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  1. Gabm

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    John, thanks for the info. I don't see in the standards where it states only self servicing for the first year? it says that you follow manufacturers instructions. Many of these allow self servicing for up to 5 years (or more?)?
  2. Gabm

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Makes sense. Will keep at it. Thanks guys.
  3. Gabm

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Thanks. It's Kings that were targeted but agreed something toothy would have been the culprit both times. Botany Bay so probably tailor or similar. Can I ask, for kings, without a baitrunner, should I loosen the drag giving them time to turn & swallow? Or leave the drag set in the hope they hook themselves?
  4. Gabm

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    How about using baitrunners for live baiting? Been trying now for a half dozen sessions. Twice I've had hits, but each time only 1/3 of the yakka comes back (just where the hook sits). I wonder if it's because the fish feels some resistance?
  5. Gabm

    Botany Bay Firing

    Annual catch & release fishing comp with proceeds going to prostate cancer & neurological disease research. ps: mods, hope link is ok to post?
  6. Gabm

    Terrigal Fad Sat 03/03

    What a great day out. I'm the same with my 8 year old (fishing guide) but it's definitely worth it when you see the smiles!
  7. Gabm

    Kid safe. Land Based Eastern suburbs

    I was in the same boat as you 3 years ago. The wharf suggestion is on the money but understand crowded ones can be tough. Flats are a good alternative if he's happy to get his feet wet. Just wear appropriate footwear (stingrays). We tried: flats at San Souci (in front of the St George sailing club), there's even a wharf just near the bridge. Gunamatta flats in Cronulla is great at low tide as you can walk out near the channel: my son used to be keep interested by feeding the whiting (berley) & occasionally Bonnies would cut through the schools in front of us providing even more interest. Yarra bay from the beach is safe but might be a bit quite fish wise for your son. He can wade / swim there too. Make sure to berley lots to keep things interesting!
  8. Gabm

    Garmin striker 4dv

    I have the 5" so can't do it. But quick read of the manual & it seems possible for the 4". Look up 'adding a custom layout to the home screen': - select customise home->add->add new layout - after adding, select 'split' to choose direction of the split I can't test it, hopefully it works. Good luck
  9. Gabm

    Not what we planned for

    All I can say is that for me, restricted to mostly to bay fishing ( & not very successful at that, yet), your reports offer a window into a world I can only aspire to & therefore are truly appreciated. And this has to one of your best! Thanks again for sharing.
  10. Gabm

    Welcome to Sydney

    Is the South, East or North side of Sydney more convenient? As North & East are covered, I'll add the south. There are great flats on Gunamatta Bay Cronulla or just in front of the St George sailing club at San Souci.
  11. Gabm

    Garmin striker 4dv

    Agreed, definitely bait. I have the same sounder & am amazed at how clear these new ones are. Try dropping a squid jig or similar on your transducer side & you can accurately scrape the bottom!
  12. Gabm

    Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    Agreed. When fishing SPs, we would often get them following all the way to the boat, even in up to 15 metres of water! Have a rod rigged with a squid jig ready to drop within view. It's amazing to see how aggressive they are. Ps: They also drop an amazing amount of ink when hooked close to the boat.
  13. Gabm

    Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    Interesting thread! Hey Ledge, Were you also shown how to detect potential parasites? Or anyone else have experience with parasites?: signs, fish to avoid ect? Thanks. Gab
  14. Gabm

    Single hook or trebled?

    Changed to singles on all my lures after an unfortunate release with an angry bonito. Another advantage is you can use larger gauges than the trebles you replace - rough guide treble size + 2 to 3 - do a search on single lure size for guides. I havent noticed a significant decrease in hookups & they are much easier to handle.
  15. Gabm

    FG knot

    Great advice Jon, thanks. I've not used any more than the top 10-20% of my braid & haven't even considered this! I'll give it a try when next I need to re-spool or top up.