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  1. Hey Raiders, It's been a while since my last report. I ventured down the Clarence river looking for some bass. I purchased some timber deep diver lures and wanted to set a challenge. To catch one bass with each lure. It was only a very quick session because before you know it I already achieved my goal. All around 20cm but I managed to pull a 31 cm. Using 1-3 kg rod as well makes it interesting as the whole river is known for snags. Conditions were standard for early summer in the morning, it was also overcast and hazy. Little bit of wind and not much rain. I'm not affiliated with the lure company so there is no mention of what they are but if you want some insight then hit me up on a private message. I have kindly left a YouTube link to my video report below so feel free to have a watch. If you like what you see and wnat more hit the subscribe button to. https://youtu.be/mUYj6khncLc Anyway have a good one and tight lines. JA
  2. You'd think mounting at the helm makes sense how ever the instructions contradict this as it says do not mount near cables and other electrics so yeh. I'll see how I go with BLA but I'm really just after some direct feed back from online from people who have actually mounted them rather than a salesman advice.
  3. Thanks mate I have extenuated all resources from YouTube and whilst the videos do talk about how good they are and what they can do but they don’t explain how they work, why they work and the best place to mount it. No joke it came with the MK in a seperate box with a price of paper saying heading sensor, go nuts....
  4. Hey everyone. I am a little bit disappointed with the lack of information found on the net nad instructions regarding installation of the mk heading sensor. Just wondering if anyone can advise if this is an appropriate spot to mount. Re Ja
  5. Raiders, Winter is slow, we all can agree and we are all granted with it as an excuse when the fish just are not on. I had the luxury of having a day off last Friday and a mate and I arranged to go for a run upto Lostock....Who would of guessed? haha. Up at 4.30 in the morning, met up with my mate and jumped in his truck. As we were in his boat I was able to relax and fish a bit more. I was very privelaged to be in someone else's boat for a change. We arrived at the dam at about 6.45, was still watching the sun rise over the hills. The boat was on the water pretty quick and we had our lures on looking for anything on the surface. As it was expected there was no surface bites, we moved on to trolling and throwing hard bodys around pretty quick. Dead quiet we moved to another spot ,BANG!!! using soft plastics Adg hooked on to a bass. Showing all kinds of excitement he pulled in a 45cm personal best! We had him back in the water pretty quick and we moved along looking for more fish. We sounded them up but we were unable to strike. As we were running out of time, we tried trolling and some other spots but in the end we just packed up. I was not arguing with the results as we did get a fish and it was a PB which is always rewarding to see! Yes winter is slow, fish don't bite like a late spring frenzy or a autumn blitz but when they are on they are on! As per usual i have made a video report, linked below for those who wish to watch. Tight Lines, JA
  6. Miss fishing down there!!! well done
  7. Raiders, Here is a quick video from my PB I stitched together. Tight lines, JA
  8. Im in, could be the next beer bush and boats episode
  9. My biggest issue is mounting in such a hurry. I dont want to be mucking around with camera, i just want to get the fish back in the water.
  10. Raiders, It has been a tough drought since easter time. I have been out fishing a few times and not a look in for anything. I was even in Darwin trying for some Barra but nothing. Seen a few good ones follow my plastic to the boat and my mate who took me out landed a few. I went to Wyangalar but we only got 1 60 odd cm cod in the boat. Although I was happy to see something I didn't get one. During the past long weekend I went up the Karuah river looking for lizards with some paddle-tails and once again...Nothing. I was beginning to think it was my lure choice, maybe it was however I needed to be consistent. I continued to say to my self, I have to get something on these paddle tails. My persistence continued, I rose early Monday morning and decided to give lake Macquarie a crack. I got there around 7 to start i nice warm morning with a gentle breeze. Launching at Speers point I zipped over to some moorings. It was there on my second cast I felt a little bit of tension. I thought hang on its a fish. Absolute excitement I began to wind it in, feeling like lazy dead weight I knew it was a flatty. Then the fish proceeded with some run and i thought it must be around 50-60 mark. I landed the fish with joy and rolled out the brag matt and I was shocked to see a whopping 73cm on the board. I cheered in excitement. Not only I finally caught something with the motor oil paddle tails, I landed my Personal Best Flathead. Not a bad way to break the drought. By the way it is extremely difficult to take a fish photo when alone. See ya out there, JA
  11. Cheers for the input, it makes a little bit of sense with the bundled navionics restriction. As for the fishnchip option I cannot turn that on with my new sounder how ever on my hook thats how i normally had it.
  12. I did thanks . The navionics option only has the base map. When I selected it on my hook it gives me all the options
  13. Hey e everyone. So I just purchased a Lowrance Elite Ti2 and I think its a very nice unit, upgraded from my hook 4. I went to put my Navionics+ Preloaded card into it and it recognises the card how ever does not appear to load the charts. . I ensured the card was catered for my new sounder on the Navionics App on PC. I am a little bit puzzled and was wondering if anyone has had previous experience? If an update is required it will cost me around $100 and if I dont have to do that I wont lol. Cheers
  14. Redband trout. They are sub breed of rainbow trout. Not hybryid not juvenile just a genetic pigmentation. Also there are rainbow trout with out colour.
  15. What ever works for you mate. Safety is safety end of the day
  16. So lanox mx4 is great. It's basically lanoline but can be quiet pricey. You can use just regular standard lanoline soray. Unfortunately things to corrode especially when exposed to salt how ever sprays can mitigate them also rinse thoroughly.
  17. Regarding the 4 rods rule, I was under the impression it was maximum 4 rods per person that CAN be rigged ready to go.
  18. Everyone is different in what they do. Sometimes a planned fishing trip is the worst one. I dont personally like to leave gear permnately sitting in the boat as it can rust, go mouldy, get stolen etc......Sometiems left with no choice to leave geaer in the boat and sometimes laziness prevails. a good Pack up routine is very cruical if you want to keep your equipment lasting and in good working order. Keeping all gear in segrated boxes works to. I keep a small plastic bunker box with a first aid kit, flares and spare tools in a dry area on the boat. Keep life jackets in a bag. Both go under hatch space under casting deck. Side pockets I keep ropes, gaff, oar, etc...... Glove box I keep space in there so i can chuck keys wallet and phone in. Try not to take to much tackle, i use a fishing bag and just fill it pre trip. I set up rods before getting out. The most invaluable thing I would consider on the boat would be a risk assesment. This covers everything from drinking water to someone knowing when you will be home.
  19. Cheers for the input, It really does not surprise me quintrex cut corners with some of the factory adds. Fortunately I have not had any issues with those components...touch wood. I opted for the 'sealed floor' during build how ever I am not sure if that will make a difference. I guess the best thing to do to get the most out of any marine use is FRESHWATER WASHDOWNS!!!!! LOL I wash and flush all the time even if I am using the next day, the thought of salt eating away my pride and joy is just apart of my mitigation plan for care.
  20. The electric motor will open doors. A whole new style of fishing. I was also one of the lucky who got to attach a GPS capable trolling motor. Absolutely an amazing game changer. RED HOT TIP for young players. Anderson plugs, keep them coated inb fishoil and inspect regulary as they are notorious for rust and corrosion, even in they are hidden. I speak from experience haha. Do you fishing brizzy waters often?
  21. During the weekend we have been working Lostock a bit, we only settled with the bass we got on Good Friday. We decided to hit up some saltwater fishing to conclude our weekend before drew had to fly back to brisvegas. Having a slight sleep in this morning we were on the water at around 7.30 launching at lemon tree passage. We zipped up the oyster racks casting hard body's and plastics landing a bream and some small flathead. We proceeded towards soldiers point bad found some more oyster racks and bang!!!!! I pulled up a nice 51cm flathead then drew pulled in a 53cm. We were both happy with the results. Both were cuaght on soft plastics zman and nemesis. Everything was safely released and we were both happy with the results. No expectations no plan. Just enjoyment.
  22. Guess you can't argue with those results, nice catch
  23. Heading back this sarvo for some more action!!!