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  1. JA1990

    Strange Tumut Trout

    Redband trout. They are sub breed of rainbow trout. Not hybryid not juvenile just a genetic pigmentation. Also there are rainbow trout with out colour.
  2. JA1990

    Renegade EPIRB mounting location

    What ever works for you mate. Safety is safety end of the day
  3. JA1990

    Motorguide now attached!

    So lanox mx4 is great. It's basically lanoline but can be quiet pricey. You can use just regular standard lanoline soray. Unfortunately things to corrode especially when exposed to salt how ever sprays can mitigate them also rinse thoroughly.
  4. JA1990

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    Regarding the 4 rods rule, I was under the impression it was maximum 4 rods per person that CAN be rigged ready to go.
  5. JA1990

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    Everyone is different in what they do. Sometimes a planned fishing trip is the worst one. I dont personally like to leave gear permnately sitting in the boat as it can rust, go mouldy, get stolen etc......Sometiems left with no choice to leave geaer in the boat and sometimes laziness prevails. a good Pack up routine is very cruical if you want to keep your equipment lasting and in good working order. Keeping all gear in segrated boxes works to. I keep a small plastic bunker box with a first aid kit, flares and spare tools in a dry area on the boat. Keep life jackets in a bag. Both go under hatch space under casting deck. Side pockets I keep ropes, gaff, oar, etc...... Glove box I keep space in there so i can chuck keys wallet and phone in. Try not to take to much tackle, i use a fishing bag and just fill it pre trip. I set up rods before getting out. The most invaluable thing I would consider on the boat would be a risk assesment. This covers everything from drinking water to someone knowing when you will be home.
  6. JA1990

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    Cheers for the input, It really does not surprise me quintrex cut corners with some of the factory adds. Fortunately I have not had any issues with those components...touch wood. I opted for the 'sealed floor' during build how ever I am not sure if that will make a difference. I guess the best thing to do to get the most out of any marine use is FRESHWATER WASHDOWNS!!!!! LOL I wash and flush all the time even if I am using the next day, the thought of salt eating away my pride and joy is just apart of my mitigation plan for care.
  7. JA1990

    Motorguide now attached!

    The electric motor will open doors. A whole new style of fishing. I was also one of the lucky who got to attach a GPS capable trolling motor. Absolutely an amazing game changer. RED HOT TIP for young players. Anderson plugs, keep them coated inb fishoil and inspect regulary as they are notorious for rust and corrosion, even in they are hidden. I speak from experience haha. Do you fishing brizzy waters often?
  8. During the weekend we have been working Lostock a bit, we only settled with the bass we got on Good Friday. We decided to hit up some saltwater fishing to conclude our weekend before drew had to fly back to brisvegas. Having a slight sleep in this morning we were on the water at around 7.30 launching at lemon tree passage. We zipped up the oyster racks casting hard body's and plastics landing a bream and some small flathead. We proceeded towards soldiers point bad found some more oyster racks and bang!!!!! I pulled up a nice 51cm flathead then drew pulled in a 53cm. We were both happy with the results. Both were cuaght on soft plastics zman and nemesis. Everything was safely released and we were both happy with the results. No expectations no plan. Just enjoyment.
  9. JA1990

    Brisbane Waters late session today

    Guess you can't argue with those results, nice catch
  10. JA1990

    Bustin Bass at Lostock

    Heading back this sarvo for some more action!!!
  11. JA1990

    Minn Kota Powerdrive to Ipilot conversion

    54 inch 54lb 12v. Wasn't impressed it didnt come with a fuse and holder, ill have to suss one out over the weekend.
  12. JA1990

    Bustin Bass at Lostock

    Raiders, A good start to the long weekend with a GOOD CATCH on GOOD FRIDAY. No complaints on size. Left town at 5am, arrived around 6 ish with boat in the water nice and early. Great weather, maybe 5 knots wind in some areas and plenty of fog. Was not to cold and great chance to test out the new minn kota. My buddy Drew from Brizzy come down for the weekend (bit of a regular thing on easter). Seen plenty of bass on the sounder as well! Smashed the first Bass (40cms) on about the third cast with a cicada lure. My main man Drew had caught his first decent bass on a zman grub in the ledges measuring about 45cms. Knocked off around 11am. All fish were released! No anticipation but looking to find some more over the weekend.
  13. JA1990

    Minn Kota Powerdrive to Ipilot conversion

    Soooo for an update I didn't end up following through with the conversion. I did how ever get a new MK. Regarding the old one I'll probably put him for sale soon. looking forward to testing the new MK out! It should be good!
  14. JA1990

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Looking good, sounds like i lucked out with all that beautful weather we had recently
  15. JA1990

    Reds again

    Great fish! I was obviously doing something wrong! I was out at the sisters all morning lol