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  1. wwatson

    Windang Fishing

    Any recent reports around the Windang/Lake Illawarra area, thinking of heading down for the weekend in search of a feed of flatties. Thanks -Will
  2. wwatson

    Botany Bay Fishing

    Thanks Guys
  3. wwatson

    Botany Bay Fishing

    Any reports of Fishing in Botany Bay lately thinking of going out in a couple of days ?
  4. wwatson

    Kiama Fishing

    Legend! Thanks for the help!
  5. wwatson

    Kiama Fishing

    Hi Guys, Was thinking of heading down around the Kiama Harbour area for a bit of a fish. Im trying to stick to all lures but if baits preferred in the area i will adapt. Any pointers are much appreciated.
  6. wwatson

    More EP's - 2 Rivers, Same Weekend (Again)

    Nice Catch guys, Heaps of Ep's in the Georges lately!
  7. wwatson

    Flathead and Reds off Sydney

    A good feed! Nice catch mate!
  8. wwatson

    Georges River

    sounds like a good day nwatson, but who's that holding up the fish ?
  9. wwatson


    God yeah, sorry guys thats 1pm.
  10. wwatson


    Hey nwatson, I work at a shop in Villawood and for some reason am currently unable to Upload photos. Ill get back to you as soon as the uploads are made. -Will
  11. Hey Guys just a quick fishing report, Got home after work around 1am noticing that it was very windy. We made the decision and decided to go out on a quick 3 hour flick. Docked at Oatley Wharf at about 230 and were at Como 15 minutes later. When we got there it indeed was choppy and very windy. But this didnt stand in our way. 1 hour had passed and still only very few hits. We moved further up the shore towards a sandy drop off as noticed on our Sonar. We placed the Motor Guide on anchor lock and threw in a few casts. On about five casts each in, we both hooked up to two small 25cm flatties. Not much but still, better than nothing. We continued around the flats until i hooked up to something decent. A 55cm flattie that took a hella good run. After around 7 fish in we ended the day with a solid 34cm Bream making it around 8 fish. We returned home at around 6.15 making it a perfect day. Thanks. -Will
  12. wwatson

    Botany Bay 12/6

    Great Catch Guys that's a solid bream!
  13. wwatson

    4 spots later...fish on!

    Nice catch, a couple of decent sized fish there!
  14. wwatson

    Catching Mullet for bait

    There are a lot of mullet around the Chipping Norton lake area at the moment. When we go flicking out there they are jumping out everywhere around the boat. I have also noticed people using mullet traps full of bread near the Georges River boat ramp (Georges Hall). Good Luck -Good-In-Tension
  15. wwatson

    Port Hacking - another feed

    Nice catch mate, hope they fought well for you