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  1. Spinner 2

    What Is The Best Diesel Fuel Additive

    I used Fuelmaster Fuel Treatment to get rid of the bug. It is best to try and pump off as much of the "biomass" ( black or brown muck ) that is on the bottom of your fuel tank first. this saves you a lot of fuel filters and stops the muck going through your fuel system. One heavy dose of this product cleaned up my problem, and it is not a dangerous product so it doesn't matter how strong you use it. my engine runs far better now than it did before I had the bug, and I put this down to this product cleaning up of the internals of the engine and I also found out that Fuelmaster actually has a "top end" lubricant in it which makes the engine run smoother. another good feature is that it stops the fuel from ageing and stops the build up of gum & varnish, I now use it with every fill up of fuel.
  2. Spinner 2

    Yamaha F100D Not Getting Revs

    If it idles o.k,... I'd say you either have a fuel line blockage or "Gummed up" fuel delivery system. I have had this problem and I gave the fuel tank a heavy dose of a product called Fuelmaster. if you have 100 Ltrs of fuel in the tank give it 200mls of this product, then run the engine for a few minutes, then let it "soak in " overnight. then start the engine the next day and the Fuelmaster should have dispersed all the "gum or varnish"