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  1. Stu-SP

    Coogee to Bate Bay

    There are posts all over Facebook with people getting them off Sydney. A mate of mine got a 60kg model last weekend, out past browns in about 100 fathoms.
  2. Stu-SP

    Coogee to Bate Bay

    Nice report Sam, they were probably chasing all the yellow fin tuna off Sydney at the moment. Also still marlin and dollies about.
  3. Stu-SP

    North Coast Warms Up

    Thanks for the tip Marlin!!
  4. Stu-SP

    North Coast Warms Up

    That’s an awesome trip and great report! What did the damage on the reds? Well done!
  5. Stu-SP

    South Coast Late Report

    Great report and info Rozza. They are some cracking reds you got there!! I went out with my dad on Tuesday 24th for not much as the Kiama Fad was not in the water!? We were going to target dollies but had to change our game plan. But we got into some solid squid on the way in for a feed!! They hit the live yakkas, then switched to a jig to boat them.
  6. Stu-SP

    Few fish this week

    That’s an awesome couple of days! Well done!!
  7. Stu-SP

    Sydney Harbour FAD

    Congratulations on your first Dollies!! It must be the season for it, I caught my first one this year too. Great eating and sport fish to target, well done!!
  8. Stu-SP

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Thanks Sam Bros. Tasted amazing too! I’ll try and upload another pick Nice work. Yeah mate I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some stage! I’m looking forward to finding some reds in the area.
  9. Stu-SP

    Oops i did it again

    That’s a belter!
  10. Stu-SP

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Thanks Rozza! What boat were you in mate and did you have any luck? I’m in a 460 coast runner with a blue bimini. Hopefully I’ll see you out and about soon and say g’day. I’m keen to learn some local knowledge of the area, it’s a good start!
  11. Stu-SP

    sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    I own a 460 coast runner with a 50hp Yamaha on the back and I’ve been to the wide fad off port hacking (I think it’s about 20km out) multiple times. You definitely need all the safety gear and I always wear a PFD and make my mates wear them too. Even if the conditions are perfect, I only even have one other person on board when going that wide! Good luck and I hope you get a few, like everyone says be sensible and know the weather! You’re not going to fly home with a 50hp on the back if the weather turns to crap, so allow enough time and know when enough is enough. No fish is worth your life.
  12. Stu-SP

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Always one more! Love it when a plan comes off, also let my mate know that the fad did produce that day ? They are a great sporting fish Sorry mate I didn’t, we fished it from 7-9:30am. There was a fair bit of current pushing from the north. The drift was pretty quick but most of our hook ups were after we were south of the fad, sometimes 200m plus.
  13. Stu-SP

    Mahi mahi

    Great work!! What plastic did the damage?
  14. Stu-SP

    Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Hey Raiders, It was my first time putting the boat in the water since moving down to Gerringong 6 weeks ago. My mate drove down Friday night for an early start in the morning. Our plan was to hit the Kiama Fad then chase either kings or snapper on the way back in. I received a message off another mate saying the fad doesn’t fish that well, but we decided to stick to our original plan. We launched and Gerringong at 5:45am to see only two trailers in the car park. We found some bait not too far from the boat ramp. The yakkas were thick in numbers! We had about 10-12 so decided to call it and head out to the fad. The wind and swell made it a bit of a lumpy and bumpy trip out, be we arrived smack on 7am. Only about 4 other boats out there at this stage. We put out a few livies and threw stickbaits on the first few drifts. The stick baits only caught the smaller speciemens ranging from 50-60cm. Great fun on light gear, especially when they get aerial. However the livies did the trick on the bigger models. My mate caught his fist ever Dollie going 66cm that went in the esky and about 4-5 others, all released. I managed a keeper, my biggest going 77cm and about 3-4 rats. The wind was picking up and we were down to our last two livies so we decided to to one last run. About 100m past the fad, I start losing line quickly. I saw this one come out of the water and it was the biggest of the day... I tightened up the drag a little as it was heading towards another boat after some solid runs! After a 10minute fight, a failed gaff shot, a failed tail grab we netted her!! She went 102cm and went into the esky for a feed. My mate stil had his last Yakka and we did two more drifts for nothing. Decided to head in to a spot at the back of Rangoon island for some kings. We threw plastics and jigs for some rock species them my mates livie got hammered! He had two really solid runs and he couldn’t stop it and it ended busting him off on the reef. We called it for a good king, even though we didn’t get a look at it. The wind started to get up so we called it quits and headed back into the ramp to clean the fish. Pulled the boat out at 11:30am. Dinner was sorted for our family, my friends family and the neighbours for last night and tonight!! Absolutely loving the south coast! Tight lines, Stu.
  15. Stu-SP

    Any raiders in the shoalhaven?

    Hi all I’ve just moved down to Gerringong 4 weeks ago from Cronulla. I’m yet to put my boat in the water with last Sunday being blown out. If you could share some tips with me on where to get livies or squidding grounds It would be greatly appreciated. I plan on launching at either Gerringong or Kiama next time I’m heading out. Tight lines and always keen to chat to fellow raiders!!