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  1. That is great to hear mate... think we have a good season coming.
  2. Fish have been busting up everywhere in the harbour lately. Rose Bay area has had a patch of warmer water and they seem to be swarming closer to the flats. lots of fun on small SP's and stickbaits
  3. Great to hear! Water is warmin up as you go past 9mile with clearer water and im hoping the Fads start firing soon
  4. I was at south head and colours on Sunday. Downrigged yakkas throigh numerous bait balls with decent markings around for zilch. Also tried jigs for nothing...Could be one of those days
  5. thats a serious effort ! good work mate
  6. @REELCRAZY my bad mate the post should say slow jigging.. definitely no micro jigs here awesome day and looking forward to getting out again. I
  7. After scouring the internet for hours on tips for slow jigging, I finally hit the tackle store and picked myself up a jigging outfit. Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag on a Shimano 180g weighted rod. Headed out with fellow raider @mshuangchao 6am through a very calm harbour and out to 9 mile reef. Sounded round for a while and marked some fish around 95m so engaged the spotlock and down went our jigs. First drop and Chao is on to what looked like a barracouta which was confirmed when the line was snipped and goodbyes were said to his shiny jig. After a few quick lessons on the technicque Chao's rod buckles as the jig is fluttering back down and after a solid fight he lands his first King of the day! After about 15 minutes went quiet so we sounded around until we found another patch. Shortly after I was finally onto my first fish on micro jigs. A bit disappointed with the lack of fight, I was suprised when I pulled up my first ever John Dory An hour later and we had another King and 2 more JD's. Wind picked up so we called it a day...Not bad for a first timer in this field and in under two hours. @mshuangchao is one highly skilled micro jigger and a great teacher! benos
  8. why does this not happen to me! Nice work bro
  9. Nice to see some surface action around the heads. I plan to head out saturday morning for an SP session around some of the washed and maybe out wide for some snapper in deeper water.. hopefully i have your luck.
  10. ebenos

    A few reds

    Does it get any better than that.... awesome post
  11. Dam!!!! Sucks about the egi rod they usually don't come cheap.
  12. Caught one crack of dawn on a SP around Middle Head.. First for me and was not expecting to hook one!
  13. Interestingly enough we were out yesterday morning crack of dawn flicking SP's while gathering live bait around Middle Head and my mate caught a decent sized hairtail. We threw it back and I wish I hadn't because like you said the rest of the day was extremely quiet.
  14. Awesome catch! Would of been super fun on light tackle benos