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  1. thanks Rick ill be heading down to catch tomorrow's 7pm low tide. its good when things line up, cheers OG
  2. slab baits of either salmon or tailor are killer off the beach, be prepared for the rays and sharks as by catch though, saying that a bent rod is better than a straight one I rig with a 2 hook rig similar to how u would rig a live squid, one through the top and the other hanging of the bottom with 30-60 lb leader
  3. working up Newcastle for the next 12 months and have my sights set on jews from the beach, have been hitting blacksmiths and Stockton 2/3 nights a week, have managed regular catches of sambo's, rays, flathead, bream and whiting, sticking to the theory persistence pays off
  4. hi all hope the fish have been biting! looking for a point in the rite direction working up Newcastle at the moment and would like to find some yabbies to pump around Swansea bridge or close by any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks OG
  5. in general my rule is if its in a packet I'm better off going to the fish shop, if there closed the big shopping chains fresh stuff is even better than something from a shop/servo frozen in plastic woolies fresh green prawns peeled have resulted in many good catch's of the beach at Cronulla
  6. its hard to catch anything, anywhere with servo bait, I suggest the live bait shop at bexly for squid and live nippers or the oyster farm just down from shark park for fresh squid and prawns, surprisingly not that much more expensive than the filth you get from the servo even better pump nippers at grays point at low tide
  7. sum would kill for ur consistency in and around the hacking, well done as always
  8. just curious wether you bother grinding the pellets up or just mix them in whole??
  9. don't get anything with a zipper you will regret it, I know I did, twice now hahaha
  10. as the title states, Trolling along the beach is it worth it?? thinking of trolling bate bay Cronulla at first light before going out wide for the day thoughts on possible catch's?? in advace Thank you for any input
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