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  1. a boat

    Boat cover

    Yes there will be a heap of difference vs a custom made and matched cover toy YOUR boat vs one in a box that is designed to suit a wide range of boats over a certain length range. We stock and sell the ones in box and they are good for what you pay for them-must be a very big boat for a generic cover to be $550 and if so I would expect that a custom made cover for such a large boat at $1,600 is good going.
  2. Out of those two my vote goes to the Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro-offering a combo unit with CHIRP sonar and DI with C-Map charts included. Great value for a very good little unit.
  3. a boat

    Anchor Winches

    OK, but if i was buying a new boat and wanted another brand of anything, say an anchor winch, fitted you would think it would be easy to change. As for the fall rate, it will not be 90M/minute, more like 40M/minute or you are getting metres confused with feet.
  4. It is actually an E-TEC. Off topic for Noel, I just got back from water testing our demo boat with the new 200HP HO G2 and compared to the a G1 or any other 200HP the performance, fuel burn and power was impressive. As a guide on this 6.55M Savage hard Top the G1 could hit 81K/hr, the G2 did 91K/hr with two adults and full fuel. For the fisho though the fuel burn will be hard to beat. At a cruise speed of 45K/hr (around 25 knots), the engine was only burning 21L for a fuel consumption of 2.15K/L-that is pretty hard to beat on a HT boat weighing 1100Kg. It has the grunt to do this at only 3K, most other engines are not even on the plane at that RPM on such a boat so that is impressive. Noel's 250HO pushes his Huntsman very well and a few teething problem with rigging has been sorted and it is an impressive rig and a credit to Noel and Keith. Noel, there is a guy we used to use but he retired and the last person we used from up your way let us down a few times so finding a good trimmer is hard at the moment-especially one that is willing to travel.
  5. a boat

    Anchor Winches

    Some brands of drum winches offer free fall but as you have discovered they are dear. Some other brands offer power out ones that fall almost as fast as free fall without the problems of overrun. These drum winches are very well priced, we stock them and have fitted many and they are good bits of gear with SST motors etc.
  6. a boat

    Transom Backing

    We stock poly engine backing boards for around $25 and fit them on all re-powers and new boats.
  7. You can get spare parts. As for second hand spare parts, something like a dash would never need to be replace until is was damaged like the OP did.
  8. Pictures will help as well as a serial number to see if the dash they used on your boat is still available.
  9. The single bracket design engines like the one mentioned above, which on a single ram P/T/T do not retract the ram, are not the best but all I-2 I have ever sold and trailed the in built twin trailering brackets are what should be used-simple as that and surely the dealer mentioned this at pick-up?
  10. As mentioned min HP there and if you are only going to use with a couple of people, that is two in total. it will struggle or need to rev very hard to cruise with 3-4 people on board so any engine working hard makes noise and drinks fuel. As you said why not go for a run and IF you like it and it is priced right enjoy it. At the end of the day, what someone thinks is good performance is different to the next person.
  11. Without knowing HP a bit hard to comment, but basically stickers and SST swivel tube is the only difference-more marketting than anything. As with any brand there are good and not so good models with Mercury.
  12. The boat isa credit to Noel and his Dad, Keith. The work they have done to her to bring her back to her best is fantastic-it is one of the best renos I have seen. With the new powerplant the old girl has never gone as fast or accelerated as hard as she does and driving her from the flybridge is an experience going quick. The best bit is the cruise numbers, which is what the boys were chasing and compared to the original power it has given a new lease of life and many more years of enjoyment.
  13. Savage Escort's were good boats back in the day and the Tasman/Escort hull is one of the better 17 foot boats made. She would perform well with that 125HP and they are solid engines if looked after. As mentioned by tef1on, if YOU like the boat and think it good value then go for a run and I would be pleased to own a boat like in the picture.
  14. The Stacer with the EVO hull offers a deeper deadrise at the transom and a deeper vee always makes any hull ride better. With the cashback being offered at the moment too a great time to buy.
  15. Your brother in laws engine is totally different proposition to a 150HP in terms of performance and fuel economy and therefore oil usage. Also pushing a deep vee heavy boat like a HH is harder than a light weight hull. As you point it he uses his boat ALOT more than the average guy-trust me we see it all the time with all brands of outboards here for service. The average user is less than 50 hours per year so your brother in law will be spending more on XD-100 than the next guy and yes totally agree with your last statement, the oil cost for a person like your brother in law would be similar. What I find with the 3.3L is they like to see around 5800RPM at WOT so if overpropped fuel usage and as a result oil usage goes up and even how you open the throttle can affect it-if he is always "gunning" it he will more fuel/oil than the next guy.