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  1. anthman

    Snapper drift grounds - off Waverly?

    thanks mate, that sounds about the right depth - marks would be very helpful, thanks alot! just need the weather to co-operate...
  2. Hi Fishraiders, In my pursuit of snapper and positive looking forecast for the coming Saturday (7knt winds, 1m swell), I am looking to try a new place! I went on a charter many moons ago and being a novice at the time, did not take exact coordinates - we caught a few snapper over many drifts of the same area, dragging heavily weighted paternoster rigs. I recall seeing a cemetary at the shoreline - Waverly cemetery I think. None of the FR marks in the GPS section place a mark off the cemetery so does anyone happen to know the area? Given the drifts were around 10-15min and we were moving at moderate speed, I reckon the area is quite large - might not be a single point of structure but instead an area. Any help in locating the spot/area would be appreciated!
  3. anthman

    boat trailer guides

    What are your key signs that you look for when knowing you've got the right depth?
  4. anthman

    Outdoors shop on Steroids

    I keep a spreadsheet on Google drive - I can open it on my phone and check through my rods and reels in possession before I buy that next rod/reel - it's often a pleasant reminder of what gear I already have and a cue to break out for some use. Of course, it's also licence to buy that new rod/reel when I don't see it on the list 😎
  5. anthman

    Outdoors shop on Steroids

    Dinga are rock solid. Have spent alot of money there🤣
  6. anthman

    Bottom Bashing Off Sydney - What works for me

    Such a great post, many things to try.
  7. anthman

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    Haha nice one. All the fish are bigger over there!
  8. anthman

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    I think it's a mental hurdle for me to imagine a whole pilly being eaten by a legal red / 40cm snapper! Though if that's what works in Sydney then so be it!
  9. anthman

    Anchor chain - deal on dinga

    Hey guys, just saw dinga have their eofy sale on, some cheap prices on anchor chain and related bits and bobs (given my recent topics on anchoring, though it would be useful to have spares). 4' of 1/4" anchor chain for $3 delivered (bit cheaper for FR members). As a point of reference, it's $6 per metre at Bunnings for same diameter chain, also hot dipped galvanized. Other stuff on clearance too (padlocks, spare chain links etc...)
  10. anthman

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    Thanks for that. What does kelp look like on the sounder? Is it less red (i.e. solid) and more patchy/dotty? Can it be just kelp on flat terrain (i.e. does not need rises/structure)?
  11. anthman

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    Thanks mate, really appreciate it!
  12. anthman

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    Thanks for the advice - I launch from Roseville and head through the heads and turn left (north) to get to long reef.
  13. anthman

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Thank you all - i used the ball and clip and will never go back! Might need to invest in a bigger sea anchor though (reduced a 1.5knt drift to a 0.9knt drift) - mine says its rated for upto a 6m boat (my boat is 4.72m) but I felt was very small and could potentially be bigger - about half a metre diameter when "opened".
  14. Hi all, went out to Long reef in Saturday in search of snapper, drove to a few of the gps marks looking for signs of life: grants snapper, reddies run, in shore snapper and also the long reef edge drop off. Also drove over some wrecks along the way between north head and long reef. Was driving around these areas around 8am. Could not find any big arcs! Anchored at the long reef dropoff ridge line - all that were summoned were trevally! Was using mainly pilly cubes aswell as small metal slow jigs. I know there are a few sticky posts, have read them, they suggest structure but to be honest the only structure I could see was the ridge line and all the other spots looked fairly flat on the sounder. Is there any advice from the seasoned long reef snapper fishos out there? Also, thanks to all on my prev post about sea anchoring and anchor retrieval - used the ball and clip and never going back! Might need to invest in a bigger sea anchor though (reduced a 1.5knt drift to a 0.9knt drift).
  15. anthman

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Ok, so ignoring my comment about swell, let's say current is going in the directions described. Is my thinking right?