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  1. GordoRetired

    50cm Flathead caught in Roseville Echo Point Beach

    Nice Flattie. I have had a few decent ones along that stretch fishing cut pilchards.
  2. GordoRetired

    Roseville Bridge Night and Afternoon

    I am glad that I read this thread.... I have been fishing in and around Sydney since the early 90's and was not aware of quite a few of these rules.... I knew most of what would affect where I generally fish buy did not realise that you can't take yabbies in the Harbour... Just as well that I never did buy myself a yabbie pump, I might have got myself in trouble. Good to hear that the fish were biting under my local bridge, not been down there for a while so as it's only 2 minutes from where I live I must give it a go again soon. 🙂
  3. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    It's so different from fishing salt... 4 - 6 lb leaders, 6 - 8lb main line, super light drag settings, trolling at 2 knots using super light rods. Unlike salt where it's 20lb leader or more onto 30lb+ main line and trolling at 6 - 8 knots with 6 - 8 lb of drag using reasonably stiff rods.
  4. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    I have never tried Eucumbene as I have a mate who lives in Jindabyne so I get to fish and also catch up with a great mate when I am not on the water.... Have tried to get him out but to no avail. As for "at a fraction of the price" Especially of you buy your Tassies at the right place and time... an a con da (Sorry cant type the name properly as the site changes it) when they have a sale on.. Under $5 each 🙂
  5. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    I love eating trout. Lots of ways to cook them and I also smoke them which come out very tasty .. 🙂
  6. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Steve is still around Jindabyne. He is holding his own comp in April. If you look for his page on Facebook you will find the details. He is still guiding too.
  7. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    You got it.... A few people have asked why I sleep on the boat and do not seem to understand that it is lovely, peaceful, relaxing, reasonably comfortable and an amazing view. Mind you not convinced that I would want to do it mid winter 🙂
  8. GordoRetired

    Holiday in Forster - Mahi Mahi and Kingfish

    Those Dollies are so good to eat.. 🙂
  9. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    That is a great shot. Jindabyne can be so pretty at certain times of the day 🙂
  10. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Mate, it's huge.... a whole 4.81m Quintrex Runabout. I take out one of the seats and that just gives me room to roll out the swag 🙂
  11. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    I fished June last year, the colder weather and shorter days make for great fishing. Don't have to get up so early or stay on the water so late. I am thinking about another trip down in April as there is quite a bit of activity around the Steve Williams comp, then probably again in June...
  12. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    I like both, a lot prefer Browns but I don't mind. When they are smoked they are both real good. 🙂
  13. GordoRetired

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Thursday - Leisurely start, out of bed at 6.00am, breakfast, finished loading the boat and car and hit the road at 7.00am. Fortunately a good run through the Sydney traffic and by 8.00am I was driving past Campbelltown. Couple of coffee stops on the way down, popped into the Alpine Anger for a chat, and rolled into Jindabyne in time for lunch. After that picked up some bits from Steve Williams old shop, Brian was very helpful, and got the boat on the water around 4.00pm. The advice I had been given was that lures needed to be trolled deep, around 45 foot down with the downriggers. So, at 4.15pm down they went to 45 foot as advised. Well I trolled around various parts of the lake for the next 2 hours plus with not a single hit… Finally I moved to an area where I have had some previous success and this time, going against the advice I had been given, only dropped the downriggers down to 30 foot. Hey presto it worked, within a few minutes of starting trolling at 30 I had my first hook up, a nice Rainbow trout. The next hour was mayhem, almost as soon as I got my lures back down I got a strike. Over the next hour I boated 7 nice Rainbow’s, everyone of them was 30cm+, I threw back most but kept 2 that were around the 35cm mark as in my opinion they are a real good eating size. During that hour the sounder was showing heaps of fish. The first of the evening strikes was at 6.45pm with the last one at 7.45 then as quickly as the strikes started they stopped again, so at 8.30pm I motored off to my chosen spot to drop anchor and roll out the swag. I have to say that with the clear skies it was quite beautiful laying in the boat watching shooting stars and sipping on a cold beer. Friday - The next morning I as up at 5.30 with lures in well before sun up. Not a great morning, 1st strike I lost when it was still way out back and jumped off, the second strike I got to the boat and it jumped off as I was about to net it and the 3rd strike I boated a small Rainbow but as it was barely 30cm I threw it back. Still 3 strikes is not all bad. Then boat out and a relaxing day around Jindabyne. Back on the water around 5.00pm hit a couple of spots but no strikes till 7.15pm, this was a nice 43cm Brown so on the ice it went. Kept going for another ½ hour and get one more small Brown that I threw back. Saturday – lines in at 6.00am, by 6.20 I was hooked up to a nice 45cm Brown. Lovely start to the day. Then at 7.00 a 30 cm Rainbow, 7.20 another Rainbow and at 8.25 a small Brown. 4 for the morning session, quite happy with that. For the evening session I was on the water again by 5.00, first couple of spot that I tried came up blank, then last spot for the day, near where I planned to sleep, around 7.45 I got a decent 43cm Brown, followed 20 minutes later by a 40cm Brown. Sunday – I had lures in at 6.00am, 30 minutes later I was on to a good 40cm Brown then at 7.15 it’s twin brother, another 40cm Brown. 15 minutes later things got hectic…. Bear in mind I am fishing solo, well at 7.30 off went one of my 2 rods and I could see a decent sized Rainbow jumping out the back, as I started fighting that the other rod bent over and started loosing line…. I had my first double hook up. I left the motor in gear moving slowly forward, and played the first fish to the boat. I netted the first fish, then picked up the other rod, fish still attached, and bought that one in too. Success, I managed to boat them both so was very pleased with myself. I then went to the Jindabyne Fishing Club March comp weigh in. My best Brown went 777g, the winning fish came in at 1015, my Rainbow went 520g with the winning fish going 533 and my bag of 3 weighed in at 2.291kg with the winning bag going 2.311kg. None were winners but I got close. For the Sunday afternoon session I went in a bit later, 5.45 as all of the fish were coming well after 6.00pm. At 6.55 the new Anniversary Edition Tassie caught its first fish, a 30 cm Rainbow, then 20 minutes later got it’s second a 40cm Rainbow, at 7.20 another lure got a 35 Rainbow, then at 7,50 the Anniversary edition struck again with a 32 Rainbow, At 8,10 the last fish of the evening was another nice 40cm Rainbow. Monday – Lures in at 6.00 again, nothing for just over an hour, then hooked my biggest fish of the trip a cracking 50cm Brown. At 7.50 it was time to pack up so popped the lines out of the down-rigger clips and bought up the down-riggers. While I was reeling in one lure the other rod went off with my last fish of the trip a little 30cm Rainbow which went back to fight another day. What surprised me about that one was catching it on the surface when everyone I spoke to had said to fish deep… and the surface temperatures were way to high for Trout to be comfortable. Out of the water by 8.00am, packed up the boat and headed off back to Sydney happy after a good 4 days of fishing. Over the 4 morning and 4 evening session I boated a total of 27 trout all legal size or better, 10 Browns and 17 Rainbows. The split between evening and morning sessions was close at 13 caught in the mornings and 14 caught in the evenings. Earliest fish was caught 6.20am but they had stopped biting before 9.00am, then in the evenings the bite came back on after 6.00pm through till a bit after dark, 8.10pm being the latest. Lure choice seemed very important with lures that have previously been very hot not even getting a hit this trip. Fluorescent Tassies were the most successful with the green one in the picture below accounting for around ½ of the fish caught. The new Anniversary Edition, middle of the picture of 3 also did well considering that it was only used for 2 sessions. The only other lures worth a mention were the sparkly gold and the Clown which bother caught a few fish. Now repairing my broken rod. note to self, do not leave rod against side of boat and then lean on it while reaching over to rinse hands... Tight lines all. Gordo
  14. GordoRetired

    Wollongong fads mahi 16/2/19

    Sounds like a great day out 🙂
  15. GordoRetired

    Insane Yellowfin session

    Nothing better than getting among a school of Yellow Fin 🙂