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  1. For stripping line, I use an empty spool attached to a biro pen lid , which is then attached to a cordless drill. For anything less than 40LB, I use kastking kastpro braid - cheap Chinese stuff that breaks a bit above advertised breaking strain. For higher than 40LB, I've also got some gallant braid that I got on sale - breaks at much higher strain levels. I've heard great things about j-braid and lots of youtubers rock fishing pulling in big honking tuna and gt seem to be using this stuff:
  2. anthman

    Rod Repair

    ...or sandpaper. Just be careful not to scratch the guide eyelet inside surface as you clean!
  3. anthman

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    I've got absolutely no experience with this, but reading the article you originally posted, Koalaboi, it would seem the water surface is the strike area? maybe you could take a pair of old wetsuit pants and chop them off just below the knee (depending on how deep you wade) and hopefully thats thick enough to not let the parasites through? wear them with booties and you have full coverage (Which you would any way to protect against oyster shells / other sharp objects). If you dont have an old pair to chop up, just look for the cheapest you can find on ebay - 2mm wetsuit pants shipped from china seems to go for $32 -> +10% gst = ~$35 shipped. Would like some marine-based high school boy, i would imagine 😂 otherwise, just go with wetsuit bottoms and you can wade even deeper!
  4. anthman


    went out on sat 26th - middle harbour + sydney harbour, rats are still around. noticing them taking baits on the deep rather than surface atm, could just be me,
  5. anthman

    Sydney kingfish.

    Thanks mate, what's the roughest conditions you would consider going in? (Knots and swell)
  6. anthman

    Sydney kingfish.

    Nice, what boat are you in and how many km offshore were you? (I'm looking into a new boat)
  7. anthman

    water conditions report

    When on the water, what I find myself thinking often is "the forecast was wrong, its way [more/less] windier!" I thought about sharing this info but then realised the weather changes so quickly that even my on-the-water report can quickly become inaccurate shortly after! I'd rather not set a false expectation as I'm no meteorologist and certainly wouldn't want to I'll advise a FR even with the best intentions.
  8. anthman

    What would you buy for 45k?

    That's very interesting, I will take the tape measure with me. So just to confirm, that total length of 6.6m is for your 5.4m Tab CC ? Just wanted to check incase you have more than one boat My limit is about 6.3m total length, maybe a bit more...
  9. anthman

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Thank you so much for the info (and in my other post too!). Are you based in Sydney? I think for me the spray and sun protection of a cuddy cabin / windshield design is important. Have seen some but don't see any with windshield or cuddy cabin under 5m , they look awesome and tough! Nope not yet, will add to the list!
  10. anthman

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Would be stored Infront of my parents house behind a fence. The boat has to clear a corner hence the length limit. With trailer, am limited to a total of about 6.5m max from coupling to a the prop of a trimmed outboard.
  11. anthman

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Thanks for the info, 5m is the goal because of where we want to store it. Sounds like I can't go much pass the 2nm range into 'offshore' in this range unless the weather is really good. Consistently, will be just two fishing. You've mentioned alot of brands - but have not mentioned stabicraft. Any reason for that? Will see if we can make 5.4m work...
  12. anthman

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Hi FR, Some of you have seen my stabicraft 1550 fisher post and I thought I would change tact and poll the greater FR community with this question: What boat, new, would you buy for 45k or thereabouts? Outboard, hull and trailer. Conscious that there is probably a good deal in the second hand market, so would hopefully end up paying less than 45k. To help narrow this question, things I'm looking for are: * Be able to go offshore on an average day - not sure I'll be travelling more than 10km, would like to be able to make it back confidently if the weather turns bad. * Would like to keep it to 5m max * Dry and comfortable ride - maybe cuddy cabin type * Mainly two people fishing, might occasionally take a third and upto a fourth (we're all small built so hopefully not too squashy!) * Trolling motor mount * Maybe hard top * Live bait tank * Enclosed/sealed Battery storage * Easy to handle trailer Thanks guys - my current contender is the stabicraft 1550 fisher due to safety and wide gunnels.
  13. anthman

    Kingfish on yabbies / nippers

    Thanks for the info! Does that work when anchored, just dropped down, or does that need to be trolled/worked?
  14. anthman

    Kingfish on yabbies / nippers

    What's the presentation for slimey strip baits? Weve been getting a few of them lately. Nippers are very easy for me to get - so it's a small effort to get them the day before and use them straight away on the actual day.
  15. anthman

    Kingfish on yabbies / nippers

    Hi guys, just wanted to share my experience over the weekend. Semi report but more about the use of saltwater yabbies as bait for kings. The scene: there we were, anchored amongst the moorings, working through surface lures, soft plastics and metals. No bites and we decide to drop a yabbie on a 4/0 octopus hook, tiny ball sinker straight to hook to get it to 15m of a 20m deep area. This is on 16lb fluoro tied to 8lb braid on a 7' 3-6kg rod, 3000 size reel. This technique got us a nice snapper and a couple of bream. It also got us hooked into five kingies over a 3 hour period! Man they pulled hard on the light setup but were all well hooked and secured. Averaged about 60cm, all released to fight another day. Will definitely be bringing live yabbies with me next time I'm out!