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  1. Cheers Yowie, Yes it is bit hard on squid at the moment. Good to see that bonnies are still around. Flattie on butter with chilly and lemon for me, if I get lucky.
  2. Congratulations, fresh bait does the trick. Have you butterflied the Yakka?
  3. Thanks for the reminder Richard. I have to admit that lately I have had "sore" eyes after fishing trips. Not sure what might be causing it as I am wearing good quality polarised sunglasses. And on top of it only few days a vein poped in my right eye - so have the terminator look for few days ( no x-ray vision aquired) πŸ˜‰ Perhaps I need to pay a visit to an optometrist. Cheers Gus
  4. I gave the bonnie fillets a go with a Greek style - baked with oregano and potatos (Palamitha sto Fourno) Tailor is currently getting a treatment with smoke, should be ready for lunch. This smoke box from a a shop is working well. Cheers, Gus
  5. Hi Raiders, Ventured out to Bate bay for prospecting new grounds on north side close to Merries reef as weather was very kind on Sunday. Wife asked for kingfish for Ceviche so the plan was to get livies - no luck at Oak Park so I have tried to locate some of the bait schools which were earlier near Wanda beach - no luck there either. First flattie came up on home made flasher with fish strip. Off to Merries reef and picked up a bonnie and nice taylor on Halco Lazer pro in gold and Pakula bug skirt. No luck on squid on the reef however other boats did better. Picked another flattie and 2 bonnies(letting one go as I already had enough) off boat harbour and decided to head back to Gray's point. On my way back engine oil indicator started to flash - not good πŸ₯Ί stopped engine (Suzuki DF70), checked prop,revs also ok etc. Could not see any getting home took a while. Think it might be an automatically triggered when engine reaches certain hours -now 85hrs- as a reminders of upcoming service. All and all eventful day. First on the menu is bonito with thai fried rice. Cheers, Gus
  6. Hi Yowie, I always look forward to your reports. I was in one of the boats heading out. The weather was too got to miss - Bate bay was very calm. Plenty of bait around and some success with flathead on drift.
  7. Hi mate, You can usually get some squid at weed beds around Jibbon. The king's might be holding at the moment around South West arm. Best of luck! Gus
  8. Hi Plethora, This looks very good. Where is it hosted? Cheers! & Good luck James
  9. Well done, I always get confused by your reports. I fish the same area for 10% results 😊
  10. Ohh mate, good on you. I am still waiting for my first legal kingie
  11. Great to see the yet around in good numbers, hope the steaks went down well. How far are the exclusion zones for long liners? Would be better fishing without them, but...
  12. Great to hear mate, and don't worry they will grow up! I wish there would be more honest fishos releasing undersized fish.
  13. Great session, which technique have you used?
  14. Good day on the water, keep them coming.