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  1. Great read. This sounds just at Murrays ramp at Jbay. It amazes me how many ppl tie there boats up to the very small usable portion of the jetty to wait around, grown men holding their boats. Go float around until your mate comes or have the trailer in the water ready.
  2. Hi Mate, I was down there last week had 3 sessions on the Kings over 3 sessions we managed 46 squid and 40 rat kings with one goodie lost at the boat. You couldn't get away from the rats ranging 55-64cm All fish was caught under the light house at point perpendicular and along the cliff, we mainly down rigged whole squid or strips. Also 100gram knife jigs, slugs and plastics worked well when they were under the boat. Get there early as the bite slows down when the sun gets higher. Most fish was found in the 20m mark with baits at the 10m mark Hope that helps, just make sure you known where the marine parks at as the fisheries was out.
  3. Thanks guys, in leaning towards Parsley but I have heard heaps of people say Apple tree never shuts. Confused lol
  4. Hi guys, I'm planning on going for a hairtail bash this Saturday night. I was wondering if I can get some info on which ramp to use. I would prefer to use Apple tree however I rang the park up and they informed me that the gate will close and don't want it be locked in, can someone please advise if the gate to the park does in fact lock and at what time? Or should I be using parsley bay? Also would Waratah bay be the place to be? Thank you all in adanced.
  5. If you boat based try along the cliff outside south head at botany
  6. I suggest if your undecided try play (air jig) with overhead and spin to feel which feels in the hand for you. I have both overhead and spin and I always revert to spin. The best advice if try stretch the budget and get quality, as jigging is hard on the gear and from memory the drags on the saltiest over head ain't that good (speaking from experience) Personally have a look at a 8000 sized spin like a Saragossa or something in that range.
  7. SZ1

    Soft Roof Racks

    Hi mate, used the soft racks to carry a kayak once for my mate for a trio down the south coast, the wind buffering noise will drive you crazy and on the way back it was raining and I got wet marks on my roof lining as water was sipping through. For short trips I think their good but on a long trip I don't rate them.
  8. Hi guys, Just kitting out a new boat, i have a scotty d-rigger 1050, I am looking for a gimble mount the goes into a rod holder, the catch is I'm looking to get a gimble that has no angle on it if that makes sense. Been looking around the net and can't seem to find any, and all the one I have seen at the shops are angled. Any help or directions on where to try would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. The way I rig mine is: Braid tied directly to the leader via a FG Knot. Then u would attachéd a strong swivel to the split ring and then tie my leads to the swivel. Nice and easy.
  10. Have a look at the smith amj range, I have a amj54h pe3-6 fishing pe4 on a 8k Stella I was smashing kings to 20kg in nz. Great action and soft tip to work the jigs.
  11. Thanks guys I will most likly try apple bay. Any tips on where in wv should I be trying? Near the visiting moorings, close to shore, 20m of water etc? Thanks
  12. Hi Raiderss, how is everyone doing? With all the reports comming in for Hairtails, i plan to have a go at them on Saturday night, having only fished the harbour and Bontany Bay i am not very familiar with the Cowan system or what boat ramp to use. Now i have the Navionic app on the Iphone to guide me where i'm going on the water. However I have no idea on where to launch. Ideally a popular safe ramp that everyone uses so i won't be along lol. Can someone please point in the right direction goolge map pictures or address to various ramp would be greatly apprecaited. Also can some one please advise if the ramp wont be locked up as i plan to fish into the night. Thanks in advanced. Cheers, SZ1
  13. 15kg is alot off drag, I would honestly be surprised with a spool of line will achieve 15kgs. Even stellas which claims 25kgs of drag will not put out that much with a full spool.
  14. If you don't have down rigger you try the poor mans way by using 300gram metal jig.
  15. Hi mate, I would set the drag at 8kg at strike, as don't forget you still have sunset up your sleeve if needed, also with overhead you can burn some skin off your thunmb if needed as well. I have a Tynos 20 and i have it set at 8kg on strike, but then again its been around 4-5yrs and it is yet to see water