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  1. Thanks guys. Appreciate it
  2. G’day all, i am just after some tech help/ideas/experience. I currently have a Lowrance HDS7 Carbon. my issue is that it is a small screen and when halved with maps it is hard to see the sounder well. Has anybody experience on linking a tablet or similar as a second screen for the sounder to use the hds7 as maps (or vice versa)? I know I can screen mirror through the Link app. or am I better off buying a second unit to use as a sounder? Cheers. Rummers
  3. I got a donut today too! Thought I was a genius hitting the flats at Lemmo on low tide, turns out a lot more weed than I remember! 😂😂 always next time!!
  4. G’day Raiders. When this lockdown is over and we can go for a fish, I am looking at targeting some kings around the islands out front of Port Stephens. am I wasting my time and should I just head out to Broughton? I have gear that will get me out of trouble. But techniques is where I struggle haha. My plan is just to catch some live bait and slow troll them around the islands and reefs, particularly little island. Is there any specific way I should be trolling them? I.e weighted down. Rig ideas? I was thinking of straight from leader to the hook with no weight but am worried the fish will swim too high. I have had a little read on here and found some good info, any and all advice is appreciated. cheers Rummers
  5. Knots for speed as I feel it’s nautical 😂 Meters for depth as it’s easier to visualise in reference to football fields. KM for distance because it’s what I know LBS for weight as that’s what I use a lot at work.
  6. Good report mate. What do you do with the rod in the holder? Drop it straight down and let it float with the drift?
  7. I might as well be in lockdown with the amount of fish I’m catching! 😂 well done mate! Great fish
  8. Thanks! I’ll have to find some of that structure and give it a go! shallow reefs or deep?
  9. Sounds like I’m on the right track then! I’ll be getting plenty of practice in so hopefully can get the results as it warms up. Confidence out front in low light conditions is key for me I think. Can move to different (less accessible) grounds as that builds
  10. Cheers mate. I’m pretty motivated and lucky I live so close to a boat ramp to head out quickly on a whim! Geez kings sound like the final frontier for me 😂😂
  11. Hey Guys, First report in a little bit. Have headed out front of Port Stephens 3 times in the last week chasing snapper at a close in easily accessible reef. Won’t share it out of respect for the guy who showed it to me! Soft Plastics is what I am really trying to use at the moment and have had relative success with 1 day of zero fish and 3 fish spread over the other 2 sessions. love the blue pepper neon gulps! I am just casting ahead of my drift and slow retrieving the lure. have really struggled getting a drift going and unsure if it is my boat or just conditions not allowing it, but I’m sure once I figure it out my results will improve. Here is the smallest snapper of the few, tonight’s catch, not the best quality but you get the idea!
  12. Thanks guys! I rekon I’ll go with the acetone as I can get bulk easily to clean it with! Appreciate the help! I’ll make sure I post pictures of the new floor once it’s complete!
  13. Hey Raiders, currently in the process of removing my old floor and preparing the area for the new stuff going down (Deck Armour). as I pulled the floor up there is heaps of adhesive residue left behind and wondering if anybody has any super secret tricks to remove it easily? otherwise it’s just going to be metho and elbow grease 😂 thanks in advance!!
  14. Or anybody want to do my reel maint for me? I’ll post with a post bag and supply beers 😂😂
  15. Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it
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