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  1. thaichilli

    FR Yak Meet Mark III

    Hi guys, where abouts on the 13th? Cheers, Gus
  2. thaichilli

    Fingal beach

    Nice report mate - I am giving a Fingal Bay a go this weekend on kayak. Hopefully the weather will calm down and the fish will be on bite. Cheers, Gus
  3. thaichilli

    Kayak Krew meet - 11th March

    If the weather permits I am in. Gus
  4. thaichilli

    Upgrade time

    Hi Krause - I started on Cobra - then upgraded to Viking Pro Fish. Now I am on Hobie Revo and wouldn't go back. I agree with the above mentioned - the Viking Reload or Stealth are leading in my eyes depending on the area/style of fishing that you do. Good luck with the new toy. Gus
  5. thaichilli

    First legal kingy on my Bday

    Hook them and cook them well
  6. thaichilli

    First Time at the Fads

    Great report mate - I am sure the kings will come very soon. Yes horrible manners from some boats these days. Would nit take a kids with me fishing from boat or kayak in Port Botany these days. Cheers Gus
  7. thaichilli

    Setup for Trolling

  8. thaichilli

    Setup for Trolling

    Hi Ricardo - this looks worth trying. Is the soft plastic weighted jig? and what is the not that you attach it with? Cheers mate. Gus
  9. thaichilli

    Wanda beach_tips

    Hi - park at Greenhills and take any of the last two gates to the beach that will get you right in front of the gutter. Plenty of bait fish around for last couple of days with Taylor and dolphins chasing it. Good luck
  10. thaichilli

    Rat kings from kayak

    Nice one mate - what kayak do you have?
  11. thaichilli

    Saturday 17th December kayak Meet

    Hi Rod - I will try to make it. Cheers, Gus
  12. thaichilli

    Thanks to Stuart at cronulla

    Great to hear that. Fishers Watch Phoneline on 1800 043 536 or
  13. thaichilli

    Kayak meets

    Hey guys - I just got back into kayak fishing after few year break and would like to team up for the longer/fun trips to share the pain. I am based on Port Hacking and fish from Viking Profish 45 and would love get a Kingfish over 100cm this season Cheers Gus
  14. thaichilli

    Land Based Map

    Thanks mate! Great post.
  15. thaichilli

    South Durras

    Hi all, I would like to share with you my experience from the great long weekend camping in Murramarang park. The holiday park was found by mistake by my girlfriend but nothing better could happen to us. Great vibe, nice facilities and a lovely place to go camping with family. What was more important the beach was right at our doorstep with the rocky headland to the right. New area required a thorough exploration and discovery of sea cabbage patches on the rocks seemed promising. I have identified couple of nice rock fishing spots on each side of headland worth checking out on the next day with good tide. First evening fishing off the beach just in front of the holiday park - no big expectations accompanied by glass of red wine and cheese platter watching the sun set. I used to do a bit off kayak fishing but I am sort off new to beach fishing - I have decided to go for Alvey reels and appropriate rods and I could wait to get my first fish on brand new Garry Howard 12foot surf rod accompanied by new Alvey 6500 BCVRR. Both with running ball sinker and ganged hooks. Not much happened before sunset - but then the big Alvey started screaming. After 5 minutes I have managed to get the fish to the wash but never got my hand on it. This was definitely the biggest fish I had on and I will make sure I will moisturise my hand next time before trying to palm the reel )) Bait - whole squid. Shortly after that pulled out a nice Taylor and packed up ready to try the rocks next morning. Next morning rock fishing on the rising tide with plenty of bait available: 4-5 undersized luderick and baby drummers. No legal fish. The next day on the beach I have changed the rigs to paternoster with set of gangs and surf popper. First fish on the sand was a big "shovel nose shark/Ray" with two stingers - sorry for the blurry description. Taking deserved rest I have left to get something from the camp and On my way back I saw my girlfriend dropping her book and running towards the rods. She hooked up a good fish - after short struggle with the tangled line I have pulled out my fist shark. Suddenly group off people swormed on us checking out the action. Photos taken and hop back into water - reef shark of some sort around 75cm - on the surf popper I have finished my day fishing for whitting with 2 good sized fish for dinner on strips of mullet. There it is guys - beautiful place worth visiting. Lots of kayaker in the bay which has got a lot of reef patches for those of you interested. Cheers - Gus