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  1. anthman

    Are the bustups here yet?

    Ain't that the truth! Went again on Sunday, came back empty. Did manage to accidentally jag a baitfish that was amongst bait getting attacked by birds - was a tiny slimy. No pelagics around though, only birds.
  2. anthman

    Are the bustups here yet?

    Came across a patch of bait getting busted by tailor in the harbour area - very picky though, tiny metals and tiny SPs didn't work. The 3" powerbait minnow in watermelon colour produced, though!
  3. anthman

    Are the bustups here yet?

    Hi all, just come back from weeks on holiday and heading out this weekend to Sydney Harbour, just before the heads. Any sightings of baitfish getting busted on the surface in the harbour? I can't waiiiiit!
  4. anthman

    Action spots

    Hi Billy, add in the suburb that you are in / near / willing to go to in order to get a better response. My general approach when the weather is poor (assuming you are referring to high winds) is work out which direction the wind is blowing and based on that, work out if it's blowing in the same direction as where I'm casting into at my usual land based apots, then just pick the best one. Google maps + willy weather helps a tonne in doing this.
  5. Nooo, not the "poor man's lobster"!!
  6. anthman

    Lure Novice

    Some of my own preferences in terms of where to have landed after spending lots of time and $$ on lures (which have produced for me): * Powerbait 2" and 3" minnow - any colour that has silver shine to it (e.g. pearl). Not very durable, but does the trick. * Zman 3.75" streakz - very durable, get few per pack compared to powerbait but works out better if you aren't snagging too often. * 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8oz jig heads - eBay has em pretty cheap, around $12 for 20x for the lighter jig heads and a bit more for the 3/8oz. * Generic "halco twisty" style metal lures off eBay - 28g size * ~8g 50mm tiny metal lures - great for when the bait fish are getting busted up * <100mm bobbed minnow hard body. Having said all that, go for a fishing session with Derek, no doubt he'll cover the above lure types.
  7. anthman

    Lure Novice

    Definitely a valuable offer to consider, Slurm!
  8. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    Hello all, my dad has taken a go at drawing up a circuit diagram of how the wiring might go. Can someone please validate? Our objectives for it are: 1. Have the second battery as a backup to the starter. Don't have any accessories attached to it, so it's basically sitting there until we need it. Not sure how isolated the second battery is in how we have drawn it up in the diagram. 2. Use the VSR to keep both batteries topped up as needed when driving. 3. Use the switch - probably left in position 1 (starter battery) until we get home and set it to off. Not sure if the second battery can be charged whilst we have the switch on 1 (starter battery).
  9. anthman

    Great deal on big(ish) reels

    Have bought both. Will see how I go and get back to you all! From my brief inspection the fit and finish looks pretty good, well greased in the right spots and no obvious QC issues - looks pretty good and certainly better than the China reels Ive got in my collection (perhaps too many...). Time will tell! Browncrab - as traumatic as stories of catastrophic failure are, I still don't think it's fair to label all reels one and the same. Reel production has come a long way (even in the last 2-3 years, ive noticed huge improvement in the quality of China reels that I've purchased). Plus, too many factors go amiss in the detail of these bad experiences - as you suggested, care of the reel comes into play(maintenance, age, damage), how the reel was used (was a little reel used like a big reel? ), Which brand? Which model? How old was the reel (referring back to my point about level of advancement in the quality of China reels). Don't get me wrong, there are certainly bad quality reels out there, but there are also good ones amongst them - why dismiss a potentially good value reel on the basis of very circumstancial and non-emperical experiences? (Not ignoring that for some, the extra $$ paid means peace of mind, which is absolutely fine).
  10. anthman

    Great deal on big(ish) reels

    Generally agree with that statement but these reels were rrp'd at much higher price when they came out - does that mean the quality somehow got slashed with the price?
  11. anthman

    Great deal on big(ish) reels

    Just saw in the email today dinga, our site sponsor, advertising the Pflueger salt ii 70 size Reel for $60 and the rapala r-type reels for $99 (lots of sizes). Take another 5% off for fishraiders and that's a bargain! These are both sealed (I don't think operable underwater ) , aluminium body reels with big draw power and big capacity. I've been watching the salt ii and the cheapest Ive seen em on sale advertised is $79, vs $57 (with FR 5% discount). The r-type Ive seen around the 139 mark.
  12. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    Btw I just found a really good price on 2 gauge wire, so bought some of that - should be sufficient I think. Will have a go at planning out where things go this weekend - certain I'll have more questions!
  13. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    I've just checked - it's 22mm2 (squared) , which looks like it equates to 3B&S?
  14. anthman

    Need help on wire gauge for second battery

    Thabks for the reply! The VSR I bought is rated for 140a. I've also attached the wiring diagram that's associated with the VSR - looks a bit different to your diagram...
  15. Hi all, I have a Tohatsu m40d2 (a two stroke 40ho outboard). I've bought a second battery as a backup and looking to hook it up to a vsr and a switch so that it can be maintained by the 11amp alternator in the outboard and at the turn of a switch, provide alternative power to start the engine in case the primary battery dies. Ive bought a vsr already and about to buy a switch (four positions: primary, secondary, both or off). I'm not sure of the wiring between engine, primary battery, secondary battery, vsr and switch and I also don't know which wire gauge I need for which connections (or of they overlap - eg. Charging over the same cable as starting the engine). Can anyone share some experience based in the above requirements? I couldn't find the amp draw of the engine so not sure about the wire requirements. Distance would be all very close to the engine, so would not expect more than 1.5m between connecting points... Thanking in advance!