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  1. JA1990

    First bonito of the year

    What is the peak also known as, I have a feeling its a similar area I think I know of.
  2. JA1990

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Nice work mate, I sussed out the Narara raiway dams which were once stocked moons ago how ever I am not sure if they are still there. Worth a crack though.
  3. JA1990

    Kings hotting up off the stones

    Looking good! what was their behaviour when you caught them, boiling or just moving underneath?
  4. JA1990

    Braid cut mid water?

    I remember this happening to me years ago, curious I was I started to slowly drop the bait and bring it closer and closer. Seen all these wierd yellow fish. I kept trying to catch one, turns out when I pulled them they were jackets. I went and bought wire trace next time and caught a heap and had an awesome barabachuey
  5. JA1990

    Need some help. Sick of catching small fish

    Go target carp, the old mud marlin will tickle your boots. Fight harder than a murray cod in my opinion.
  6. Been on the bench for past while, after taking the boat to Gosford for its annual service I arranged to head out for a run on Saturday morning. I woke up at 5.30 but was not in any hurry to get out on the water. I did not have much motivation to get out as the tide was high and I was simply unsure of what I should do. I thought to my self to get back to the bread and butter, so I stopped at the servo and grabbed a bag of frozen squid. We arrived at Patonga and we were soon enough underway. We decided to give the deep blue a run and made our way out to a wreck on the chart that we could not find. Seconds after our patanostas made contact with the sea floor we were taken by surprised and pulled up 2 nice flattys. After re baiting, sure enough another 2 flathead came up, on the same patanosta. In total we pulled up 6 Flathead of size, some small squire and a sargent baker. It was a good day out and a nice alternate to go back to bait fishing after a long while. It is a shame I see a stigma about fishing, those who bait fish are despised of, it is quiet sad. Comes under the old 'I used to be with it, but then changed what it was' I have posted another video report to youtube and have kindly attached the link below. Please mind my rants. Swearing is sensored. JA
  7. JA1990

    Mungo brush camp ground

    If you can get some beach access in your 4x4 its worth the run as well. Enter at the lemon tree entry, let some air out and go catch some salmon! I have embedded a vid to give you a bit of an idea of the beauty of the area.
  8. JA1990

    Marine Enforcement Team

    Looks good, need more authority on the water. I would be very happy if the police sat and watched the thugs that come and do power turns on their wake boats and jet skis near my boat when they have the whole water way to 'play' on. I reckon they would of have a field day if they were undercover and woy woy and blackwall boat ramps. The amount of times I see jet skies revving the guts out, making wake and power turning at a boat ramp is obscured. Alot of them have higher ego than consideration for the moored boats and people trying to launch and retrieve.
  9. JA1990


    I know this is an old thread how ever for drone advice, I use DJI phantom 4. Some of my fishing videos on youtube will demonstrate a few shots. DJI P4 has great range, its quiet stable compared to mavic. Downside is, batteries are expensive and can be bulky.
  10. JA1990

    Broughton Island

    Looks good, been out there twice. Caught pretty much sweet Foxtrot Alpha. Ill definitely give it a run this year how ever!
  11. JA1990


    I think the best thing to is be optimistic and positive. NSW Fisheries is a world class entity and I am sure they are giving the other appropriate government agencies the nudge. I guess things take time. Not sure of a solution but I bet there a few marine scientist, environmental scientist and other planners that are paid the big bucks ti figure out some mitigation. We all need to remember, this isnt something that has started over night, its been happening for quiet sometime. We just now live in an age where many people can jump on band wagons to push an agenda. In which, this particular situation has gone viral. In my opinion probably one of the only good worth while topic that has gone viral.
  12. JA1990

    Murray cod

    Thanks man! I am not expert, have caught them in unlikely places though. I really need to film a Murray Cod Trip.
  13. JA1990

    Murray cod

    As some may be aware the Murray Cod are a Western side of the Great divider species. Any river that flows into the Murray Darling theoretically could provide Murray Cod. Many Lakes have been stocked with them, how ever in proximity to Sydney you are looking around at least 2 hours driving. Rumour has it some of the catchments to the south of sydney, Nepean, Avon and Cataract are stocked with cod and yellow belly if you can find access. Macquarie River from Bathurst onwards you will find them. Ben Chifley Dam has occasionally given some monster cod to lucky anglers. You will have luck if you fish Lake Burrinjuck, Wyangalar and Burrendong. I have also heard on the grapevine Cod have been released in Oberon Dam. Big lures and persistence is the key.
  14. JA1990

    Kanangra Boyd Streams and Rivers

    Rejuvinating an old post how ever its pretty wild country through this area. In all fairness if you can get down to the Tuglow, Coxs or Upper Kowmung you will find Trout. Celtas and Pink Tassie devils do they trick!