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  1. Ok thanks that was another question I had, what is everyones thoughts on the draw string nets? I dont see many around
  2. Hi, I am after a cast net recommendation if possible - I have only used my mates a few times and I cant recall their size or pockets. I have already read some info and talked to some people but have got conflicting advice. Firstly it will be used just for collecting bait fish, mullet etc. just on the shore, jetty and probably off the front of the boat. I am no pro at casting but I would say I am fairly strong, So I have been told 10ft 1 inch mono is a good size, along with a bottom pocket. But I am thinking possibly in the future I will want to try my luck at getting prawns. So firstly can a bottom pocket net catch prawns as good as a top pocket - Am I right in saying the top pocket will just allow you to get the prawns out quicker?, but the amount of prawns in the net is still the same? If I got a net with both top and bottom pockets will this make it any harder for bait fish collection than if I got just a plain bottom pocket? Someone suggested to me to get a 10ft top and bottom that will do everything, while someone else has suggest for me just to get a 10ft bottom pocket for now, and if I want to get serious with getting some prawns to then go out and get a 12ft top pocket?