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  1. anthman

    Ramsgate Beach 12 September 2019

    Good job and thank you for the weed source.
  2. anthman

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    Maybe too late, but I used to carry around a manual bilge pump - took little space on the side. Having said that, an electric bilge pump is night and day better - imagine the emergency situation, fumbling around with a manual bilge pump/driving boat/dealing with bad conditions. And on that note, getting I wouldn't go into open waters even with a manual bilge pump cause of how dicey things can suddenly become.
  3. anthman

    Can I spray this stuff inside my reel?

    I wouldn't. Inox and lanox sprays should be used on the outside , gear grease and oil on the inside. Gears - some use a PTFE grease but becareful not to use too much as it can slow down the free spinning and add resistance. Bearings - light oil, "reel butter" is a popular choice. Basically no solvents inside.
  4. anthman

    1 PB Squid = 2 PB Kings

    Well done! Was the bustup a big one? Did you see any other surface activity?
  5. anthman

    Where to get good kind of cheaper boats?

    Gumtree is the way to go - browse a few and go visit some that tick the feature list that you are after. bring a friend who owns a boat - there are so many things that you just won't know to look for unless you've owned a boat. Read up on checklists - you'll start to form a view on what you want, usable floor space, condition etc... The suggestion above about repowering is a good one - you'll need to get a sense of the size of motor (target horsepower) that you'd likely settle on and start getting a sense of the market price for a new motor of that power - this will be the minimum difference you'd need to recuperate (less some for the existing motor on the boat). Lastly, look up some of the boat buying/selling etiquette - will help you get the most out of each interaction (even if you don't buy, youll learn useful info). Plenty more tips out there, but feels like you are in the discovery phase of your purchase for now - have a look around in the boat sub-forum. Good luck!
  6. anthman

    Persistence through the winter months

    Sand flats fishing is a great YouTube channel - I really want to catch whiting as easily as he does on small surface lures. This winter season has been pretty average for myself as well - bust ups have started so looking forward to a great summer season of fishing!
  7. anthman

    Ramsgate Beach 5 September 2019

    Thanks @LandBasedKeith that's a really helpful post you've shared! When fishing the groynes for luderick, apart from fishing a rising mid tide, do you have any other tips? Like, does it matter which side of the ground you cast on, how far out you cast from the ground, how far down the ground you travel (for deeper water) etc... Also, have you had any luck there with the cabbage style weed?
  8. Enough for: * Burley - would be a couple of handfuls that you chop up real fine, then mix with sand to make Burley balls * Bait - not much at all since you are using really tiny amounts on the hook.
  9. anthman


    I am at work. Seeing this from within my work walls makes me sad.😫 Great to see schools busting up - maybe it's an early start to the season? (Usually October onwards...). Shame about the weekend forecast...
  10. anthman

    Sydney Blackfish

    Blackfish still in botany bay!
  11. anthman

    Aird-x or bg4000 reel for $100 more?

    Fair point. My argument was in the context of the chokpa's range of reel that was being enquired into. I would like to point out where I said "You really have to give a spin in your hands to see." - bearings as an indicator of smoothness and quality can't be taken on its own - the sienna is a great example of a very cheap entry level reel that, despite on paper specs, is an incredibly smooth and reliable reel. Comparing a Stella and a sienna isn't just about bearings, of course. To make that argument fairly, you'd have to consider EVERYTHING that makes it a much more expensive reel - ultra premium materials inside and out, innovative design, precise gearing, features exclusive for the model, extremely tight tolerances on all movements etc.... Perhaps I shouldve included a classic marketing trap in a china reels where they often quoten "10+1 bearings" but fail to mention the grindy gears and huge wobble that may interfere with the all that smoothness 10+1 bearings gives you (that's without getting into the quality of the bearings chose n).
  12. anthman

    Aird-x or bg4000 reel for $100 more?

    "12kg drag on a 4000 LT reel" translates in my mind into: "4x more drag then I would reasonably use and if I did use it all, I'd likely snap the reel seat or something else on this relatively little reel". Also bearings don't mean too much - my 4000 sienna, with an incredible total of 2bearings feels incredibly smooth. My dad would attest to this smoothness as he has brought up legal kings on this reel. You really have to give a spin in your hands to see. The key benefit is prob that it's 100g lighter - 380g vs 280g is very noticeable at that end. Worth noting the Okuma epixor xt 40 weights 304g. Ive found size 40 in Okuma roughly translates into Shimano 4000 / Daiwa LT 3500 / Daiwa pre-LT 2500 sizing.
  13. Awesome! When you say Sydney, do you mean of the city of Sydney or coastal Sydney?
  14. anthman

    Aird-x or bg4000 reel for $100 more?

    A reel I have been super impressed with is the Okuma epixor xt series. You can get it from a shop us and shipped to here for about $80. They are not aluminium but have a super tough body, zero flex. Tackle advisors (prominent YouTube channel) rates them super high for performance but specifically line lay - which I agree has to be one of the best line lay on a reel I've seen. Goes up to a 50-size reel.
  15. anthman

    Central coast kingfish

    Well done Derek! Great report and well deserved! I do look forward to joining the 1m kingfish club one day, I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions that you can help answer!