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  1. smc2010

    Reel maintenance and problems

    Hmmmmm thanks guys so I have essentially made shite of it and need it seen to asap. Everyday is a school day hey
  2. smc2010

    Reel maintenance and problems

    So a few months back I bought the daiwa bg8000 reel, affordable and relatively strong, I mostly use it from the rocks sliding livies so it gets the odd wash or spray of salt water. I rinse it well in fresh water after every use and give a generous application of wd40 to all moving parts of reel and wipe down. But it had stiffened up and just hasn't felt as smooth as it should. Why could this be and what can I do before situation deteriorates?
  3. smc2010

    Stockton beach

    Cheers mate, appreciate the info
  4. smc2010

    Stockton beach

    Cheers mate
  5. smc2010

    Stockton beach

    got to Stockton eventually recently found what we taught was a gutter but current was very strong and our rigs were dragged close to shore in no time(not washed in but dragged quickly to the right). Couple of runs but only one soapy, maybe 55cm. Nice flatty was got next morning alright but that was all. My question is we're we in wrong spot since current was to strong 4oz running star sinker just knotted us up most times, couldn't hold bottom. Was it a case of just finding a gutter with less current or could it have been fished differently to suit??
  6. smc2010

    Looking for a fishing mate

    Just a quick message I'm in same boat have gear there for landbased and probably most boat fishing except big game gear have mates who are interested but sometimes social lives (beer) stops them getting up at all hours for the reward. Very passionate about fishing (it's a sport and don't see it as food source) and need someone as dedicated. I need a buddy in Sydney area (eastern suburbs) I'm getting a boat in next few weeks just trying to find somewhere to keep it. Friendship will be rewarded with access to boat. Hopefully right person sees the message. Between me and mates we have been getting plenty of Bonnies and kings from rock platforms around Sydney just need someone to bring me theres I don't drive. King a few weeks ago Over and around the meter mark. The only issue is I don't drive and would expect somebody to take me to locations fuel paid for. Don't message if a party is your main thing at weekend just want share the passion with someone on same line
  7. smc2010

    Lures at night

    Quick report on last night/this morning, gathered some yakkas and went on to fish the low tide with them first cast produced a nice flatly maybe 50/55 didn't measure it. Waiting for high tide in early morning we got a few yakkas chopped in half assuming tailor. Mate Briefly hooked up to something of size in close with soft plastic nuclear chicken jerk shad but it spat or shook the lure.couple more hours passed with nothing finished at 5am
  8. smc2010

    Lures at night

    Hi fellow raiders going to give another crack at the mulloway tonight, will probably try get a few livies out. My question is flicking lures and vibes at night does it work and if so is it vibes all the way or hardbodys or what?? Thanks in advance for any help
  9. smc2010

    Want to buy a boat but need some info first

    I can use apartments underground Parking but only the dimensions of as assigned car parking space can't take up any more room as for street parking I don't know of any that is close and safe. But thank you for your input
  10. Hi raiders so I'm looking to buy a boat for fish the harbour, botany port hacking etc what should I be looking for? Budget of about 5000$ would my budget get me something suitable for outside harbour etc. I want something safe tho not a ball af dirt. I have had lake boats at home for fishing and tinnys for hunting so I do have a small bit of experience on water. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the essential do's and don't for safety maintenance and so on. My main reason for not having one is I live in a unit in Waterloo/zetland and have nowhere to keep one as underground car park is all I have availabil and boat would need more than the single car space designated. So are there storage places you can leave boats and the likes or do I need to join a boat club that provides me to a parking place. I'm sure a lot of people have encountered this issue. And last of all when I do solve this problem I happily can take somebody out fishing no cost in return for just basic knowledge of good boating/fishing ethics and safety on the water. Any help or tips would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking you time to read this. Sean.
  11. smc2010

    Stockton beach

    Trip organiser/ute driver pulled out that morning ?? to fond of the beer??
  12. smc2010

    Palm Beach

    I was fishing from rocks not wharfs and intend on rock fishing again or maybe renting a boat any locations or suggestions would be brilliant
  13. smc2010

    Palm Beach

    Hi guys I'm planning a trip up palm beach way this weekend any recommendations for some places to fish? I have fished a few times down that way and been successful but I found the ground to be very snaggy and loose a lot of tackle
  14. smc2010

    Found Tackle Kit - East Balmain

    Fair play mate the world be a better place with more of that attitude
  15. smc2010

    Fishing diary

    Cheers Matt I will be sure to look it up