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  1. Sounds like a good day and lovely King Fish sushimi... Yum πŸ™‚
  2. Thursdays weather forecast was looking good so arranged for an old mate to get together and head out for a fish. The day started badly when I was moving the boat into position to hook it onto the car and ricked my back....Still a visit to the osteopath this morning has it feeling a lot better. As said mate was already on his way down it was too late to cancel the trip so despite a really sore back off we went. On the water just before 5.00am and headed to the bait grounds for the required live bait. In went my home made burley bomb and within a couple of minutes on came the first Yakka. T
  3. A couple of nice Kingies πŸ‘
  4. Those flounder are lovely to eat, grill them in the oven. πŸ™‚ Sounds like another good day.
  5. Congratulations Scratchie on being selected as a Ambassador. I hope that with your input the app will earn a place on my phone. Apologies if my comments earlier offended, that was not the intent.
  6. So I opened the App Store, downloaded the app and it said it was sending me an email to validate, after around 30 minutes got the email. Went to the app that is supposed to show fishing spots and it has a total of 4 off Sydney. 12 Mile, Browns Mountain and a couple at Long Reef. No FAD's, wave riders, reefs or anything. Sorry Scratchie but that app looks to be 99% useless or am I missing something?
  7. That sounds like a good session. Well done. πŸ™‚
  8. Thats some good bait there. Kingies better watch out when you get back πŸ™‚
  9. If you are using fresh bait and moving around hunting for fish then just keep trying and you'll get there. Also maybe try some worms if you are after Whiting and small pieces of WA Pilchard or chicken thigh for the Bream. I use this site https://tides4fishing.com/au/new-south-wales/sydney Which, as well as wind and wave forecasts, shows the prime time each day when the fish theoretically should be biting. It's a bit like the Angler's almanac. As someone else suggested check out Yowie's reports as he seems to do really well around the Hacking. Good luck.
  10. I learnt the hard way that you NEVER put down a rod with the line in the water unless it's in a rod holder and cant get taken. Mine is in the water just North of Lion Island, oh and another one by some fish traps off Port Stephens and the final one out near Long Reef wide. πŸ™‚ Now I always use clips on my rods in the boat... The lesson was finally learned.
  11. Nice fish. The 'public' FAD's get way too busy, I was at the one straight out from Sydney Heads on Thursday and at 6.30am there were already 4 boats there.
  12. That sounds like a great day out. Well done on the PB πŸ™‚
  13. Great report Bob, sounds like a good day was had by all. πŸ™‚
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