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  1. Gabm

    Birthday boy

    10 minutes for 1 good sized kingy, fantastic! What a great birthday memory.
  2. I (finally) had a live bait tank installed Friday 😁, so decided to blood it Saturday. Was a bad start, unfortunately. The inlet was leaking & stupidly I didn’t bring the correct tools, so we had to run the bildge much of the day. Stopped off just around the corner of Molli point & got some yakkas reasonably quickly. It was a bit windy, so stayed in the bay heading just around the corner to join a bunch of boats just near the point. Nothing there. Dropped one fish on bait, the livie swam around happily & caused a tangle! Wind died down so headed to the far side of Bare island for a few drifts. Took a while, but we hit a patch of squid. Unfortunately we dropped several, and only ended with two! Not sure why. don’t usually have that much trouble?! One of the livies was mutilated by, I assume, squid or octopus, as its brain area had been slowly chomped. No hits on the others all day. It was fairly ordinary trip, but it was a great day to be on the water & we gave the tank a good christening, decorated with blood & ink! No more on the spot decisions on what to do with squid: dispatch & ice for dinner, or (live) bait. Cheers
  3. Great video. Always heart pumping stuff. Shame as it looked like you had him after initially you seemed to have no hope! I couldn’t quite make it out but looks like it was the leader that was cut, how far off the lure? Was it damaged by rubbing or did it just break with the pressure?
  4. Nothing wrong with your story telling Ahmed, great report. Although you didn’t get your target, you stuck at it & got a few as well as some dinner. Well done.
  5. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated. The distance bw my droppers is about half what you use. Will try a longer length as suggested, thanks.
  6. Great report. Cracking snapper for inside the bay!
  7. Those big ones would have put up quite a fight.. We’ll done.
  8. Amazing. Sounds like a fantastic experience. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Well done getting out despite the awful conditions. Your name says it all really Nice bream too.
  10. Awesome! How big was that 2nd monster? It looks enormous!
  11. Well done. Nice video as usual.
  12. Persistence paid off. Great work.
  13. Great report. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Headed out Sunday with my son & his friend. Given the talk of snapper lately, and glorious conditions, we decided to head to the rocky ground just south past the heads to try our luck. The boys fished bait, while I tried casting a plastic (following Scratchies advice as well as I could). Not long in, my son yells ‘I’m snagged’ quickly followed by ‘its a fish’. A couple of minutes later, he pulls up the largest Eastern red scorpion fish we’d see . Although it & it’s poisonous spines went back, my son was over the moon with one of his heaviest catches ever. Unfortunately not much happened after that. The boys pulled up a couple of wrasse & a single snapper, which was the same size as the ones we get inside the bay My casting yielded nothing but a couple of very small bumps just the once, and also what I’m sure was the distinct pull from squid or cuttlefish a few times. I resisted the urge to change to a squid jig & kept at it though. The most exciting part of the morning came after we released one of the wrasse. It took a little time to revive & floated near the surface for a bit. While I was considering driving back to net it, up swims a large school of distinct yellow / green shapes, Kingfish, I assume to investigate the struggling wrasse? Not the bait, nor the plastic could tempt them though as they lazily swam away. The wrasse had revived & disappeared too We gave up on the reef after this & headed back into the bay. After trying a few spots for zilch, we ended up near the Kurnell wharf where we encountered a hoard of small snapper which kept the kids entertained for a while. At one stage we must have drifted over a school of jackets because finally the SP saw some action, being completely shredded in an instant 😩 One of our rigs was also cut at the braid (the green braid & not the colour change?), so we changed to wire to try & salvage something. But we’d drifted a bit by then & couldn’t find anything but hungry snapper. So, although we ended up with nothing but ice in the bag, it was a great day to be out & the boys caught a few fish. Thanks.
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