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  1. I also think my analogy is relevant ie - small manageable problem manifests into a large unmanageable problem due to the lack of immediate action. Further more any member of society has the right to enforce current laws, as society is responsible for the laws existence. So in effect we are the law. Make no mistake I don't condone violence as some have eluded to. Confronting an individual need not be unpleasant. Law enforcement / security professionals do it every day without incident . As I've already stated I have strong beliefs on this subject, I also don't expect everyone to agree. I j
  2. Make sure the kill switch is engaged. Last thing you want is for it to fire up whilst your turning the prop by hand.
  3. That's great to hear that you guys think the harbour fishery is improving. I've definitely noticed increased numbers of kings and salmon inshore around the illawarra over the last 5 years. But reef fish seem to be thinner.
  4. I feel very strongly about this issue. As I've just been chipped by Scratchie in another thread for voicing my opinion , I choose my words carefully. So here go's. If you don't have the fortitude to speak up then your part of the problem. These people do this because most turn a blind eye . Confront them , make them feel uncomfortable. I commend you for wanting to do something , but the offender is long gone and the damage has been done. Voice your opinion then and there, then report it to the authoritys. Think of this, you spot a small fire , your capable of putting it out, you don't, you le
  5. Great report Stu, you definitely lucked out on the weather for your first trip of many I hope to the FAD. Shame you didn't get your dollie, next time. Try and get out there mid week when the crowds thin. If you see people doing wrong , snap a pic. Waterways and the DPI would love to see them.
  6. I love that , can't buy that sort of experience. Unfortunately for most of us younger models it's knowledge that we will never posess.
  7. What year model? Two or four stroke? At a guess it may be a throttle position stop , cable/linkage may need adjusting.
  8. Raymondo

    Which Boat

    I don't feel what was written in my previous post warrented being edited. As I am a guest here on this forum I will accept the moderators decision but please be mindful that your heavy handed moderation may/will lead to a stale , lifeless forum.
  9. Where were you 20 years ago, lol. Don't fish those grounds anymore , motor straight over the top heading out wide. Will have to check the old way with the gps marks on plotter to see how far off I was.
  10. Raymondo

    Fish Finders

    The base maps that come with Garmin units as standard are excellent, no need to upgrade.
  11. Raymondo

    Which Boat

    No I didn't read your post in it's entirety and for that I apologize. Your post has been edited by mod team.
  12. Here you go , those little smudges are you guys I presume.
  13. How did you go guys? I took the pooch for a walk and could see a gaggle (if that's the collective noun for yakkas ) of kayaks off the end off the break wall. Conditions were magic. You had a fan back at the ramp , some cranky so and so was complaining about the guys on kayaks getting in the way, pfft some people. Guess you guys were out fishing him. Did waterways pay you a visit?
  14. Raymondo

    Which Boat

    Would you take that across a bar luke?
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