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  1. GordoRetired

    Port Stephens Live Report

    That is the biggest problem with fishing outside, I have had many a planed day out cancelled at the last minute due to wind or rain. I guess it makes the good days even more special 🙂
  2. GordoRetired

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    Loved to video, also watched the one where you hooked a nice Kingie. Good work 🙂
  3. GordoRetired

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Good report an some nice pictures. Was that Flathead caught in the run in towards the Roseville boat ramp? Where they are usually skiing.
  4. GordoRetired

    Port Stephens Live Report

    Or use it as cut bait.
  5. GordoRetired

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Stopped in there a few time when I used to ride up the coast. 🙂
  6. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    I marked quite a few on the sounder, but like you it seemed like nothing I did could get them on the chew.... and believe me when I say I tried. No lure had more than 30 minutes out unless it had a hit, then it got some extra time, different depths, different distances behind the boat, different hook set ups., varied speed...It was a tough slog 🙂 I was contemplating a June trip but it is getting very cold so if I do come down it will be with the family and a car full of ski gear for a few days on the slopes. Hope you get a few next time down. 🙂
  7. GordoRetired

    Thursday fishing from Sydney

    Flathead are hard to beat when it comes to the plate. Good work.
  8. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    I have seen rigs with a fly off the back of a Tassie, however not tried it myself. Some people use flashers in front of their lures. I tried using an old silver lure at the end of my main line with the Tassie on a trace further back. Did not get a hit.
  9. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    At least I caught at least 1 fish every session so really should not complain. As for better on the water, absolutely 🙂 Jindabyne can be a spectacular lake. Love my trips down there and cant wait for the next one. 🙂
  10. GordoRetired

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    I reckon that I could be up for this depending on dates. Please keep me updated. Thanks
  11. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    I have been using gamakatsu single lure hook in size 1 on every trip so far. But talking to Brian he suggested that I try the assist hooks as he reckoned that the trout were in spawning mode so suggested that a lot of the hits were likely to be territorial, rather that I want to eat motivated. So I ran one of each set up this trip. Both caught fish. Hook set up on Tassies seems to be a huge topic with some preferring 2 singles back to back, some just a single, some a treble all with a bead onto line and even some who just tie their line to the wire in the Tassie straight out of the box.. Ollie, who I mention in the report, always uses trebles with a bead onto his trace and he catches heaps of fish. One thing I have done with my rig is to have a snap swivel on the end of the 8lb main line. Then I have 6lb traces around a meter long with the hook and bead on one end and a very small swivel on the other. To change lure all I then do is unhook the swivel from the snap swivel, pull the Tassie straight off the trace, the swivel is small enough to go through a Tassie, then using a thin piece of bent wire I thread on the replacement lure and snap it back onto the main line. Job done. The main benefit is that you are not trying to tie strong knots while bouncing around in a boat with cold fingers. Oh, and the lure change is far quicker that having to tie a new knot. 🙂
  12. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    Any trip fishing is a good trip, even if the fish did not get the memo telling them to bite 🙂
  13. GordoRetired

    A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne.

    It was certainly cold.. Would be a lot better up at Port. 🙂 Might have to think about a trip up.
  14. As those of you that have read my previous posts about trout fishing in Jindabyne will know trolling Tassie devil lures on lake Jindabyne is a very productive way to fish, or at least that was what I thought until this week! ! ! Friday morning, up early and on the road from Sydney heading south at 6.15am. Traffic was good and had a great run down to Jindabyne, stopping in at Macas for breakfast and at the Alpine Angler for some intel on what the fish were up to in Jindy. Rolled into Jindabyne around 12.00 and popped into SMS and Lakeside Lures and Tackle for further updates on conditions. So far all sounded very positive. Launched the boat around 2.30 and started trolling lures shortly after. OK, where are the fish? 2 ½ hours later and I have not had a touch. By now I had changed lures more times that I care to remember, changed locations on the lake, changed lure depths, speed of trolling, length of drop back… Nothing seemed to work… Finally at 5.30, sun had just gone down but still some light, I was in Sid’s Bay and off went one of my 2 rods. Picked it up and could feel that I was connected to a solid fish. About 30 seconds after picking up the first rod off went the second… I mean really, after 3 hours of nothing I suddenly have a double hook up… I left the second rod in the holder and worked the first fish to the boat, out with the net and in comes a nice 43cm Brown. Picked up the second rod and fortunately the other fish was still connected, so a few minutes later into the net goes a lovey Rainbow. Now I feeling a little more confident that the fish are here…. So much for that thought. I trolled well into dark and not another touch, however for my first session of the trip I was quite happy to have 2 fish on ice. Saturday. Up early and on the lake at 6.00am, before sun up. Yet again I tried all sorts, all to no avail. Finally around 9.0am I got my first hit and boated a respectable 35cm Brown. Kept at it till around 10.30 and after nothing else decided to call it for the morning. 3.00pm had me launching the boat again, around an hour later I hooked a small Brown, small as in under 30cm so threw him back to fight another day. Then followed 2 ½ hours of slowly cruising around the lake waiting for another bite…. Nothing. So that was it for Saturday, 2 fish with one being a keeper. Sunday Again up early and drove to the lake in the RAIN! ! ! ! On the lake at 6.00am, this time I was joined by Ollie, a Jindabyne local who I would describe as a gun trout fisherman. We decided to work the area around the front of the Clay Pits and the 2 islands so off we went. Fortunately the rain stopped. Around 7.15 we got the first strike on a lead line being trolled off planer boards. Ollie got the fish to 15 foot behind the boat where we could see that it was a good size and bang, it spat the hook…. Grrr 15 minutes later I hooked up on the downrigger and boated a small Brown, threw him back, then at 8.10 hooked another Brown just under 35cm so on the ice it went. A short while later Ollie picked up a nice Rainbow so we put him on ice. So the morning session for Sunday had not been too bad, 4 strikes and caught 3. Then it was off to the Jindabyne Fishing club weigh in. Turns out that fishing mudeyes was the way to go with biggest Brown and biggest bag both going to a shore based bait fisherman. Once again I got lucky at the weigh in with my Brown winning secret weight so got $50 towards my fuel and a nice Jindabyne Fishing Club polo. 😊 Sunday afternoon launched again around 3.00pm and stayed out till a bit after 6.00 for only 1 fish… However Arthur, a member of this forum, had arrived in Jindabyne and had better luck them me, he caught a couple of nice fish. Monday I launched around 6.00 again… Headed over to East Jindabyne. Then followed the fastest hook up that I have experienced. I was running flatlines to start so cast out the first rod, put it in the rod holder, picked up the second rod and as I cast that out the first one got hit. That lure could not have been in the water for much more that 30 seconds. Boated a nice 35 Rainbow. Around 7.30 got another Rainbow and a bit later lost one after a very short fight. Pulled the boat out and heading into town to catch up with Arthur for a lunch of pie and chips, fisherman’s health food, with a mug of coffee. Great catching up, we swapped fishing tales, compared areas where we had been fishing and talked about what was and was not working. Having another member there and being able to talk on the phone during the day about what was happening was great and added an extra dimension to the trip. Mid afternoon launched again. And spend another 3+ hours cruising the lake for only 1 fish.. Tuesday Heading to the ramp at 5.45am and the temperature had gone way down, the car was telling me that it was -1, then it went down to -2… Nearly went head over heals climbing into the boast as when I stood on the mud guard it was covered in frost and as slippery as hell… Second problem was when I went to open the live bait well, it’s where I throw my bung to save losing it, and the damn thing was frozen shut. Fortunately I carry a spare on the boat so got that one out. Finally got the boat in and headed off wearing ski jacket and ski gloves. Not the most comfortable outfit for fishing.. The cold bought with it a lot of mist across the lake. It even managed to shroud the town in fog with looked quite spectacular from the lake. Another quiet morning with only 1 small Rainbow. Caught up with Arthur for lunch again, burger and chips today with a big mug of coffee. Accompanied by lots of fishing and even some golfing conversation. Then after an afternoon nap in the car it was back on the water for the final session of the trip. Sounding like a broken record here but it was another quiet session. Although I did catch a nice 35cm Brown on my Skeleton lure. Was rather happy about this as the lure was a plain white Tassie which I drew a pattern on, so to actually catch a fish with my own ‘designer’ lure was most satisfying. Another thing I tried on this trip was using a pair of ‘assist’ hooks rather than a single. To be fair it is hard to say which worked best as I caught fish on both set ups, but Brian from Lakeside Lures and Tackle does reckon that it you get ‘territorial’ hits rather than ‘I want to eat that strikes’ the swinging hooks will hook the fish around the gill area. For me the jury is still out on that one all of my hook ups on both rigs were in the mouth. I would add that the way the hooks swing behind the lure does look rather enticing as well. So that was that. I spent around 33 hours on the water over 4 ½ days for a total of 12 fish, 8 keepers… The reason I titled this post ‘A Tough few days on Lake Jindabyne’ was how this trip compares to others. During the Trout Festival last year Ollie and I had one session where we boated 9 fish in around 1 ½ hours. On my trip in March I had a session where I boated 7 fish in 1 hour. The last trip every fish I caught was well above legal, 4 from this trip, although legal, were to small to be worth keeping. Biggest fish this trip was around 43cm caught on the first day, yet on previous trips I have boated numerous up around 45cm and bigger. Not that I am complaining, I had a great 4 ½ days fishing on a beautiful lake and catching up with a fellow Fishraider. Hope you enjoyed the report. Cheers Gordo
  15. GordoRetired

    Sydney kings going off

    Even the small ones go hard. Sounds like a fun day. 🙂