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  1. Mate that was a great read. Felt like I was there 😂😂
  2. Cheers mate, Heard of the little gibber but didn’t know that was it. I will give it a go next month when I have a chance. Just trying to plan as much now to have a successful trip! thanks for your help.
  3. Love seeing the dolphins like that. Great photos
  4. Hey Raiders, With this bad weather and about a month before I can head out fishing again, I have started planning a bit of fishing. want to head down to Mungo Brush on the beach and see what I can get. Hoping for a Jew or big tailor. so my plan is to fish the point pictured from about 2pm into the night (wind and tides depending of course). the night before I am hoping to catch some live squid and yakkas and keep alive to put out into the surf or closer to the rocks. Maybe use the drone to drop some further out. does anybody see flaws with this pla
  5. Great Salmon. Better eating than most give them credit for too
  6. Too much burley?? im not a big rock fisho though, just spitballing
  7. Not catch and release? 😂
  8. I’ll have to pick your brain sometime mate. I can’t even find squire/pannies inside the bay at the moment 😂.
  9. G’day Team. just want to say thanks to everyone who pointed me in the right direction. went for a fish in the tinny for about an hour near Tanilba Bay behind Snapper Island. Found where the water was ripping past some structure and tossed a bait in. 10 minutes later, bang. A little Bream took my bait and I had myself dinner tonight. Heading back out for a longer fish and hoping for a few more fish. But this was a good start and has given me some confidence. thanks everyone
  10. Absolute ripper snapper mate. Wow. Stuff dreams are made of. now time to upgrade the tinny to get out to Broughton! 😂. Can’t catch ones that big in the bay, unless your me and you can’t catch any 😂. Good work again.
  11. Hey guys. Thanks for the advice. Had a go today but not really sure what I was doing so just stuck to trolling some Halco laser pros up and down the headlands. Caught a few bonito - this is the smallest of the lot.. also got busted off by something substantially bigger but all in all I’ll pass today off as a failed experiment 😂. Didn’t really have a solid plan which never bodes well. But still good to be out on the water.
  12. Hey Everybody. Finally getting out for another fish and taking the tinny out off of boat harbour/fisherman’s bay. Cant get out until about 9 due to work. just wondering if everybody thinks it’s still worth heading out for a fish. Mainly chasing some fish around bombies with plastics. aand is it worth trolling some metals up and down the coast line?
  13. Absolute gold! Good haul lads
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