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  1. good one Neil it's good to see you in to some fish . cheers TAC
  2. me too , the middle 2 were the same day it never ceases to amaze me how it go's from orange to pink 1/2 an hour later
  3. I know I'm too late to the party but I would recommend the 4500 as a min as it has a mechanical back up anti revers the same as the saltiga , I have 2 8000 and for the money they are a lot of reel and bullet proof .
  4. the 1st 3 two pics were taken on a Tuesday and Friday in the same week on lake Victoria on the Gippsland lakes the other was before dark one night after gummys enjoy I sure did and back at the ramp on the 2nd shot and on the beach one night we got 4 gummys hope you liked them cheers TAC
  5. haha glad I ain't the only one that does this
  6. thanks FHL well I was going to get a good daiwa reel but today a well known shop sent me a sms telling me about their 25% off all rods so I figured 2 Pflueger Trion 2-4kg rods and a stradic 2500FK was a good buy i saved $130 with the 25% and a price match from from another shop on the reel new stradic on one and old on the other now I have replaced all my 2pc rods with one piece Christmas finally got here for me . so then my cheeky son walks in when he gets home and says typical houso ya got another stradic this is what happens when you spoil'em . cheers TAC
  7. tackleberry

    new reel

    well after I went in the one of the local takle stores and having a look at the airdX I have been kicking around the idea of having 1 REEL good bream bashing reel and have been eyeing off the 16 Certate in a 2506 and it's in the $450 budget . so is there anything else I should be looking at . cheers TAC
  8. their all just about warn out I have been using them on a weekly basis for 8-9 years or do you mean the new Stradic FK if so it is a pos well the 5000 I bought is , only took me a couple a months to save up enough for a bio master 5000 SWPG and it leaves the stradic for dead . EDIT ..... haha I just realized yep the one in my avatar hmmmm I will have to change that .
  9. I'm thinking of having a change and going from shimano to daiwa and am liking these Daiwa Aird X as they look a good reel for the money so if you have one how long have you had it and what do you think about it . will be replacing my stradic fi x 5 cheers TAC
  10. I use cal's drag grease on all my carbon drags
  11. this is because the penn has a weak rotor among other things like it isn't as water proof as they say
  12. when you catch more than 40-50 in a session not many i would imagine i am not talking about finesse fishing just tossing at pelagics + salmon tailor and the like . if you are worried about a swivel putting a fish off you would not be using halco twisty metal lures or anything like them you would be using a better quality more life like imitation .
  13. i use these and have never lost a fish because of it
  14. no help here but i will say if you get spiked by him you will have a fun day