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  1. Yep, nippers that you pump out of sand flats! Drifted with a suitable ball sinker locked into the leader with three loops of the leader through the sinker (poor man's downrigger) to about 40cm of leader before hitting a 5/0 mustard demon circle hook. Single yabbie, around 5-6cm if stretched out, on the hook. Set around midwater, though you may need to go deeper or shallower based on what the sounder is reading back, middle is safe. Dead or alive, it didn't matter, just as long the shell holds so that it can survive the drop, retrieve and current.
  2. Hi all, was in middle harbour near the spit bridge (western side) and found a bunch of suspicious looking seagulls bunched up and floating on the surface. No bust ups, no hive of activity, just a bunch of birds sitting on the water. Looking very much like a bunch of fishos sitting on a gold mine - and oh boy were they! Setup a drift to end up passing through them, killed the engine and dropped a couple of yabbies (my favourite) down on poor man downrigger rigs. The sounder looked promising - bait clouds moving by with solid arcs around midwater. We drifted over where the birds were and... Zzzzzzzzzzz! Rod buckled and reels were screaming (using 2500 and 3000 reels on 10-15lb braid, 3-6kg rods). During the drifts we also hooked up using 20g slow jigs as well as the trusty 6" slapstix (copies of). A memorable session on light tackle!
  3. Fantastic! What did the damage on the kings? And were they busting the surface? A great session for the memory bank!
  4. Thanks! That sounds incredible, very jealous!
  5. Where is Monty? Sorry, not familiar with that area!
  6. Nice! What area were they busting up at?
  7. Thanks kingies chaser, I removed the photo after the fellow FR members shared their advice. Have reported the activity through the official channels.
  8. Hi all - a brief report. What a beautiful day it was - low swell and high period, low winds and sunny. Great weather to be on the boat, but just couldn't find the fish (ended up with a bunch of large slimies and one legal flathead - all caught past the heads). But that's not the disappointing part (insert line about "that's why its called fishing, and not catching"). What was disappointing was the boat of three guys in a red and white boat with red folded back Bimini, catching undersized kingfish and bleeding them then and there. I saw them being bled and rinsed through the water by hand, the length no bigger than the length of a forearm and looked about 40-50cm. I told them off but got an immature and cowardly excuse of "I don't have a ruler" and "don't worry I go fishing all the time, it's over 65". Edit: thanks guys, will report using the full rego I noted down.
  9. Also, one of the most enjoyable ways of fishing "off a beach" is: * 2-4kg 7' graphite rod * Yabbie pump * Fishing a drop off from a sand flat at low tide. 1. Pump yabbies at low tide (1-1.5hrs before absolute low tide) 2. Fish using fresh and live bait, no need to cast a mile since you can walk right up to the drop off. 3. Catch bream and whiting!
  10. I wouldn't go straight to the ocean if you haven't had extensive experience with the yaks. You're right, 2.65m is short for "ocean" ventures (even on good days - boat wakes can cause you trouble). My advice is to gather experience in calm waters such as bays - you can still catch a tonne of fish but with the benefit of: * Being close to shore on case something goes wrong * Still have exposure to boat wakes as well as general weather conditions That way you can learn the limits of yourself and what a 10knt wind, 1.5m swell means for you on the water (extending that forecast for worse conditions if you venture out of the bay. ALSO, you can test your limits by slowly venturing further and further out. Make sure you get all the safety gear you need and take care! Go out with an experienced yakker - I don't want to come off as fear mongering, but a lot can go wrong very quickly if you're not prepared. Take care and enjoy! Make sure the other yakker also gets experience!
  11. Good days and bad days, if it was too easy it wouldn't be as fun! I also use Roseville as my usual launch spot - keep an eye out for the black and white stabi !
  12. Cant go won't with the raider snapper rod - I have two of them 🤣
  13. In the true FishRaider spirit, im more than happy to. It's heavily thought out and considered method, so I hope it brings you the same return as it did for me; 1. Drive around for ages, looking for bustups 2. Throw lure of your choice into the activity, catch a pelagic. 3. Whilst trying to unhook caught pelagic, observe for any fish ejected from the thrashing mouth of said pelagic. 4. Carefully pick up an ejected fish that is mostly in original form and place on nearest bait board. 5. Finally, zoom in and take photo. Tip: in performing step 3, ensure you do not step on ejected fish. If you have, repeat steps 1. and 2.
  14. Hi all, another brief report. Went out to the middle harbour spot featured in JYL's YouTube channel for a chance at a king - Saturday morning was windy and warm. Got a Yakka, sent it down whilst soaking a variety of other baits (pilchard, squid and my favourite, yabbies). No luck on any of the baits and Yakka - only managed to catch my other lines with the trouble the wind was causing! Three hours later we moved onto the moorings around the spit area - dropped the Yakka down and after a while it got smoked but alas, leader knot failure! Apologies to the local residents for my brief but intense bout of profanities. Packed up and just about to drive back to the ramp we spot a few bust ups on the surface - for the next 20min there were tailor busting up all around us (small patches appearing, disappearing and appearing again). Managed to land one, lost three - during which time we saw overcast cloudy weather, high winds with heavy downpour then intense sunshine, strange weather! Not much in the way of taking home a feed but I thought I would share this photo of a nice catch to remind us all of what's out there (and to match the hatch) - about 4cm. Bonus report: headed out on the water on Sunday on a no-fishing drive - saw about 50birds flocking a massive bustup at no other than right under the harbour bridge about 8am - squarely in the no stopping channel.