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  1. Deekay87

    New setups

    Hey bud. Thanks for the reply. Ive got setups for that type of fishing but lure fishing generally requires lighter gear. I use 1-3 and 2-4 for bread and butter fosh using lures and plastics. While this is good for rat kings and schoolies of jew fish it wont take on the bigger ones. Ur set up is more for bait fishing. I gdt kews and kingies regularly with bait but with plastics you would struggle working a lure with anything that heavy due to stiffness and arm fatigue. Im on the path of 3-6kg rod and 3000 or 4000 reel with 15 or 20 lb main line but more need ideas of brands and what people rate highly. So far om thinking gloomis or trion rod.
  2. Deekay87

    New setups

    Hey guys im looking at getting 1 or 2 new outfits to add to the arsenal. Mainly for lures and soft plastics. Im set up with a great combo for soft plastics on the bread and butter species and after learning how to use the plastics ive decided i want to also be able to target largwr jews and kingies. I know i can catch it with lighter gear but would like something specifically for these species to take along so of i see bust ups i dont have to re tie lures and its ready to go for kings. What decent setups would everyone consider? Im thinking a trion 3-6kg rod 3000 or 4000 stradic and 20lb braid main line? Just want to get opinions on what else i could get etc. Ive bee using metals and plastic stickbaits and popper but find my rod I'm using at the moment (veritas) to stiff and cant get good casts out. Might keep that one for the boat. Cheers fellas
  3. Deekay87

    Bundeena Wharf no fishing signs?

    Havent seen it before. But some new wharfs around sydney have been banning fishing
  4. Deekay87

    Shimano Stradic fk / ci4 size recommendation squid

    I have 8lb to 15 lb. Overkill u dont need more than 6 but i fish rocks so if i get snagged i pull the barbs straight instead of loosing them then fix up the barbs when i get the lure back
  5. Deekay87

    Fishing partner

    This next 2 weeks im tied up but maybe we can organise something after that?
  6. Deekay87

    Fishing partner

    Hey mate what days do you usually go. Would love to join you one day
  7. Deekay87

    Shimano Stradic fk / ci4 size recommendation squid

    Love my fk2500 get either or and grab a second apool. I use 1000 reels for squid now and i have reeled in some monster squid. Anything bigger than a 1000 is over kill. I use the 2500 for plasrics and hard body lures now and 3000 spool spooled up for bihger stuff like jews etc. Ci4+ is just lighter and and abit less drag. Great for lightness
  8. Deekay87

    Sydney Land Based Spot For Mulloway

    Hey champ where abouts do you fish? Jewfish can be as hard as u make it out to be or as easy as u can make it. Rule 1 live bait or fresh bait. I catch my own squid and freeze them and its way better than any squid you can buy. Live yakkas is easy to find and they also will take it. Off the beaches tailor strips, salmon strips and mullet strips are the 1st option for me. Squid isnt even touched. I can get you onto a few spots. Pm me if ur interested.
  9. Deekay87

    Soft plastics ans lures

    Hey anth. Yeah was talking about ur post. I know the basic methods and have tried so many times and can see fish chase my lure but wont touch it. Hipe u catch the bream soon champ. My aim is jew fish on plastics on day.
  10. Deekay87

    Soft plastics ans lures

    Hey guys ive relised that this topic was covered not long ago buy another fellow fisher and lots of great reviews and tips. I think im in a simlar boat. Ive watch and read every article and video i can possibly find. I know how where etc but cant nail it on the head. I have bought everything and more that id need and still cant land consistant fish on lures and plastics. Ive caught 3 flat head on a drop off from a flat but that was luck. Is there any fisho who wouldny mind teaching? I have other types of fishing covered ie jewies etc and all fish on baits. Just want to learn how to on lures and sack the baits. I fish at least 2 times a week. Every weekend 1 day without fail. Only lure fishing im a pro at is squidding. I know time and effort pays off so im willing to do what it takes. Ive had fish follow and they dont touch it ?
  11. Deekay87

    Coogee beach

    Hey snapper try using a lure called halco twisty. I catch more using that than anything else but u need to be able to cast a good distance and retrieve really fast. Also u have to find a good gutter. The gutter is where all the fish are. Salmon and tailor hang around behind the gutter. Best to try spot a gutter from a high point during low tide and fish rising tide the people you saw catching were probably fishing a gutter. Also if ur line is not staying out straight try using a larger star sinker. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Deekay87

    Squid Fishing Sydney in June/July

    Just make sure u work the bottom. If u dont get caught up every now and then ur not near the bottom and what u imagine is a slow retrive halve it thats the speed u should be reeling in. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Deekay87

    Squid Fishing Sydney in June/July

    Best time of the year mate. Balmain wharf is a good spot also north sydney wharf. I think night produces better Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. Deekay87

    Rod And reel for soft plastic lure

    Shimano sienna has a new range which is really awesome. I love symetres but know of a mate who always competes and he doesnt use anything but the sienna and its cheap. I personally use a stradic 2500. With 8lb braid. On a berkley dropshot 2-4kg and its perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Deekay87

    A Few Hours on the Hacking Friday Night 17/6

    Ive spoken to budzta about a trip but been tied up with work and last second emergency calls if u guys are keen this saturday we can organise a fishing trip. Maybe target some jews Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk