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  1. Garie Beach Snapper Measured 85cm 5.9 kg's.
  2. G'day Guys, Funny twist to this story, Set out in my tinny under Gosford Rail Bridge on Saturday for a long and patient fish with my best mate. Day was grand, little wind, no swell in the bay and the fish were cracking. Set up opposite side of bridge to the bay fishing the last 2 hours of the run in and sitting in the deepest part of the hole about 20 m from bridge and casting whole squid in lure of a mulloway sitting around the piers. Anchored up underneath the bridge I hear a YOU BEAUTY!! we look up and the bloke under the bridge is just about to net this massive Li
  3. Gday Sam Bros, Thanks mate! The more I look at it the more it looks like a Whaler. The snout looks more sharper on the Whaler compared to a broader thicker head on the bull shark. Whole Hawkesbury squid was used approx 20cm long accompanied with plenty of burly. Was using butterflied mullet approx 30cm long at first with no success and then squid with a better result.
  4. Hey guys, For many years I have been looking up the raider for reports and endless amounts of information helping me with my fishing. About time I start sharing my fishing experiences with all my fellow fisherman. It brings me joy and peace to be able to walk up to any fisherman up here on the coast and have a yarn about the pass time we call fishing. This brings me to one of many good luck runs I have had on the beaches of Stockton and Black Smiths and Brisbane Waters. Decided to go for a mid week session at Black smiths last Wednesday. Bought my annual permit at the
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