this weekend!
  12. Thanks! What I was thinking would be a chat module on the front page with a live stream of chat messages where people could share where they have encountered bust-ups for others in the vicinity. Now that im thinking about it more, would have to have some way to sticky a chat message for a couple of hours so that they don't get lost. Otherwise maybe it's an interactive table of some sort that people can add to with their experiences.
  13. Hi all, was thinking wouldn't it be great to have a live chat feature on FR where you can relay info about bust ups you have encountered as we enter the season? Would be temporary as not to clog up the reports section and you can head to those locations if you are in the area. Often I'd want to see if anyone has come across them and also share where I've found them to be. What do you guys reckon? (We could call it the Bust up Brigade , I had second thoughts about Bust Watch 🤣)
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