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  1. Thanks Scratchie. I’ll certainly use the info this winter & beyond. Your efforts are much appreciated.
  2. Gabm

    Crabs for mother’s day

    Excellent catch under (no) pressure., we’ll done.
  3. Gabm

    Waterproof Phone Case

    I’ve used lifeproof & can also recommend them.
  4. Gabm

    Flathead Fishing Botany Bay

    Bays been quiet for me too, we’ll done. Great video. I love the rat strike on the ultra light rod.
  5. Gabm

    Botany bay

    Best of luck Frank. Always good to get time out on the water. I haven’t been able to raise a squid in the Bay last few trips but last week the slimeys, which had disappear for some time, were back, although very picky. Hopefully you’ll find some success.
  6. Gabm

    Sydney kings going off

    Great report. Sounds like a great day out. Hopefully they are still around tomorrow (& a bit less crowded too).
  7. Gabm

    Tough Day at the Flathead Grounds

    A couple weeks ago, I lost most of two 4” shads which came back exactly like that., I was very careful with the 3rd & managed to hook an unlucky calamari on a jig head. Were you fishing the bottom? But, I’ve also been plagued by Jackets in Botany Bay last few weeks, Although they often take everything by snipping the braid.
  8. Gabm

    Jackets & braid

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like moving is the best option & just in case, spooling with green & red braid in future. They seem to be lots in Botany Bay ATM.
  9. Gabm

    Jackets & braid

    Hi Radiers, Recently, I’ve been losing leader sometimes but often braid. to what I assume is leather jackets (we sometime bring them up). Is there anything that can be done, other than moving to a new spot? Does anyone think there are any colours less likely to be bitten off? My green seemed to survive more often than white & colour change? Thanks
  10. Gabm

    Botany Bay - 28/03/19

    Excellent day out. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realise you could get snapper that large in the bay!
  11. Gabm

    Braid cut mid water?

    Thanks for the replies. Good point on the guides, but it happened on 3 different rods at the same time within a short time so it’s prabably jackets or similar. If it happens again, maybe wire with a mono hand line will confirm.
  12. Gabm

    Braid cut mid water?

    In Botany Bay last weekend, fishing over sand in no more than 15 metres, we lost several rigs: some cut through leader, but eventually braid was cut on two rods. Light set-ups (6 & 8 lb), braid colours white & green. Bait, jig head, slug & a squid jig! All within an expensive half hours drift. Late last year we lost another in the same way. But has not happened prior, ever, in 3 years of fishing the bay. Any idea what fish could be causing this? I thought a plague of jackets but over sand?
  13. Gabm

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    John, thanks for the info. I don't see in the standards where it states only self servicing for the first year? it says that you follow manufacturers instructions. Many of these allow self servicing for up to 5 years (or more?)?
  14. Gabm

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Makes sense. Will keep at it. Thanks guys.
  15. Gabm

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Thanks. It's Kings that were targeted but agreed something toothy would have been the culprit both times. Botany Bay so probably tailor or similar. Can I ask, for kings, without a baitrunner, should I loosen the drag giving them time to turn & swallow? Or leave the drag set in the hope they hook themselves?