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  1. Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it
  2. G’Day Raiders Now that it’s starting to get cooler I am keen to try and catch my first Drummer. I have read non stop about catching them from the rocks. But I am interested in engaging the spot lock and hitting them from the boat. does any body have any specific tips for me from the boat? or times and places? I was thinking along these headlands near Fingal Bay. Is this the right area? What else will I encounter? mainly thinking bread or prawns for bait. thanks for all your help!
  3. Scratchie - I’d be happy with a Mac Tuna 😂hopefully the weather gives me some more opportunity to head out soon!! Pickles - it’s a plate alloy Australia boat. 4.85m with a 70hp Yamaha on it. I’ve only had it since January and trying to take the safe option and slowly get used to it in different conditions instead of going straight out to Broughton and ending up on the news 😂
  4. this video may help
  5. Great flatties mate! poor bloke at the boat ramp wouldn’t be too stoked with his day
  6. Afternoon Raiders, after some advice on this forum and from the local tackle shops I’ve finally fronted out the heads of Port Stephens. Friday up for an early start and trolled lures all the way to Fingal Island and bait fished for some Snapper. Only caught undersized Snaps and a few Bonito but did get used to driving my boat out front. Decided to give it another crack this morning, hit the water and was out the heads right on first light. Didn’t muck around and headed straight out to Fingal Island and fished the Tomaree side, got a legal snapper through the little fish.
  7. G’day Guys, Headed out to Port Stephens again yesterday. Launched at Lemon Tree Passage and braved the chop and made it to Shoal Bay to chase some squid to use as bait for Jew. Unfortunately only managed one smallish green eye squid which we kept for bait. And headed back towards Corlette to fish the wreck. About halfway back we stopped and cast some metals at busting up schools of fish hoping for some bonnies, but unfortunately they were only small Tailor chasing baitfish. Which we had great fun slugging metals at. Went to the anchorage to grab some livies and there was n
  8. G’Day everyone. Headed out last night just before sundown and grabbed some livies from around the anchorage at Corlette and made our way to the wreck. put our live baits down and caught some squid. After a couple of hours we rigged up the live squid and sent em down. caught 1 undersized Jew (released to fight another day) Hoping for a bigger model but it didn’t come. But glad we are on the right track. Had a few more runs but no takers. caught a few shovel nose and a Ray, but assuming our baits were set to low! Easy fix for next time. definitly
  9. I see blokes catching them on Stockton from time to time
  10. If you make it up as far as Cairns, make sure you hit up palm cove jetty. I’ve caught everything on that jetty from Barra, GT, small Tuna, mangrove jacks to Spanish Mack. Fish early morning/late afternoon, tide changes and use unweighted live bait. if there is lots of bait around then you will be laughing. also - I second Exmouth. I can give you a million good land based spots there. Feel free to PM me, I’ll even draw maps 😂
  11. Mate from my experience they are like anything and can be caught in the day, but obviously not as prolific. bait wise - as fresh as possible! I know in SA years ago we were catching them around Port Augusta in warm water from the power plant when it was still running. So maybe if you can find some warmer water? don’t know if that’s helpful or not! Let me know how you go
  12. Thanks guys. I’ve decided to not put the 25hp on. thanks for the input
  13. Great squid, bit of size to them!
  14. Thanks mate. Exactly what I was looking for. legend. I’ll give them a call tomorrow
  15. Thanks mate, I usually fish alone but occasionally will have a couple of people with me. im okay not having speed. but I might look at selling the motor and buying the boat with a better motor. thanks
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