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  1. Had around an hour and a half or so free sunday so I decided to head out with a mate off Cronulla. I didnt really have enough time to berley up the reds, so I went for flatties. Managed 3 in about an hour or so (41-46cm), with about 50+ throwbacks, unbelievable. I also managed an absolute monster cuttlefish, probably around 4-5kg (the net is around 60cm x 52cm), probably the biggest one I have ever seen, even including when I go for wreck dives! I had the thought of keeping it for future snapper bait though I didnt want to keep such a large cuttle, so back she went. On the way in we went for a quick troll and also managed a 48cm bonito, the photo really doesnt do the bonnie justice. Anyway, it was a good way to finish a decent weekend before the cool weather sets in, cheers.
  2. Cheers fellas !! Bruce, Yes that’s around the depth I fish in, I practically go offshore to reef grounds around that deep and berley hard and hope for the best! Often you need to move around as you can get plauged by pike, jackets, gar and even toadfish at times! Cheers
  3. I've been lazy posting of late, its been a while since my last post; Went out for good Friday for reds off Cronulla, the conditions looked much better in the afternoon so I waited head out. Anyway, a mile or so out, light offshore winds and a small 1.4 swell, current going south east. I Anchored on a reef I consistently fish with results. I burleyed up hard, though the current was quite strong and it took a while for the burley to get down. Anyway come of a half hour or so I land a 42cm reddie (smaller one in the picture). Over the next hour and a half or so, I landed around 4 legal trevally (all thrown back), another 5 snapper (one 51cm pictured above) all of legal size, a few pike and a red rock cod. Went home after 2 and a half hours, with 2 good reddies I kept for the table. Happy Easter everyone, and happy fishing, Cheers
  4. I'm actually freezing it and using it as snapper bait for the next probably 10 times going offshore because it is that big
  5. Apologies as I have been terribly lazy of late with no posts.. headed out on good friday with dad early off botany, with practically no wind and a very slight 1m swell going SSE. Fished in around 50m of water around reefs targeting snapper with a bit of luck; managed 4 pannies 32-38cm, with 4 morwong all of relatively decent size 50-55cm, an absolutely huge cuttlefish which weighed in at around 2.1kg, and what I think to be the best eating fish on the east coast a nice 32cm pearly. Plenty of throwback snapper in amongst that. We also saw a small Mahi Mahi come to the surface and circle the boat.. I've never seen one in so close within 2 miles of the coastline, which was a pleasant surprise, probably due to the water being 22.9 degrees so close in. Back home by 11, cheers.
  6. Yeah mate we kept them, tasted great to be honest was just hoping there were more about
  7. Mate they are ridiculous, literally tear them to shreds, I use Berkeley or Samaki and yeah I agree, they're a bit better honestly I'll use anything that replicates the natural bait best
  8. Went out for a quick hour session with a mate in the bay this morning, very quiet as the water cools down. Managed a 40cm flattie & 31cm flounder amongst heaps of chopper tailor and many torn apart plastics.
  9. beautiful fish! definitely a fish worth targeting coming into these winter months! Well done mate
  10. great catch mate, great to see kings of some size about! ive caught so many rats this season its not even funny
  11. top catch mate, that whiting is a horse ! itll sure go well on the plate
  12. well done mate, where abouts did you catch the fella? Ive caught a hairy in winter out in 90m from long reef
  13. Thanks mate Thanks mate, dad and a few friends dont mind them, as long as you remove the inner lining of their stomach,often filleting does the job. The reddie was great on the plate thanks mate, yeah dad and a few friends seem to like them thanks mate
  14. Went out wide this morning before uni with dad, conditions extremely sloppy - wind, rain, strong SW current and uncomrtable swell Managd a nice mixed bag of a 2 reds, one 54cm one, a pigfish, 2 movies, 2 six spine jackets and 3 flatties. A fair few undersized throwbacks but all in all not a bad result considering the conditions
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    nice catch mate!