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  1. anthman

    Dangerous casting practice

    Just thinking of the social situation, perhaps if the collective group shared their concern next time he goes at it - I imagine 1 on 1 is one thing, angering the mob is another. Maybe get those you are fishing with to back you up in a very gentle discussion. Surrounding fishos would understand, non-fishos would be appreciative of the concern for public safety. And if that fails, chuck on a 1oz jighead on 80lb fluoro and catch yourself a 50year old wide-brim fisho 🤣
  2. anthman

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    Thanks bluefin, some good advice there. I was fishing against bridge pylons and against the shoreline which was made of large rocks with oysters on them, an area I have caught some big bream on yabbies in the past. Might try land based to get the technique down and THEN add the complexity of a moving boat.
  3. anthman

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    Was a bust today - found it difficult to hold position / get close enough, spent half the time adjusting positions! Perhaps time to think about a trolling motor...
  4. anthman

    Trip suggestions

    Thanks heaps guys, will keep Forster in mind and reach out for ideas if that's the place we decide on! How's the entrance these days for land based hardbodies? Part of me feels it might be overfished (which would be understandable given the proximity to Syd).
  5. Hi all, I've just watched a few Steve Morgan YouTube videos and coupled with my beginners journey through tiny topwaters for whiting (still haven't hooked up yet 😭), i've found that I have a lot of lures that could be used for bream fishing! I'm excited! The videos place him along the middle harbour shoreline and nearby moored boats. Looks like the shoreline from the Roseville boat ramp and the stretch after the 8knot zone. Having NEVER fished for bream on hardbodies, can the wise people please share wisdom in answering the questions below? 1. I'd like to drift along the shoreline chucking hardbodies as close to shore and retrieving back. Is that the right way to go about it? I'd be looking for oyster growth , as much structure as possible. Method would be cast out and depending on the lure, cast beyond target zone, retrieve slow roll, pause, slow roll - rinse and repeat. 2. How long would you give a spot before moving on? I've heard that if you don't see follows in the first few casts, move on. That is unless there are vary obvious structural signs (i.e. heavy structure with lots of oyster growth) 3a. Are floating hardbodies the way to go? (Pic below of my collection). I do have a collection of light jig heads and soft plastics (2" zman grub, 2.5" gulp shrimp, wrigglers) 3b. I've got a range of rods and reels and line that I can prep for - what would you use? My current plan is to use a 7' 2-4KG Veritas 2.0 rod (quite stuff) with a 1000 Daiwa bg running 8lb braid on 8lb fluoro. My fishing partner in crime (dad) will use a 6'10 1-2kg gen black on a 1000 symetre running 6lb and 8lb fluoro. I've got access to a 7'2 1-4kg raider and a 7' 1-2kg gen black, if going ultralight is the best. Could run line as light as 1.5LB fireline crystal (breaks at 1.5KG!). Not sure of the need to muscle out bream or if you can play them a bit amongst the shoreline of middle harbour. 4. Assuming i've found a good spot (structure, visible oyster growth, cover), what are ideal conditions regarding: - time of day (early dawn, morning, heavy sun midday, afternoon, sunset, night?). I'm currently thinking of 9:00-9:30am - tide (before and after low/high, run up to high, run up to low, slack of the tide?big high tide, small high tide?). I'm guessing 1.5hrs on either side of high of a small to moderate high tide. - current (light, medium, strong). I'm guessing light for the lures to track straight, but at least some tidal flow. - wind and chop (glass, little chop so that you cant see beneath the surface, rough, whitecaps?). Ive heard little chop so the bream don't get spooked. Really looking to unlock this light impact style of fishing for my dad (in his older years!) and i - I feel like I've got the gear and access to the area, just need the method and wisdom!
  6. anthman

    Trip suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestion, Harrington might be an hour too far. Looking for 2-2.5hrs north or south. Did the entrance a while back, that was ok but we were uneducated at that point, maybe time for a revisit?
  7. anthman

    Trip suggestions

    Hi all, I'm Sydney based and thinking of going up or down the coast for a few days with my dad for some back to basics fishing! Looking for some suggestions on where to go. Would like to do some low impact fishing; * Collecting fresh yabbies (that'll be me working the yabbies pump) and soaking some baits. * Wading through sand flats - chucking small surface lures for whiting and bream. bibbed minnows for flatties. * Occasional light surf fishing using small/medium <30gram metals. * Maybe work some slapstix and stickbaits off a safe location(e.g. paved Rockwall) for pelagics What would you do?
  8. anthman


    I'd say it was 2-stroke 2.5hp at the rate it was going
  9. anthman

    Suggestions on travel rod for NZ

    All very good tips, thanks! Looking for views on if the rod would be appropriate - can get a good price on the raider.
  10. Hi all, I'll be travelling to NZ next year and plan to do some light shore fishing whilst I'm there. Wanting to bring my own gear I'm looking at some options. I'm planning to use lures whilst there, off beaches (not keen on rock hopping) probably hitting salmon/kahawai on light metals, maybe snapper on 5" jerkbaits and wouldn't it be nice to tango with a NZ kingfish land based. Admittedly that's a big range, might bring two rods but preference is for one. Would appreciate some suggestions for which rod and reel, as well as lures you would bring for the above targets and style of fishing. I have access to a 3piece slingshot engage 7' 6-10kg . I am thinking of getting the Shimano raider 9' 4 piece 4-7kg. Reel would be 3000-size, 12lb braid I think.
  11. anthman

    Soft Plastics vs Metal Blades

    That describes me! What's a usual retrieve? E.g. like a japanese-style egi retrieve (whip whip whip) then rod down, wait 20sec then repeat?
  12. anthman

    What's your preferred lure type??

    Mine has got to be the powerbait 3" minnow - any colour, they're all good ! (Watermelon and pearl blue even more so :P). I blame/thank DerekD for introducing these to me.
  13. anthman

    Rod suggestion

    Hello all, I've started a thought about a new rod (we all know how that happens) and now I'm on the hunt for a rod. My current go-to rod that I'm looking to complement is a trion xt II 7' 3-6kg. Fantastic rod but with quite a long butt. Reel arm to end of butt is 34 cm. Hopefully someone knows of a rod that is all of the below: * Crisp graphite blank (i.e. not composite) * 6'10 to 7' in length * Short butt! * 2 pce Any one that knows/has a rod that fits that description? Or is it the nature of that weight class to have a medium/long butt.
  14. anthman

    flats rod

    I have Daiwa generation black - 7' 1-2kg and it's fantastic for flats fishing. I think it (and others in higher capacity ranges) can be found for $150 though is being cleared out. In all honesty, I'd go any 7' rod with the following: * High modulus blanks - whippy tip is important! * Anything between upto a bream rod (2-4kg). * Short butt handle Saying all the above, the Shimano raider bream finesse 1-4kg is a nice rod for about $100 on sale at a boating store that sells fishing and camping gear, though doesn't cast as far as my 1-2kg which is more suited to the tiny hardbodies I cast. Save some money for the lures and quality thin braid that makes it all work!
  15. anthman

    Roseville bridge

    I've fished land based there in the past (on the side opposite the boat ramp side - in the picnic area). Have used yabbies for break and the occasional whiting. There was this time around Dec/Jan last year where small rat kings made their way to the boat ramp - were there for about two weeks before they were goneksis.