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  1. Hi raiders so I'm planning a trip up to Bennetts beach next weekend with a mate, I'm wondering if anyone with local knowledge could help me or any locals could advise as how the fishing has been recently. Firstly I have searched threw threads here and get a lot of mixed opinions, information and advice on the threads I have read, I'm personally after mulloway myself, I'm not asking for any spots or locations just wondering are there many mulloway to be caught up there? And if so what are best techniques? I plan on catching a few squid later in the week and freezing them and also trying to get some yakkas on the day and keep them live for the night time. Where in the area is best to try gather yakkas as I'm Sydney based and don't know the area? Any help or pointers would be a great help. Also is there many Taylor To be got from the beach as I would settle for live Taylor if I couldn't get yakkas. Basically I want to get some livies out and am not sure as to where to get them. Feel free to pm me any advice and don't be shy commenting ๐Ÿ˜‚. Thanks a lot in advance for anyone who can offer any advice, Tight lines ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™
  2. Well ger what's the story did you get sorted with someone to take you out? Your more than welcome to come with me if your still keen.
  3. Cheers Jeff il probably take option three as I would like get it all done in one day no f*%kin about. I have lots off experience from home in boats but that was on lakes where swell was not and issue so I'm pretty much starting from scratch again, regards sean
  4. Cheers frank Ye I have it stored in a mates yard for a bit I need to get a sparky to just check some wiring after that she's good to go it's an old boat but for a first one I'm sure it will do all I want engine is fairly new and very clean so all in all I think I got a bargin
  5. Thank you Noel I just wanted to know which company is best with least amount of bells and whistles so I can get it done and out of the way, so you recommend rms? Il go to there website do and book it
  6. As the title says I'm looking for most stress free easiest way to do my boat licence. There are endless companies online offering this and that what is the easiest way raiders? Thanks in advance for any help. Kind regards sean
  7. smc2010

    First boat info

    Cheers mate I have a couple of screenshots from a video but they are poor quality as I can't upload the video here
  8. smc2010

    First boat info

    Will send you a message now thanks very much frank, regards sean
  9. smc2010

    First boat info

    It does seem to good to be true boat on first glance seems to be ok and integrally ok and yes he said the Motor worth 4K new. I'm not sure what the catch is. The story is I pass the boat couple times a week parked outside a house and one day I seen old mate in the garden and popped in asking would he sell it or even take me out fishing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ maybe 6 months later he messaged saying he wants it all gone 2k regards sean
  10. smc2010

    First boat info

    Mate that is exactly the list I was after I have some of them covered and taught of but a few useful ones in there thank you so much Jeff
  11. smc2010

    First boat info

    I'm not 100% on the boat make but it's a 14ft ally it will come on a trailer and with a 40hp Suzuki. Engine is clean looking from outside and a lowrance sounder didn't ask the model of sounder he's looking 2k for it, reason for getting rid of it is two grandsons in the last while and hasn't the same time to use it and has caught people trying to steal the motor and battery etc and he just wants rid of it
  12. Did you get out after nick? your more than. Welcome to accompany me on my next beach session, usually get a few bronzie or gummy sharks nothing massive like what your after but fun nonetheless