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  1. You can use sheet lead(fold it etc). YoZuri skirts are one of the thinner ones,alot of Yozuri's don't fold well around the skirt saddle creating a lump & their to short for their width for a lot of lures.Yamashitas are thinner.
  2. See the fake Evil Apollo on E bay at the moment, $330 with a day to go one of those poor fools is going to get ripped off.
  3. A black mop shell copy of that blue Apollo,larger ones are 501s.
  4. Ebay,just make sure you check the mm as the majority are for squid jigs etc.Or buy a hole punch/circle cutter.
  5. rjts

    port stephens blacks

    Theirs been a few caught Sealy (Bombo) late last week
  6. Does anyone know an Aus tackle dealer that stocks 3/16 white plastic tubing in length (by the meter etc) not in 1cm strips. Cheers.
  7. What type of hook are you using
  8. The red tape I used for eyes in this green Mcgoo looks to have somehow turned silver,if anyone has a theory,it's got me stuffed.Also in regards to brass tubing damaging line,I discovered you can make lead inserts with plastic tubing instead,like in this Streamline..After pouring a insert you just lightly tap the brass tube with a hammer & the brass tubing twists out of the lead...Ps- Vvickid I like that bullet,was the mold taken off a BlkBrt master?.
  9. Start with low grit, then med,end with 1200-2000 &then polish
  10. It's more stuffing round but start with 360-600 then 800 & so on to 2000 it comes up great.Using 1200 first will clog etc real quick
  11. Like amkr said it comes off when lathing/polishing.I've tried diggers but prefer the clear casting resin Barnes have,it pours clear so it's easier to keep track of the pigments dye/pearl powder etc.Avoid the equal part resins like Alumilite etc,they go dull with wet&dry paper & take forever to cure.I've been trying out some uv powders & ab shell.These are jy Apollos & Mcgoo chuggers.
  12. Both,-heat res rtv silicone(sim to ultra copper you use for engine gaskets) for lead mold.Adding a piece of lead the thickness of a pen etc to the lower 1/2 of insert (like JYee does in Apollo's etc) works great.So does adding uv/lumo pearl powder like this Magoo insert.
  13. No I don't but I'm still far from having it perfected so I may have to.I've ordered a Dremel tool which I've been told will make it a lot easier.All the saws,grinders & drill bits various Hardware,Model shops,engineering stores etc have told me will do the job have failed,so if the dremel doesn't work I'm going to give up on jetted lures to. I reckon all they seem to do is liven the skirt up & lighten the pull on flat faces a bit,but if the holes are less than 5-6mm they do nothing. I was hoping to make some slightly lighter keel weighted ones beause the yanks/Hawaiians either make them full of lead or none at all(1stpic) , The jetted plunger in the 2nd pic is keel weighted,nylon holes & doesn't need as much speed as the other jet heads.
  14. I only cut the length of the skirt saddles(photo angles misleading),but I've met blokes that cut the whole way down to the nose.I couldn't get tape to hold so a lightly tensioned band etc has been working well so far.Have been having a lot of trial & error with inserts,mainly cutting & smoothing off brass tube for jets etc.