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  1. Hey guys! I recently picked up the new 2019 daiwa spartan S100-4/6 and now I’m in need of a reel to suit so I can complete my kingfish outfit.. I was suggested to match the rod with a saltiga or saltist but I was wondering if there were any cheaper reelsI could go with which would have similar Specs? thanks fishos and tight lines!
  2. Hey guys! Summers coming up and I really want to get amongst the kings and hopefully catch my first off the rocks! ive been having a look online but can’t decide which rod to go with and what size.. I don’t care how much I pay, just as long as it’s worth it! Thanks guys! Ali.
  3. I usually fish solo so I don’t think it’ll be possible to use a gaf or net on my own. Once the time comes to land that fish I’ll putting these tips to work. thanks so much guys, i really appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys, I’ve been fishing off the rocks lately and there’s been times where I would hook onto a fish that’s 4kg+ But can’t lift him out for the water and land him. I’ve seen people land a fish up on the rocks with a wave but as much as I’ve tried, I just couldn’t land it. I would really appreciate it if I could get some tips or a demonstration clip. thanks, Ali
  5. Hey guys! Went fishing yesterday and unfortunately I received a wind knot in my braided line. So I let out my line, cut and repaired the knot with a double uni knot but as I was re spooling my line I managed to make another knot.. so my question is, is it okay to have a few double uni knots within my reel or would I be better off changing my whole line? appreicat the help!
  6. Hey guys just after some advice. What speed do you guys usually tow your boats at on the highway? I’ve got a 4.5m alum tinny and I’ve heard all sorts of opinions to go 80.90.100 while towing. All advice will be appreciated! thanks, Ali
  7. Hi guys, heading to port Stephens in a few weeks and I’m really keen to go on a charter while I’m there. What charters would you’s recommend me if I wanted to target kingfish and some good size snappers? Cheers!
  8. Hi guys, I’ve just bought a bilge pump and water pickup for my live bait tank and need to install them at the back of the boat and the best place for me to install them is next to the transducer. Just wondering if these would affect the transducer readings in any way. thanks, Ali
  9. hi guys, heading down to nelsons bay soon and was wondering which boat ramp you guys would recommend to dock off if i'm going to go past the headlands? i searched up little beach boat ramp but it seems like everyone gets bogged there. thanks guys!!
  10. Oh ok thanks mate, it’s always good to double check. Appreciate the tips 👍
  11. Just read the whole post and boy that’s some solid information thanks scratchie! When you were saying about the headlands that it could be a dangerous area due to rips, what exactly is the headlands you were talking about? Just being cautious because I don’t want to get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank you so much! 😁
  12. Oh awesome I’ll have a look after work, I don’t mind going in the bay or out, recently got the safety equipment for going in the ocean so I’m all set.
  13. Hi guys, my name is Ali I’m pretty new to this forum and can’t wait to read up on all the info and tips you legends share with the fishing community. I will be going down to Nelsons bay in a couple of months and taking my 4.5 m runabout with me, Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on where to head out to catch some Decent fish and to catch some live bait or even some squid. I might even go out on a charter while I’m there and if you’s can recommend me a charter that would be great :😁 Thank you for all the help 😁
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