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  1. dt27

    Port Stephens (got my revenge)

    Well done mate, the old fluorocarbon upgrade I've been banging on about for the past 3 years has finally come up with the goods!! It was tough going but we finally found some for the morning. Nice to have Broughton to ourselves on a Sunday with flat seas ??
  2. dt27

    Sydney Snapper

    Cracker for Sydney, great effort.
  3. dt27

    Port Stephens hectic (snapper)

    Didn't mention the mad boat driver who thought it would be better being airborne than in that mess!!! Ha you had white knuckles mate hanging on tight!!! Great to see Jake getting his first on the plastics, always good to see a first timers ripping it up. Everyone loves fishing for reds!! Cheers Dom
  4. dt27

    Port Stephens (snapper Central)

    Nice work Mate!!! But all soft plastics?? You can't resist the prawn on the jighead. Bet you had some in your pocket while the boys thought you had a plastic on! It's alive up there at the moment, haven't seen it better! Cheers Dom
  5. dt27

    Due- monster king port Stephens!

    Thanks Guys, was a memorable catch in trying conditions. The boys were brilliant, anchor stuck, five rods out and a fired up hammerhead lurking. Big shout out to the boat next to us for pulling anchor and moving to let us out in the depths. Great to see!!! Next ones yours Scratchie, can't believe how nice the guy is keep feeding those Bakers whilst we chase the Kings!! Good times and great way to see out 2015. Cheers Dom
  6. dt27

    Coffs - Red Central

    Hey GUdude, Thanks heaps, yeah the ramp wasn't too bad but I left my boat at the marina for a few days so I only had to put the boat in and out once for the four days I was there. They have dug out some more of the wall to assist which seemed to work when I was there.
  7. dt27

    Coffs - Red Central

    Lure fishing only mate, not sure if you could get away with your deadly technique!!??
  8. dt27

    Coffs - Red Central

    Hey Brandon, yeah fished north cause we knew the nor Easter was predicted to go large in the arvo. The afternoon storm stirred them up!! Great comp and awesome fun for everyone. Great to see the Kids fishing up there catching heaps.
  9. dt27

    Coffs - Red Central

    Very kind words mate, just wanted to share the technique so we all can save time and catch some fish. I have spent only a few years throwing plastics at reds but have that addiction. Our few sessions last month around Port stephens was good practice!! Even if you did stick a prawn on the jig head!! See you soon mate for some more Cheers Dom
  10. dt27

    Coffs - Red Central

    Hey Guys, Spent the weekend up at Coffs (Dave Irvine Snapper Classic) had a blast on the Reds. We fished Friday (Pre fish) and Saturday and scored over 50 reds over two days with the biggest at 82cm. Sunday was cancelled due to strong winds. Friday we found the fish caught one and moved on ready to hit them on Saturday. Worked well with the bait still there! All caught on plastics in shallow water 8-15m. Long casts were the key cause the water was crystal, I fished 20lb Fluro leader and 1/4ounce jig head. Clear colours worked a treat. Love my Red fishing, particularly in Coffs where they are addicted to the plastics! Cheers Dom
  11. dt27

    Another day in paradise (hulk bream)

    No sign of plastics been worked mate!!! What happened to the "go to" technique?? Wollies out of prawns!!! Cracking bream by the way. Cheers Dom
  12. dt27

    First fish on fly!

    Great stuff Jnr!! Good call from your dad, and the bonus you are not getting snagged!! Have to come down to Sydney and smack some salmon in the harbour!!
  13. dt27


    Hope it comes with a life jacket Jnr!! I could just see your old man taping a life jacket to the Stella and strapping the rod to the cleat with a cable!!
  14. dt27


    At least you won't get snagged Junior!!!